Jaaxy Website Analysis Features Ranking on Yahoo

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

What is the best keyword research tool for SEO? What about Jaaxy? What methods are you going to be using to optimize your website and the blog content, so that it can be found by search engines and visitors? There is a technique, it’s sometimes called keyword optimization and it’s excellent for helping people including major search engines find your website articles.

Continue to read because I am going to share more about the keyword research SEO tool benefits, know as Jaaxy.

All that I’m about to share with you I have provided proof to back it up, to show that It can be done and it Works.

Furthermore, I will be introducing tutorial and break-away study guides to add support for using Jaaxy correctly. I only asked that if you have any questions, or if you don’t understand my instructions, I ask that you ask questions. (that was wordy)

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO? Let’s Talk About Jaaxy

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Can You Find The Difference in Image Above?

Website Analysis Features Ranking on Yahoo
Jaaxy Website Analysis Ranking #1 On Yahoo!

Have you heard of or ever used the Jaaxy SEO marketing tool? Jaaxy is a premium keyword finder application that you use to help get your website content honestly free organic search engine traffic.

And it helps you get ranked faster plus higher in search results like;

  • BING
  • YAHOO!

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool to Get Free Organic Search Engine Traffic?

Jaaxy seeks out the most popular searched phrases or terms that mankind is typing into search forms and delivered to their devices.

Inquiries like; What is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO? You may have even typed those exact words in your favorite search engines’ search box just a few minutes ago.

You use Jaaxy results to assist the on-page optimization of your website content. You want to be able to get your writings into search positions to introduce your website to new people and have it spread like it’s never done before. Right?

Jaxxy gives you a big advantage over what people don’t know about running a home business on the World Wide Web. When you’re new, like I once was, you need all the advantages you can get. I’m here to help.

I’m LeNard, a home business owner. And I’m helping other home-based business owners learn more about quality SEO marketing tools, plus, how to use them to build a business while working in their pajamas.

Today, I’m here to share with you about Jaaxy.

But before I forget, I’ve created a how-to-use Jaaxy keyword tool features like a pro tutorial. It will give you information on where and how you should use your keywords to help people find your online business through organic search results.

What are Organic Search Results?

Who’s the best? That’s what all small businesses, large companies, and all web owners are asking. Who’s offing the best benefits for finding that right keyword for your website content and boosting organic search results?

Organic search is the results of a person searching the internet for a solution, and finding your content without you having to pay for a spot at the top or bottom of the search page.

Paying for a location in search results is known as Pay-Per-Click.

For example, you are a home business owner looking for free Keyword Research Tools. You sit comfortably down at your work desk and type Keyword Research Tool into Google or your preferred search engine.

Your search returns the following Paid Results On Top and Sometimes Bottom of your web browser:

Pay-Per-Click Search Results: Example of Paid Traffic

Keyword Research Tools Pay Per Click Results Jaaxy Demo Image
These Are Pay-Per-Click Ads Where People Paid For Their Position

Organic Search Results: Example of Free Traffic

Keyword Research Tools Organic Search Results Jaaxy Demo Image
Free Organic Searches Results From Creating Great Content

High positions in search engines are the results of your great website content and writing skills. And Jaaxy is just another awesome SEO marketing tool to add to your home business toolbox.

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO to Improve Organic Search Engine Results?

If you knew better, surely your website would do better!

Perform an on-page SEO for every page on your website, because this will give the content you create a better chance of being found by the people using the internet to help solve their problems.

People are using the internet and search engines every day, 24/7. They’re typing specific words into Google, Bing, or other web engines. They are looking for a certain product or service that you are offering from your website, and Jaaxy can help you find those expressions the searchers are tapping into search engines the most.

If you dare to be on top of the search results, engines – you need to out-think your competitors with aggressive and dynamic searches. Moreover, you need to produce emotion inspiring website content.

In other words, you need to write good blog columns that trigger your readers’ response. Jaaxy helps you find those words.

Where are The Best Keyword Placements for Optimizing Your Website On-Page Content

A helpful keyword research tool, like Jaaxy for SEO, will award you plenty of subjective keywords or word phrases to be used within the pages of your website. Also, place the keywords behind the scenes. I will show you where on your website to place the keywords that Jaaxy shares with you.

Search Engine Ranking Factors for SEO On-Page Content Optimization

  1. Sticking to one topic – Try your best to create a blog post that talks about a single topic.
    • Example 1: Create a tutorial showing how to use Jaaxy.
    • Example 2: Write a story about being your own boss.
  2. Post Headline and Subheadlines – Always add the main keyword you want to rank for in the h1 and h2 HTML Headings of your articles. This can, directly and indirectly, impact your position in search engine rankings. Plus, try to use the main keyword near the start of the headline title. See examples using the ‘alphabet soup technique’.
    • Good Example: Alphabet Soup Technique Conquers an Entire Niche of Keywords in Jaaxy
    • Bad Example: How to find keywords using Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Technique
  3. Meta Title Tag – It is extremely important to use your keyword near the beginning of the page title
  4. Creating helpful content – Place keywords naturally in your content as you write about the topic
  5. Image alt text – This is great for when the image fails to display for in the web browser of the visitor. Use your keyword here
  6. URL – Always make sure the keyword is in this the URL
  7. Linking related content to and from your content, from within and outside of your website.

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO Recommendations?

As an online business owner, how do you get your content to stand out in the crowd? Can you find the needle in a haystack?

You surely can; If you pick through each straw one at a time. But, whos going to do that?

With most non-premium keyword suggestion tool, you’re digging deep for diamonds but keep coming up with surface rocks. And it’s rough.

Like walking through a minefield blindfolded, you take your chances.

But your journey to find the right keywords to get your website content to the next level could get easier today.

You’ll never know until you try Jaaxy.

Spy on Your Competition with Jaaxy do Website Research and Keyword Analysis

What is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO and Getting Jaaxy Website Analysis Features to Rank # 2 on Yahoo
Jaaxy Website Analysis Features Ranking # 2 on Yahoo

Jaaxy monitoring features alone have demonstrated to be both efficient and responsive.

This online application will locate high positioned competitive keywords inside of Google and other search engines. And it finds the lowest competition for that keyword phrase.

But wait, there’s a whole lot more for me to share about Jaaxy…

Jaaxy is going to patrol your website rankings, and Jaaxy will find your extra income with affiliate opportunities. So you can keep on working from home. Or from anywhere in the world.

Because JAAXY is your eyes for the world.

It just might be the best online keyword generator and website analysis tool to help your small business growth. But, you’ll never know unless you try.

Use Jaaxy Keyword Analysis to Understand Where Your Competition is Sitting in Search Results

What is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO and Getting Bing Ranking?
Jaaxy Helps Seconds 2 Work Get Branded

You want to get your products, services, and ideas in front of communities throughout the World Wide Web to discover how your merchandise can help them solve personal or business problems.

Jaaxy will help you find a lot of relevant keywords for any:

  • Industry
  • Niche
  • Blog posts
  • Specific products or services.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Jaaxy can help you lower your cost.

Even better, you can spy on how your competitors’ website is positioned. To see, is it ranking where you should be sitting in search engines. Later on, I’ll show you how to knock them out of your spot.

Plus, you’ll be able to find the lowest competition for your chosen keyword phrases like the long-tail keywords which work best for PPC.

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool to SEO Any Website?

Jaaxy is a marketing research tool that can help you engage consumers at critical points of the customers’ shopping journey. Jaaxy will help your website guests learn more about you, your brand, and all you have to offer.

Basically, you create your content the way you have always been producing it.

You then insert the generated keyword or phrases into your website blog post. This will help increase your content awareness in search engine rankings like Google, Bing, Yahoo! And other crawler-based search engines or directories.

Who’s Using Jaaxy for Keyword Research and Website SEO?

I created a list of a few of those folks who you can help using Jaaxy.

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Restaurants
  • Website Designers and Developers
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Realtors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Blog Sites
  • Governments
  • Work from Home Mom and Dads.
  • Copywriters
  • Advertisers
  • Doctors
  • Christian Affiliate Marketer
  • Home Business Owners

Jaaxy helps advertiser, merchants, web designers, publishers, journalists, web developers, bloggers, and even hobbyist to connect and build relationships with potential customers and keep existing clients. Helping us all to solve more problems.

Anyone can use the keyword suggestions for any kind of project.

Lots of people use Jaaxy online application because there’s no software or files to download. Meaning, both Windows and Mac users alike can benefit from applying Jaaxy results to their website content.

When used correctly, Jaaxy is a wonderful inexpensive tool to use for share your experiences, opinions, and concepts with like-minded people.

The Best Keyword Tool for SEO Gets Your Website Ranking Higher on Google Search Engine

What is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO and  getting Google #1 Position Ranking
My Wealthy Affiliate Article is Ranking #1 On Google and Number 3 On Yahoo!

Think about it…

Jaaxy helps you improve the chances of expanding your business awareness on the internet.

Also, it assists in establishing content engagement with your website visitors, including increasing online sales for your Affiliate Marketing or home business. (Or, Any Size Business and Niche)

What About Using Jaaxy Like A Pro for Better Search Results?

Features Jaaxy Uses to Get Your Web Pages Big Benefits

Jaaxy Keyword Site Rank – analysis tracks any website or keyword to 400 level deep in search results. It provides a competitive edge to find and understand the competition rank and keywords they are using.

Keyword Analysis – discover what the top 10 websites are doing for your chosen keyword.

Keyword research – finding highly searched and low competitors keywords people are typing into the search engines

Alphabet Soup Search Technique – show you a fun and easy way to find hidden keywords.

Brainstorm and Niche Ideas– helps you when you can come up with lots of specific ideas. 

Nameable Saved Keyword List -keep track of your favorite keywords 

Search History – find keywords you wished you saved.

Affiliate Program – opportunities to earn additional income from home with one of the highest payouts in the affiliate marketing industry. Free Training provided.

How to Leverage Jaaxy Site Rank Feature for The Best Benefits (Video Below)

How to Leverage Jaaxy Site Rank Feature for The Best Benefits Video

If your competitors start copying you, then you are doing something right!

Jay Baer

Click Here for Jaaxy Quoted Search Results (QSR) Tutorial

My Jaaxy review slash tutorial will show you how to use Jaaxy like a pro – To get the most out of your keyword researches. And a better return on investment (ROI).

You’ll learn how to find more Beneficial Low Competition Keywords, Efficiently.

Jaaxy will take the guesswork out of keyword researching. And I’m going to prove through case studies that Jaaxy will bring your search engine ranking up, plus help develop traffic for your website, and even increase your online business sales.

The application will deliver the most relevant keyword results for your search term and only takes a few seconds 2 work.

That’s right, Jaaxy only takes SECONDS to WORK!

How to Find 1000’s of Keyword Ideas With Jaaxy and Alphabet Soup Search Technique

Time needed: 15 minutes.

This tutorial on finding 1000’s of keyword ideas using Jaaxy and the Alphabet Soup Search Technique will show you; How to come up with more keywords in any niche, so you never ever run out of reading material for your website visitors to enjoy. Plus, you’ll never get the dreaded writers’ block again.

  1. Instant Search

    This technique works best if you use a search engine that offers Instant Search. I’m going to use Google Instant Search for this example if you want to follow along.

    As you type your keyword into Google Search Box, Google Instant predicts what you may be searching for and shows some suggestions. The results will show up in a drop-down box. I’m going to use the keyword alphabet soup.Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Technique Feature

  2. Use Long-Tail Keywords Not Broad Keywords

    The term alphabet soup would be great if I was looking for something to eat or cook. So what we want to do is, think outside of the box because I know that Jaaxy has a feature for finding lots of fresh keywords.

    Add the word technique to the end of our keyword to make it a long-tail keyword, because they are better for converting and ranking.Google Alphabet Soup Technique

  3. Add-on More Words or Letter to End of Main Keyword Phase

    At the end of our keyword term, alphabet soup technique, add a space then type the letter a, as I have done in the image.

    Notice how more keywords recommendations show in the drop-down box. You can go through the list of the alphabet and see a whole list of words that you may have never thought of using to optimize your website or creating high-quality blog posts.Google Alphabet Soup Technique End of Keyword Add-on

  4. Add-on More Words or Letters to Start of Main Keyword Phase

    Notice how even more keywords suggestions display in the drop-down box. You can go through the list of the alphabet and see a whole expression of words that you may have never thought of using to optimize your website headings, sidebars, or for creating high-quality product descriptions.

    Different keyword and the arrangement of the keyword will provide different results. So, play around with using the alphabet soup keyword research method.Google Alphabet Soup Technique Start of Keyword Add-on

  5. Add Instant Search Results to Jaaxy Keyword Analyzing Tool

    I discover the keyword alphabet soup word search, now I’m going to place the whole term into Jaaxy application to get even more ideas to write about.

    In the main body of our results, and also along the right sidebar column, you will see a list of ideas you can click on to find even more ideas.Jaaxy Analysis Demo on Alphabet Soup Word Search

  6. Add Your Search Results to Jaaxy Alphabet Instant Search Tool

    Keep digging and you will find more keywords to keep you busy for years.Jaaxy Results Alphabet Soup Word Search

  7. Practice Using Jaaxy

    Now you understand how to use Jaaxy Instant Search and the alphabet soup searching technique to find a countless number of profitable keywords.

    But if you really want to search for keywords on Jaaxy like a pro, you would want to know what those numbers all mean.

  8. Ask Question

Brainstorm With Jaaxy and Save Your Keywords for Use in Newsletters or Articles

Your business promotion activities may include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Product Reviews
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Public Speaking
  • Church Events
  • Exit Polls
  • Case Studies
  • Christian Affiliate Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Blogging

The Saved List feature in Jaaxy will help you stay organized while you research for profitable keywords.

And Jaaxy can help you find the right words to reach the crowds. Jaaxy Saved List feature will help you stay organized. 

Jaaxy is an Exclusively Created Keyword Research Tool Made Especially for Affiliate Marketers

Jaaxy is one of a kind, being the only keyword analysis platform that was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Jaaxy affiliate market search feature can help you grow your home business online.

The only way to outdo, to outperform the competition is to offer something unique and something better than they have.

Tim Soulo

Jaaxy is The Best Keyword Research Tool for Earning Additional Income from The Comfort of Your Home Business Office?

What is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO and Earning Affiliate Commissions from your website?
Jaaxy Affiliate Can Earn From Home

Bonus #1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords
Download 1,000 hand-picked keywords that are set-up for SEO success. Download the list today as our free bonus to you!

Bonus #2:Niches, Keywords, Success
Download your Niche Research Bonus and learn how to utilize Jaaxy to uncover hot niches in minutes. This guide will be your handbook for Niche Research!

Bonus #3: Domain Industry Secrets
Secrets of tapping into the billion dollar industry. How to uncover low-cost domains and sell them for much more. Your guide to domain flipping… made easy with Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Keyword Website Analysis Tool Price


With your articles, your product or services can target political matters, religious studies, and a wide variety of topics that are considered to be of interest to the public.

Using Jaaxy can help you find profitable affiliate marketing opportunities. You can use the keyword application to find and analyze the over 15,000 affiliate programs.

Ask questions if you have any. Questions will help you learn all about the program. Also, leave any comments and opinions relevant to this review in the section provided below. If you’re a Jaaxy user, please leave a testimony to tell the world what you like or dislike about Jaaxy. Thank you and God bless. Remember, I’m here to help.


  1. For me Jaaxy is the best one you can have, everything you need is there, including seeing your competition, which helps to boost your ranking a lot. Plus looking to the price, serious, where will you find something for this price? So I really recommend you to have Jaaxy, and nothing else! 

    1. Thank you, Emmanuel. I like your explanation of Jaaxy. This research tool is packed with feature and delivers the benefits. 

  2. Great article , apparently jaaxy is the best keyword research Tool to SEO any website, it would have been nice to have a slight comparison to see what her SEO keyword research tools offer, having said that I’m really elated about using Jaaxy for key word analysis to understand where your competition is sitting in search results thereby making it easy to out shine your competition at no extra cost. Oganic search engine results are so important

    I’m currently working on my first website, i can’t begin to explain how invaluable this information is to me. Thanks Lenard

    1. Thank you, Idara, for leaving your comment. I am happy to hear you are building your first website and I am offering my hand to help you get your content ranking.

      I have created a few posts on how to use Jaaxy like a pro. Be sure to view those pages under the tutorial category.

      If you need any help, I would be happy to offer my services.

  3. You provided some helpful insights into how to use Jaaxy effectively.  I found this section very educational: “Where are The Best Keyword Placements for Optimizing Your Website On-Page Content” I knew that the keywords had to be used strategically in order to improve ones rank. Here you lay out where exactly placing the keyword gives the best bang for the buck.

    It was also valuable to learn how to spy on the competition. 

    There was so much information provided I had a dilemma. If I took all the time necessary to read your blog thoroughly, someone else would probably get ahead of me to comment. So I had to scan through your post more quickly than I would have liked. That was the only problem I had. But it was a good problem to have. 

    Thanks for making this blog. It provided clear value to me and I am sure to others who read it.

    1. Hi, Edwin, thank you for the comment. I like that you can use Jaaxy to find out what your rival’s keywords are. I created a tutorial to show the exact process.

      You should never feel rushed to leave a comment. I have a Good Habit of making my reviews and website post full of useful information.

      Tell me Edwin; Was it easy my post easy to read and understand. You mentioned a couple of areas, but do you kink that a beginner can follow the process?

      The reason I ask, because creating engaging website content is also part of the process of ranking, and Jaaxy can help in that area, also.

  4. Jaaxy is an awesome keyword research tool that doesn’t need to be installed onto your computer and can be used by all skill levels of online marketers.

    The Jaaxy Keyword tool will find you highly desirable keywords to use that will connect with people in the Search Engines. By using data directly from Google.

    1. That is correct, Mustapha. Jaaxy gets its data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  5. This is interesting , SEO is very important in the life of every blogger, getting ranked is the joy of every website owner, in other to get  traffic of right visitors. I must commend you for taking your time to share this information you must have done a lot of research. I must give you kudos for explaining in details Jaaxy and it relevant to website ranking although I’m not  using it but this is the only site I have seen that has made a detailed explanation of Jaaxy like this without over hyping. I will give it a try and see how it works. I will start following you to get more updates.

    1. Thank you, Labulo, for leaving a comment. I was shocked that you are not using jaaxy. But, I got over it when you said you are going to try the keyword tool to see if you are going to like it. I’m sure you will.

      Can I help you find your next keyword for your website post? 30 searches can go fast especially if Jaaxy is not used properly.

  6. The basic understanding of keywords is essential for anyone looking to effectively target traffic on the internet. There is an important balance to be struct between too little and too many keywords in the text which from what I understand can be seen as “padding” the article.

    Could you provide a basic rule of thumb as to what would be considered too many keywords in an article which in turn might lead to SOE penalties?


    1. High, Richard, thank you for leaving a comment and asking a question. Keyword Stuffing can be a big problem and the search engines have made adjustments to their algorithms to penalize or ban sites the try to cheat the system.

      I really can’t tell you what the keyword/content ratio would be. I just find my term I want to rank and start writing.

      Some people will say if your post is 1000 words, you should only use your keyword about 2-5%. But. don’t quote me on those stats. 

  7. I have always found Jaaxy to be a really good keyword tool and one that is easy to use. What I realize now after reading your very detailed and comprehensive post about it, is that Jaaxy is far more then a keyword tool. Like you mention it is a marketing reseach tool that will give you a lot more information then just suitable keywords.
    I would really need to optimize the pages of my website as I have problems getting my content ranked, even when there are no competing websites for the exact keyword phrase used there are still many other pages ranking far better then me.
    Can Jaaxy help me with this? In that case: How?
    Thanks for a great post.

    1. Thank you, Jojo, for the comment and question.

      Jaaxy can help you get your page ranking if you use it correctly. Some other factors that will help you to get a better ranking are;

      * using the keyword in selected location throughout your post.

      * Creating content that is readable to humans and relevant to the keyword.

      *Only creating a post that uses the target keyword.

      I created a tutorial that will show you how to find competition keywords and ranking. Use some of their keywords in your post.

      If you need any help, I do offer a service where I can locate industry related terms for you. Let me know if I can give you a hand. I would love to see you ranking and earning.

  8. Excellent Jaaxy review LeNard,

    I’ve been using it for 5 years now and have ranked many articles with it – Its super easy to use, very precise, and is a lot more detailed than Google Keyword Planner. When I first created my site, I was lost on how websites are able to rank until I found out that finding keywords with low competition is the key to cutting your competitors. Highly recommended for all types of bloggers 😀 

    1. Thank you for the comment. I like the way you explained using Jaaxy. I think all of my posts are ranking on page 1 or 2

  9. I totally agree with you that Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool. I have been using it for four years now and it is amazing, especially if you are aiming to get your website on page one of the Search Engines.

    We all know how important organic traffic is, and having a good keyword tool can save a lot of money in advertising costs.

    I have used other keyword tools in the past, and most of them are just so complicated and time consuming to use. With Jaaxy you have your keywords picked out for you with the click of a button.

    1. Hi, Michel, glad to see you are enjoying Jaaxy. 

  10. All the information in this post is extremely helpful. I’ve only just started out with my website and I’ve been having a hard time understanding how Jaaxy works or how to properly use keywords. I had never heard of pay by click and organic search before reading this, honestly this is a really helpful article and I’m definitely going to be applying your tips, like adding my keywords to my post titles.

    1. How to Use Jaaxy Website Analysis Features Like A Pro  this a tutorial that will show you how to use Jaaxy

      Thank you for leaving a comment

  11. Hi Lenard,

    I have read the whole review about “What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?What About Jaaxy?”

    Really this is a great informative review with all the necessary information. I found this article very helpful for me.I am new affiliate member and trying to be a successful affiliate marketer.So,one of my friend told me that jaaxy is the best keyword research tool.In this regard i was looking for a thorough details about this jaaxy.After reading this review i have found all the answers of my questions in this purpose.I have gained all the details of this jaaxy properly.This is a great informative and helpful review for those people who want to know perfectly about jaaxy. I am going to buy this jaaxy as it has so many wonderful features that you have already highlighted in this review so nicely.I am going to share this great review with my friends and relatives so that they can find their best keyword research tool which is jaaxy.

    1. Try the free version first

  12. Nice one LeNard. This is quite educative. I’m an SEO expert and a Google Certified digital specialist, however, I have been able to learn some new things from your post. I am a fan of organic marketing. I have heard of Jaaxy, but I have not tested my hands on it because no one actually explained it the way your post did.  All this while, I have been using Google keyword planner and SEMrush. it is  time to switch to Jaaxy

    1. Hi, Tolu, thank you for the comment. You can dos the same thing all in one research tool. I still use SEMrush and Google keyword finder but very little.

  13. Hello, this is an informative review article! I am trying to be an affiliate marketer, and I am looking for a perfect keyword research tool. After your detailed introduce I think I will consider purchasing the pro version because the features of Jaaxy looks useful for improving search engine result. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi, Brain, may I subject signing up for the free started plan first? This will allow you to really try Jaaxy to make sure it is something you will enjoy using for the long term.

  14. I got indexed by google, just a few days after putting out my first blog post. It was such a pleasant surprise to me. 

    I am using a free website and I’m only days into the blogging business but I’ve been indexed by google and people are commenting. That means that I’m being seen. 

    I must confess that I owe this success story to Jaaxy big time. I make sure to search keywords on Jaaxy before I make and publish posts. And I’m getting great results from using Jaaxy. 

    1. Thank you, Peace. Thank you for the comment. I like that you mentioned that Jaaxy can even help some free websites rise to the top of the search engines. What niche are you using Jaaxy for finding keywords? I’m trying to get a list of industries that Jaaxy is working for.

  15. Informative, how does jaaxy compare to other major search engine tools? What does it offer that’s different? I admire how detailed your post is along with glimpses into the actual program. I can’t stand when people make reviews and then provide no detailed insight. 

    As for the natural significance of SEO keyword reach for growing your traffic originally, I think there is no better way. Therefore I think it’s important to have a nice reliable research tool, and based on the information you’ve provided, jaaxt seems like a likely candidate I’ll be considering for my own Keyword research tool. Good post, lots of detail keep it up. 

    1. Thank you for a great question, Koda.

      Jaaxy gives you updated stats as close to real-time results, most search engines tool only show stats within the last 30 days. I believe Jaaxy analysis is 7- 30-day freshness. Not stale results.

      A lot of features are located on one keyword tool. An example. instead of having to get your average monthly volume valume on one tool, and then stwitching to anothet keyword tool to get you competition stats, you have several tools all in one. It is great for affiliate marketing.

  16. Hi LeNard,

    Thanks for telling about the best keyword research tools.By reading this article I have knew about search engine as Binng,Google etc.I have got a great idea by reading your this article. It will help me to work as an Seo expart.Also knew about best keywords of seo. This information is really helpful for a new person in Seo.Thank you so much. 

    1. Thank you for the comment, Fahim. If you sign up I would like to work with you to make sure you understand how to use Jaaxy for the most benefits. You only get 30 free searches and I wouldn’t want to see them go to waste

  17. I found this article full of information that would be valuable to an affiliate marketer.  I liked the explanation given on jaaxy keyword tools.
    I have known jaaxy to be one of the greatest keyword tools that are very efficient.  It might not be the best but the tools benefit is enormous. I am just getting to know more about the benefits from your article which is an eye opener for me. 

    1. Hi, Ola, thank you for the comment. I am happy with your response. I want to bring Jaaxy to the awareness of affiliate marketers. I believe it will help more people find it easier to create content for their website.

  18. I have been using the Jaaxy tool for my website when I create posts and I can say that this is a really helpful tool. This gives me more ideas on what to talk about and I can see what key words to make posts on this is a great tool for anyone building their own website. This is a great review that people need to see.

    1. Thank for the comment. Jaaxy brainstorm and alphabet soup features will keep your writing for years. No more writer’s block.

  19. Wow! Articles like this one are the quickest gateway to the solution in SEO  that I have been searching for. Reading this has absolutely enhanced my knowledge of the SEO by 70 percent. 

    Studying about Jaaxy here enlightens me further on how coherent my SEO can be using it. Through this, I have come to the knowledge that the Jaaxy Keyword tool will find highly desirable keywords to use that will connect with people in the Search Engines and that by using data directly from Google, mashing it together with Jaaxy’s own proprietary data, Jaaxy delivers keyword results like no other. This is an awesome tool to try. Thank you for sharing this way forward SEO tool. 

    1. Thank you, what can I do to increase your SEO knowledge another 30 percent?

  20. Hey, congrats on that number 1 spot on Yahoo!  That’s awesome!  I get so excited when I see my keywords rank, and it’s really all thanks to Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve been marketing online for years, and while I had a vague understanding of keywords, I did not have a full understanding, no real education, nor did I have such a powerful and insightful tool like Jaaxy.  I’m telling you, my business has completely changed, and my rankings have totally increased, since I started using Jaaxy!

    1. Thank you, Babsie, for sharing your experience with using jaaxy. I keep finding new way to use it for finding keyword.

  21. Thank you for Jaaxy review

    I am looking for a reasonably priced keyword research tool right now. I have been with MOZ for a year, but due to a tighter budget for the next term, I am willing to find something cheaper that will get the job done. 

    Jaaxy looks very reasonable and low priced, I will go for it.

    1. Hi, Ainars, thank you for trying Jaaxy. If you have any quest at all how to use Jaaxy, please let me know. I created a tutorial on how to use Jaaxy because I have seen many people waste the free searches. I recommend using all of the free searches before upgrading to Jaaxy Pro.

      Thank you again, welcome to Jaaxy.

  22. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Honestly, I am using Jaaxy for more over a year and I am more than satisfied. I manage to find so many low competition keywords which give me a number 1 spot on Google. I would definitely recommend it to all folks who start their own business.

    1. I just add and tutorial showing how to do the alphabet search technique. Let me know what you think. And thanks for the comment.

  23. Those Search Engine Ranking Factors for SEO On-Page Content Optimization were really insightful. I was totally not aware of the fact that the image alt text mattered. But it makes sense as there must be something or some stuff that the Google uses to rank images. 

    I actually didn’t know that Jaxxy was something more than just a straight up keyword tool. This other review I read did not mention any of this ;/

    I liked the quotes, I even wrote them down. 🙂

    The 30 free searches is a cool thing, gives you the ability to try out. I will. 🙂

    Other than that, do you also get to try something like the competition analysis tool for free?

    Either way, I know you’re probably busy, so it’s fine if you don’t get a chance to get back, I still appreciate all the insights. 🙂

    Have a Wonderful Day!


    1. Hi, Rasa, thanks for leaving the comment and questions. Jaaxy free starter kit will allow you to use the Site Rank feature. But a free account only allow you to use the tool 30 times for whatever reason you need it for.

      So, please don’t waste your searches. I can walk you through a couple of searches if needed. Contact me if you need my help.

      It’s been a while that I’ve used the free account, so it took me some time to find your answer, sorry. God bless you

  24. I’ve had my fair share of experience with the free tools but they feel so clumsy. And you miss so much by trying to rely on them.

    Honest to God, it’s been one of my absolute best investments (buying Jaaxy) since I’ve started affiliate marketing. The keyword ideas it provides are spot on. Often they are absolutely bonkers in the sense that I am 120% sure I wouldn’t have come across the keyword if I’d still be using the free versions.

    It’s really awesome stuff and I absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to get online marketing rolling. Furthermore, I do see it as something truly affordable. 🙂

    Cheers, I appreciate you sharing the content. 🙂

    Carpe Minutam,


    1. Hi, Matiss, We have met, if I’m right you run a vitamin supplement website. I am glad that you found my post and to discover you are a Jaaxy user. Your testimony means a lot to me. Thank you, brother.

      I having a hard time doing reviews on other keyword research tools because Jaaxy keeps making my post reach the top. I am using another tool, I will be doing a review on it later, but the results are nowhere close to Jaaxy output.

  25. jaaxy is a great SEO keyword tool, I use it all the time when trying to help search for bottom fruit keywords to help boost my SEO results. I like how you gave us an example of both SM Paid advertisement and SEO. Some individuals get that mixed up and it really causes their business problems and issues. 

    1. HI, Sebastian, thank for visiting and leaving a comment. I decided that it would be better for the reader, especially the people who are new to the affiliate marketing and work from home industry. So, I now am adding tutorials to my reviews.

      Is there such a thing as a “viewtorial’ Kind of like a review/tutorial

  26. firstly I would like to say this is an eye opener article for as it is my first time of reading anything about jaaxy keywords and research. Before now I have always heard about using some special tools to enhance your keywords and make them come on top of the list when people do searches on popular sites and I can say it’s interesting to have come across jaaxy today. I do believe there is need for a a good keyword researcher when it comes to online affliate marketing and jaaxy from what have read seem to be capable for the job. Thanks for the info

    1. Thank you, Seyi, for leaving a comment. Jaaxy really does make keyword researching not so hard of a task. You stated this is the first time learning about Jaaxy. Have you signed up for the free trial?

      You get 30 free searches and I can show you how to use them so you get the best benefits from them. I would like to help you discover your next keyword for your post.

      Also, you won’t have to pull out your credit card to use the free searches.

      Let me know what you think.

      God bless you.

  27. I only came across this tool from my first encounter in Wealth Affiliate. So I have a basic idea of what it does. It has done me wonders thus far. From your post, there is a fair lot of information to get around, absorb and I’m sure whoever reads it will get a good idea of the importance of keyword research tools, SEO, and the best keyword tool out there now, which is Jaaxy. Overall, this is a great post and has all the information to understand SEO and Jaaxy.    

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment. Lately, I have been performing a search technique known as low hanging fruit. When you create your next blog post. Try using it because it makes new web pages get indexed fast. Reall great for new websites.

      If you click on my website blog link, you will see that the blogs displaying a feature image were all done using the low hanging fruit, keywords search style. They were all published between February and March, and they are all ranking between positions 1-60 in search engines.

      The blog post without any featured image is not in the top 100 search position. When I created those post, I was not using Jaxy keyword research tool the correct way.

      Try it and let me know your results.

  28. Everyone around me is saying that Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool For Search Engine Optimization and I can’t agree less. I have been around Wealthy Affiliate for a while and I have come to understand how Jaaxy work and from my end, it is the best. It’s features are almost exclusive and just the right tool for the job.

    I totally love and enjoyed reading this review. However, I couldn’t really understand the Rand Fishkin quote, can you please elaborate a little bit more?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sammy. When I added  Rand Fishkin quote I had a spelling error. The emarkable should have been remarkable. In 2004, Rand was telling us that internet markers were setting all kind of records with marketing online, building sales through content and search engine marketing. 10 years later, all the hard work paid off. He was able to build relationships with people through his business to keep learning how to solve more problems.

  29. I agree with everything that you have written in this review.  I am using Jaaxy lite, which is included with your Wealthy Affiliate Priemum membership. Using both Jaaxy and WA together will improve you knowledge of how to run an Internet business better.I love the community and it’s features of which one is best keyword research tool that helps a website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by connecting visitors to your high-quality content and also of marketing research tool . There are always improvements being made and always havinour best interest in mind.I love that we can earn on the platform and don’t even need to grow a website, but of course, it’s best to follow the training and to create our own website because that’s what will give us the potential to make money from home online. Jaaxy helps you take the guesswork out of keyword researching. But my Great question is that does Jaaxy do Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

    1. Thank you, Topazdude, No, Jaaxy does not do have a pay per click program, but you can use Jaaxy to lower you PPC that you are currently paying to advertise. I believe the low hanging fruit technique is the way you would approach it.

  30. Hi Lenard,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational article about best keyword search tool. I have read the whole article about the Jaaxy keyword research and niche tool. Having good keywords is the key to attracting organic traffic from Google.I do use the jaaxy each time I am searching for a good keyword. I would recommend Jaaxy to any existing affiliate marketer, because it will not just give you great keywords but will also give several other benefits to leverage on.

    1. Usman, thank you, for commenting. Yes, organic traffic also was known as free search engine traffic, is great for your website SEO

  31. Hi Lenard, the competition online is real especially when it comes to ranking top on Google search engine. Just like you said, one needs lot of information and research in order to out-think his or her competitors. I know about Jaaxy tool through WA and have been opportune to use it, but I must say that I am not yet an expert in using the tool as there are some certain things that are not yet quite clear to me, however, your article has helped in putting those foggy issues into a better perspective.Reading through your post has opened my eyes to the endless opportunities Jaaxy tools offer. I must say that this is a comprehensive Jaaxy review I have read thus far.

    1. Thank you, Gracen, for leaving a comment. If I can help you with finding your next keyword, let me know. It’s on me. I would like to make sure you are comfortable using Jaaxy.

  32. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to me about SEO. as an affiliate marketer, jaaxy will be useful for me .with this great article I believe jaaxy can locate my blog and direct it to the customer. I wish jaaxy can brings more traffic to my blog. thanks for the insight 

    1. Adamu2, thank you for visiting. I’m using it every day and getting ranked. I’m sometimes getting ranked in hours. You should be using it.

  33. ”Jaaxy is a marketing research tool that can help you engage consumers at critical points of the customers’ shopping journey” this a powerful tool for seo,as an online business owner,blogger etc,the tool is very essential for your keywords research,I will start to use this great tools for my website keyword research.I love this article

    1. Thank you, for the comment, Fasakin.

  34. Wow.. Awesome information. Your article has just confirmed my thought about this great tool. If you have a website, you cant just do without knowing about keywords, how to find them and how to implement them on your niche. Jaaxy is a perfect tool for finding keywords, unlike some others that are hard to rank, with this tool you can find similar keywords which are better.Jaaxy is really the best keyword tool

    1. Hi, Michael, I sometimes have to force myself to use other keyword research tools. Thanks for the comment.

  35. I’m a newbie in online business and I have heard about jaaxy. Reading this article has educated me and informed me on everything I ought to know about jaaxy. My question is as a newbie in online business who wants his content and site to stand will you recommend it for a newbie?. I will be looking forward to your reply. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

    1. Hi, Lok. Absolutely, I recommend Jaaxy. I just created this post here yesterday about joining my mailing list and is already moving up in position. I will add an image to show as proof.  Also, when Jaaxy is used right, there is a good chance you can rank #1 in search engine for your choosen keyword on the same day as posting. I hope I was able to answer your question. Thank you for visiting.

  36. I feel comfortable working with Jaaxy. I have written earlier in this regard. As a research tool for SEO, it’s amazing. Now the world is much more competitive than before. People want to reach the desired goal in a short time. Being an online businessman every day I have to find different sites. As a Keyword Research Tool, Jaaxy helps me a lot. After reading the blog, I have benefited greatly by learning about Jaaxy. In this article, the quotation of Roy H. Williams’s “first step in your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations”, seems very effective. Thank you.

  37. Thanks for this informative post on the best keyword search tool and in my opinion after reading this post jaaxy keyword search tool happens to be the best When it comes to finding keywords to use for articles or new websites, I completely rely on Jaaxy for my keyword research as it provides me with the ability of finding high traffic keyword and low competition of all type of marketing.

  38. Hi Lenard

    I have read the whole article about the Jaaxy keyword research and niche tool.This is a wonderful article.If anyone wants to improve their business awareness on the internet this article will help them most.If they read your article they will know that jaaxy is a awesome keyword for them.It work so fast.I will share this great article with my friends and relatives.Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article.

  39. I have actually made use of several keyword research tools and I would be honest with you when I say that I have had the most experience from Jaaxy. A tool like this is really needed for anyone that runs a blog. The navigation is really easy and user-interface experience is truly something else.

    Even a child can make use of it which just goes to show how simplified the creators made the system to be. Its features are truly amazing. For example, the alphabet soup feature that helps you come up with numerous keywords. Also, the brainstorming feature that also helps you come up with keywords.

    These are truly amazing features and can be of great help to anyone running a blog. Also been able to track your keyword to know how it does in the major search engines is one of my favorite reasons why I think this is a really good keyword research tool.

  40. Thanks for sharing this article on Jaaxy. This article is powerful and informative as only few people knew about this app as a correct search tool for website. This will make my blog user friendly for people that will visit as they easily get the word or content they want or looking for. Thank you for bringing this to our knowledge. 

    1. Olalekan, thank you, for your comment. Yes, with the results from Jaaxy you optimize your website content so that it will have the best chance of reaching more people, in the search engines. You SEO by adding the keyword into the blog post as you are writing it. Writing good web content helps, also. Thank you, If you have any questions, please be sure to ask me. Have you signed up for your free Jaaxy account?

  41. I’ve been using Jaxxy for about two years now and I have to agree that it’s the best keyword research tool out there. I’m currently using Jaxxy through the Wealthy Affiliate’s membership so for me it’s free.

    Having good keywords is the key to attracting organic traffic from Google. I know some people who just blog randomly using keywords that don’t rank, so even though their blog is very old and have lots of content it’s not doing very well, what a waste of time that would be.

    1. Thank you, Son, for leaving a comment. I am using Jaaxy lite, which is included with your Wealthy Affiliate Priemum membership. Using both Jaaxy and WA together will improve your knowledge of how to run an Internet business better.

  42. This is another great review and its full of informations. I always enjoy reading all your reviews and this one is no exception because they are very helpful. This is the most extensive and comprehensive review i have read on Jaaxy. The most interesting part is that I can use the keyword research tool to find platform related to your niche. Wealthy affiliate is the best platform that can do this; I have never regretted my actions ever since I joined this platform

    1. Thank you, Wealthfather, for visiting. I must be hard on myself because I worry sometimes that my writing is to difficult to understand. But, I also think that if people are not asking questions, they get it. What do you think? What do you think I am missing from this Jaaxy review? 

  43. Hi Lenard.

    I would like to congratulate you on such an amazing post highlighting the importance of Jaaxy which is indeed the best tool for keyword research. I got to know about Jaaxy when I became a member at Wealthy Affiliate one of the best affiliate marketing platform in the world. I have created couple of posts so far uaing the Jaaxy keyword research tool and it has helped me a lot to dip up great low competition keywords through which I have been able to create quality content.

    I would recommend Jaaxy to any existing affiliate marketer or a beginner as it will not just give you great keywords but will also give several other benefits to leverage on. 

  44. Hi LeNard! I have understood the need there is to have a good keyword tool! But there are quite a few options out there and it’s initially difficult to make up one’s mind. 

    I have read a bunch of reviews concerning keyword tools! But I’m really impressed with a couple of features you have stated here in regard to Jaaxy.

    The first one is the ability to spy on how our competitors’ website is ranking. And the other is we can find and analyze affiliate programs with this tool.

    I’ll give Jaaxy a try. Thank you very much!

    1. Henry, thank you, visiting and for trying out Jaaxy, I created a tutorial demonstrating how you should use Jaaxy. This way you get the most out of the keyword software. If you have any trouble signing up about Jaaxy, I’m here to help.

  45. Thank you for a wonderful article. Informative, educative and exhaustive with great expository skill about Jaaxy, especially newbies reading this article will know the importance of Jaaxy as an SEO tool for keyword suggestions, research tools and others. This research tool has really helped a lot of online marketer including me to get keywords that helped get website ranked by Google.

  46. Yes I do agree with you that Jaxxy is a great tool to use but you also have to really know how to find those keywords through creative thinking, inside WA there’s a Jaaxy keyword tool which works wonders, I have used that and almost have 65 Articles ranked from my skincare website.

    And almost all articles ranked from my social media website, you can use the Jaxxy premium but you also also use the Jaxxy inside the premium membership what’s important is quality content.

  47. This is really good post. Very educating. There are tons on information on this post about jaaxy that will really help in content creativity and awareness. Going through this post as actually made see the importance of jaaxy if you want your blog to be successful and get good rating from google. Nice post

  48. Tons of  good information that is well detailed about Jaaxy- The Keyword Research & Niche Tool built by the Affiliate Marketer for affiliate marketing. This will be of good help to me especially because I’m new to online affiliate marketing.I’m glad I read this. I will bookmark this page right away.Thanks for a well written and helpful article.

    1. Mary, thank you, for visiting and leaving a message. I am glad that you are bookmarking What About Jaaxy. If you have any questions or need any kind of help, please contact me.

  49. Excellent writeup you got here. This is so educative about Jaaxy and newbies going through your post will eventually know how important it is to use Jaaxy as an SEO tool for keyword suggestions, research tools and others. This research tool has really helped me to get keywords that in turn helped my website to be ranked by Google. 

  50. Being a “technologically challenged” person (according to my kids) I find Jaaxy an exceptional tool. I use it every day when searching for topics for my articles, finding Keywords and finding domain names. It saves me hours of work trying to find the best keywords and title for my site.

    Since using Jaaxy, I have had a number of pages on the first page of Google and Bing. Your explanation of Jaaxy’s benefits is right on the button.

  51. Hello Lenard,

    I did not know about Jaaxy before reading your review. After reading your review, I came to understand that Jaaxy is one of the best place for Keyword Researching Tool. Also, it provides a best customer service. So, I think, Jaaxy deserves it platform and we should go with it. Finding a unique and effective keyword is the first and foremost thing before launching a website and Jaaxy helps about it.

    I am a beginner at Wealthy Affiliate and going to combine Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate togather for the BEST outcome.

    Thank you so much for letting us know about it so nicely. 🙂

    1. radeetalam, thank you for the comment. Yes, use Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate together to maximum output.

  52. This is a very Lucid and informative review about the Jaaxy 2.0 Keyword Research and Management, I have heard one or two things about Jaaxy. And I plan to use and maximize the Jaaxy keyword tool once I am done making and creating my website and blog. I am a new affiliate, so I am taking my time to read and learn from wonderful articles like this. Cheers.

    1. Oneal22, thank you for reading my what about Jaaxy review. You said you are going to wait until you finish building your website before you start using Jaaxy. The point of Jaaxy is to help you find those keywords to place in your post, article, website, heading, category, tags. ect. Truly, you should be using Jaaxy as you build your website and create content. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to help and provide advice. ~LeNard

  53. Your Jaaxy keyword tool review is very explicit. Its amazing to know that the Jaaxy tool only takes two seconds to work, and also being able to allow one to see the exact number of pages one is going up against, from the QSR (Quoted Search Results)/competition.From the eleven summarized benefits of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool you listed, i have been fully convinced. Thanks for this helpful post

  54. I’ve heard about Jaaxy before and glad to find your review article here. It seems a comprehensive keyword research platform. I’m actually searching for a replacement for Google Keyword Planner and considering to invest in similar platform. Keyword researching is very important in content marketing so I need to know if this is really suitable for me. Have you compared Jaaxy with Google Keyword Planner? What have you found about Jaaxy’s benefit against Google Keyword Planner? Thank you for your insight.

    1. Thank you, Alexander, for visiting my web site. I haven’t used Google Keyword Planner in a few years. So I had to do a little research. One difference I noticed between Jaaxy and Google Keyword Planner is the planner gives you the cost-range of the PPC people are bidding on. Also, Google Keyword Planner forecast/predicts what your traffic and impressions could be. Besides that, it let you target a location and different languages. Plus, the search network let you advertise on other Google properties like Google Map and YouTube. Lastly, the keyword planner won tell you how much competition you are going up against. It on tells you low, medium, or high. Jaaxy QSR gives you the number of competitors for that keyword. I hope I was able to answer your questions. If you choose to try Jaaxy, along with GKP I can show you some tricks on both systems that few people use. Thank you and God bless. ~LeNard

  55. Great explanation of Jaaxy and its uses. I particularly like your description of QSR, Average etc., you made it seem so simple to use. It looks like you can also check out your competition using Jaaxy. Useful information including their backlink number and word content for the post which is pretty useful to know if you want to beat them in the search engine rankings. As an online marketer I can see this being a really helpful tool.

  56. This is an insightful post. I really wonder how any blog copes without the use of jaaxy software. I have always used the jaaxy software to determine what post to write. It helps me gauge the pulse of my audience and what they are looking for. I just look for low hanging fruits and write my blog post on them.

    The jaaxy affiliate program is also another plus for using this service. Jaaxy is definitely a software I’ll be recommending for all bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

  57. Its one of the best i have heard of over time . I personally know how extremely important keywords are to anyone who is trying out making an online business. Well I’ll definitely try this our once I’m up to speed with my affiliate studies . thanks for the review

    1. Thank you for the comment, Momoh. Jaaxy is a research tool that was created by affiliate marketers for helping people in the industry. You can use it to help you find the words for your article. Let say you are writing a post on candles, you can use Jaaxy to find the related word the web searcher are using to find this type of information.  You may want to use along with your studies. Let me know what you think.  God bless

  58. Great article, you have explained everything about Jaxxy – The Keyword Research & Niche Tool built by the Affiliate Marketer For Affiliate Marketer.FYI, I am using the Jaxxy Lite Version which is free if you’re a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate. I like to use alphabet soup technique, it give variation of keyword phrase. It also enable me to spy on my competitors so that l can outrank them.

    Whenever I have a writing block or lack of ideas for an article, l head over to Jaxxy to brainstorm it and immediately a ton of new ideas are pop up for your new topic. 

    I would say Jaxxy is a must have keyword research tool for SEO.

    Best wishes.

  59. Thanks for this walkthrough of Jaaxy. My business couldn’t survive without it. It saves me so much time on narrowing down the precise keywords to write about.Good tip on ensuring that the keywords are grammatically correct. You want to try and think about how someone searches.I like how you can use Jaaxy to brainstorm and look for affiliate programs too. It’s more than just a simple SEO tool.I never did get the bonuses that you mention at the end of this article; I’m going to have to look into that!Thanks again.

    1. Thank you, Jerimy for visiting and leaving a comment. Glad to know you are using Jaaxy and it working as stated. As far as the bonuses, they are in the training section of Jaaxy. If you don’t find them, contact me and I will walk you through finding them or send them to you.

  60. Loved your content so I decided to stay a little bit more and explore your website. I’ve been using Jaaxy since the beginning. This keyword research tool does really good value. Exploring keywords is easy and you can get low competitive keywords which will make your post more successful and they can achieve better rankings.

    One of the best keyword tools online definitely.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you, Strahinja, for visiting and leaving comments. I am in the process of a rebuilding seconds2work.com. The last major WordPress upgrade did me bad. My theme was not compatible with the upgrade. But, thats ok. I now really get the chance to not only tell my story, but I also get to use this website to truly show visitors How I created rankhighstudio.com. It’s not my best website but is making money. I get to use this website to show how wealthy affiliate along with tools like Jaaxy, I will be able to get it back in shape.

  61. I personally never heard of Jaaxy until I invested in WA and bought the Premium program. Since then, I’ve never looked back. For a while, I used free keyword tools but nothing compared to Jaaxy, which gives you the number of searches for a particular keyword, clicks for those ranked on the first page, competition, and even the perceived strength of keywords. I’ve read up on other paid keyword tools and nothing comes close. Jaaxy definitely has the edge in the game here. 

  62. Hi there, thanks for sharing your review and analysis about keyword and research platforms for affiliate marketing, I have just created my blog website using the training I learned through wealthy affiliate platform, am planning on using it for promoting my business which I will need more traffic, reading your article on SEO has added more to my knowledge and it’s gonna help my blogging, thank’s for sharing 

  63. Before joining Wealthy Affiliates, I was only familiar with Google’s keyword planner. I used it in the early days to get a list of keywords to target. I really thought it was the best tool available. It was free and easy to use.However, all that changed since becoming a premium member of Wealthy Affiliates and using the Jaaxy keyword research tool. I got to learn about important metrics such as QSR, AVG, and others. I can now easily tell if a keyword is great to go after, or a poor choice. Something else I found beneficial is that I can find affiliate programs related to my keyword right within Jaaxy. I highly recommend Jaaxy for anyone serious about their online business.

  64. This is a great review about Jaaxy. I am particularly interested where you suggested that it helps us to identify low competitive keywords. I know that the internet is very huge and competitive. So such tools like Jaaxy helps one find a footing in this great ocean of online business. I use Jaaxy too and it is wonderful 

  65. Your high quality content may never see the light of day if you don’t leverage keywords to make your contents easy to find and highly searchable in the online market space. Many criteria are used in ranking your website and content and the use of keywords stands as one of the most important. With the flexibility of Jaaxy, it serves as one of the best seo tools for online marketers.

  66. Hi LeNard and thanks for the Jaaxy Keyword tool review.

     I’ll be honest and say that like you I use this tool about four years and this is the only KW tool for me at the moment. You explain almost every detail and features of Jaaxy, unfortunately, this is not a magic wand like nothing on this world. Not every time a keyword with good indicators is so easy to rank on high search results. 

    I have used many keyword tools before but Jaaxy is the most comfortable one. When it comes to cons, actually it is not a con, just there are numbers of free tools online giving better results. It’s about site rank tracked rankings. By comparing Jaaxy results with say SmallSeoTools dot com results I prefer the second one. 

    Anyway, I am Jaaxy Pro user and do not regret those nineteen bucks a month.

  67. When I first started writing articles for my website, I had zero knowledge of how search engines work and how to get my posts ranked high so people can find them. But when I became a part of an online community of internet marketers, I learned the importance of a keyword research tool and started asking what could be the best. 

    Well, Jaaxy came up as one of the top recommended Keyword Research tools because accordingly, it’s one of the best. So I gave it a shot and I was happy with the results. My posts are being ranked on page 1 in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. One other thing I really like about Jaaxy is that other than giving me the data I need, it also comes up with a lot more suggested keywords for me to use, isn’t that awesome.

    So yes, I do agree that Jaaxy is one of the best, if not the best, Keyword Research Tool. 

  68. Man you have done a great job in unveiling the powerful use of Jaaxy. I call it searching made easy. This will aid users in east targeting what they are searching for and this would eventually push more traffic to one’s blog and website. You have done a great job man. 

  69. Hey,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing information . Keywords are not just important for the SEO of a website , they are important for off-site content and social profiles as well  and it is important to focus on creating content that is high quality and relevant while still using your target keywords when it is appropriate . It is really good article about the best keywords tool for SEO . I will share it with my all friends .  

  70. Jaaxy is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful affiliate marketing blog. It’s a bit hard in the beginning to understand how keywords work and how you should go on picking the best ones but once you get the hang of it it becomes a valuable tool to anyone serious in blogging. Outstanding tools and I wouldn’t be able to work without it.

  71. Dear LeNard,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive post. This is one of the best “very detailed” article on the Jaaxy I came across recently.

    To share my own experience…

    I am a full-time blogger working from home and I am purely/solely relying on organic traffic. So we all know for those who rely on organic traffic… Keyword, keyword research and keyword tool plays a vital role.

    I have 150+ posts on my blog and I have created all my post using Jaaxy and many of my posts are ranking on the first and second pages in search engine. Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool I came across online. And I would say its more than a keyword research tool. Brainstorm Ideas and Alphabet Soup Search Technique are just like icing on the cake.

    The best thing is… Jaaxy is free to try.

    I am a fan of Jaaxy!


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    1. Thank you for the comment, Amod.

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    1. Nuttanee , thank you for the comment. Jaaxy is easy for anyone to use. Make sure to pay attention to the those QSR, KQI

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    1. Hi, Alexandra. Thank you for the comment on my what about Jaaxy review. I to, use the keyword application every day. But, I am guilty of using other keyword suggestion tools. If you want to see how other keyword research tools work, I created a tutorial explaining What’s a Keyword and how to use some of the most popular keyword finders. If you do take a look and have questions, please contact me. God bless. ~LeNard

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    1. Hi, Sanjay, thank you for visiting my website and the comment. Yes if you become a premium at Wealthy Affiliate, you can get the Jaaxy lite free with your WA membership. I will add a section with that information on it.

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