What About Wealthy Affiliate? The Full Disclosure

What About Wealthy Affiliate? The Full Disclosure

Bridging The Gap

What About Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course?

What about Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification course for helping you start your online Christian affiliate marketing business?

You can use it to build your Bible Study Fellowship Groups.

Or, use the services for promoting your existing online business awareness.

There are so many ways to employ Wealthy Affiliate, it’s honest to say it’s countless.

But will Wealthy Affiliate work for you and your business demands?

What About Wealthy Affiliate?

This is a Wealthy Affiliate report that may or may not influence you to join their growing community with over 1.4 million Internet Entrepreneurs.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson. are claiming to offer its member access to “The Most Powerful Online Business Building Community in the World!

Now that’s a bold statement.

You may be shaking your head and thinking, “Another Waste Of Time Review”.

As a matter of experience, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon some articles during your research that is complete garbage.

I pray to God, that He lets me be the one who helps clean it up for you.

If you let me, I’ll show you how I put Wealthy Affiliate and all other reviews to the test.

Wealthy Affiliate Will Be Exposed You!

  • What’s Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons?
  • See if Wealthy Affiliate is Meant for You?
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate High Quality?
  • What About Wealthy Affiliate Easy and Hard Sections?
  • Are There Alternative Solutions to Your Business Problems?
  • How is Seconds 2 Work Using Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course?
  • Do I Have References for Proof of Concept and Services?
  • Read Wealthy Affiliate Members’ Experiences (Good and Bad)
  • Share This Wealthy Affiliate Review With Others.
  • Join Wealthy Affiliate Through Seconds 2 Work Affiliate Link.

“Note to self; Place an image here”

An Interactive Review About Wealthy Affiliate.

My Name is LeNard Simmons. I’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate. And on November 21, 2018, I upgraded my Wealthy Affiliate membership to a yearly payment plan.

I had been on their monthly payment plan for over two years. And besides that, the only add-ons Wealthy Affiliate offers its members is its premium membership. So, it made sense for me to upgrade.

To me, that means no more monthly bill stress hanging overhead.

Also, that could mean spending more time concentrating on developing an online business.

But best of all, I can really try out the plan the way it is meant to be used.

If you wouldn’t mind, please ask questions. Also, leave your comments and opinions relevant to this review in the section provided below.

I want to help in any area I’m capable of. I will be providing answers and demonstrating the process for you to see how Wealthy Affiliate works.

Finally, I going to show you Wealthy Affiliates training resources in detail. And I’ll be sharing advice received by Wealthy Affiliate experts.

And of course, I’ll have the aid of the Holy Spirit to guide me through the process of creating a Christian Home Based Business.

I have faith this review will provide assistant to anyone searching for information to help them make a rational decision, for whether or not to participate in Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Developing Program.

What About Wealthy Affiliate Cons?

If you do join Wealthy Affiliate, there is going to be a lot of involvement required from you;

Some of the work is going, to be honest, hard work. It’s going to require you to do a lot of creative thinking. Inside and outside of the box.

You may find yourself spending hours or days creating plans for your business. Or, deciding on your niche.

And that’s just a couple of elements that hold some of the Wealthy Affiliate members back from their business goals.

You can get frustrated trying to make a decision what direction to take your online business. Especially if you have a tough time stepping outside of your comfort zone.

And then there’s a wide learning curve. And there’s also your level of dedication towards getting your online education.

Your concentration will play a major factor. And there are distractions that will appear from out of nowhere. All kind of reasons, people, and spirits will try to keep you from building your business.

How much serious time are you really willing to put into growing your business? Are your ready to invest 40, 50, 70, or up to 90 hours a week, probably more? 

Do you get scared of your writing, grammar, and stuff, and get stuck? Hey, I’ll let you know right now, It’s Ok two Mess up.

You could lose your patience and step away for your dreams and start doing other things.

Therefore, you may think it’s not worth your money or investment.

It’s ok. No matter what, the decision is always going to be yours to make.

I Hope You Got Skills in Organization! It helps…

Because you will find out about Wealth Affiliate create a tutorial program.

You will experience a feeling of being overwhelmed with information overload.

Free members and premium members alike at Wealthy Affiliate go through this ill feeling, mostly at the start of their learning process. But it can hit you anytime. It fades…

When it does come over you, some folks drop-out, others may procrastinate, or go idle for a long period of time.

But for the members that hang in there, well, that’s an entirely different story.


Review: Wealthy Affiliate Review
Company Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com


FREE: Starter Membership $0

GOOD ~ Premium Membership $49/Monthly

BETTER ~ Six-months Plan Available

BEST Premium Membership $359/Yearly

What About Wealthy Affiliate Pros?

Kyle and Cason the co-owners, they ask you to make a promise to them at the start of the program. It’s definitely required of you to have a never give up attitude

If you have the right mindset, Wealthy Affiliate 50 Lessons, Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses can lead your business in the right direction.

Who Can Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Anyone can join, even grade-schoolers.

Wealthy Affiliate embraces every nationality, age, and belief’s, regardless of their level of knowledge or experiences.

We share ideas in a friendly community that tolerates no spamming or rudeness of any kind.

Wealthy Affiliate is rated #1 in the world for producing more successful Entrepreneur’s from an online business community with its members magically sharing a common goal of running a successful online business helping others.

What Countries Are Restricted?


  • Bangladesh & Egypt
  • Ghana & India
  • Kenya & Morocco
  • Nigeria & Pakistan
  • Philippines & Vietnam

Because there is a lot of fraud and spam coming from the above countries, they are excluded from joining under the Free and Monthly Memberships.

To protect the Wealthy Affiliate community, the above countries are only granted access to the training under the yearly membership plan.

What About Wealthy Affiliate Age Limit?

There are no age restrictions at Wealthy Affiliate, but if you’re under 18, it is a very good idea to let your parents know about your internet activity.

I believe the youngest participant is 13.

However, other affiliate programs may have an age restriction. You will need to check their terms of service for acceptability into their affiliate program.

What About Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options?

Wealthy Affiliate offers its members several ways to participate in the program. I’ve listed all the plans below.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

  1. Free Starter Membership
  2. Monthly Payment Plan
  3. Six-month Payment plan
  4. Yearly Payment Membership Plan


Free Membership Information

The Free Starter Membership: This plan is great for you if you just want to try the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can use it without having to dish out any money.

The free membership is a one-time trial offer.

You will see a banner on your Wealthy Affiliate account offering you an upgrade at $19 for your first-month premium.

What Can Free Members Access?


The Certification course Level 1 is available for free members.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1 is also available for free members.

The first 2 classrooms are available for free members. The Getting Started and the WA Affiliate program. The questions, blogs, and training are just read, free members cannot place comments.

A free member can access the website via the site manager and have 2 free websites.

Site Manager, Site Builder, Site Domains, and Site Content

As a free member, you get access to read all blogs posted on Wealthy Affiliate. You can like blogs, comments, and training by clicking on the like button for that article.

Unfortunately, free members at Wealth Affiliate cannot reply to comments, blogs or training. Nor are free members at Wealthy Affiliate able to create the above elements after the first 7 days.

You can follow other Wealthy Affiliate members. This is a great way for you to build your business knowledge and get ideas and information as a free member.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Getting Started Course can put your online business on a good foundation. Giving it a solid start toward operating a profitable work from home business in any industry or niche or profession.

Recommend For: People wanting to learn how to build a website and online business through marketing and training; one that will give them the returns they are looking without costing them their life savings.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

What About Learning at Wealthy Affiliate?

I wanted to see if Wealthy Affiliate could actually work for me. So, on March 4, 2015, I became a free member.

For one whole year, I did nothing. I didn’t sign-in to my Wealthy Affiliate account again, for over a year.

Like anything new that we humans learn, it can appear to be Overwhelming at First.

Anyone can achieve online success. If you learn how.

Think about it like this;

When you were a much younger person, younger than you are now. You could not even spell your name.

Somewhere, someone must have placed some form of writing tool into your tiny hand. It may have been a crayon, or a pen, or better yet, fingerpaint.

What child does not like fingerpaint?

At first, it was messy. You wrote letters up-side-down and some of them even backward. You drew lines and circles, and squares and all kind of shapes. Your family would try and guess what you had made.

But with guidance and practice, and over time, you were able to take that creative mess and paint a masterpiece, or write that poem, or tell your story, or even start your blogging business.

Why? How were you able to do all that stuff?

You got help.

And so far, my success with building my online business is because I have been taking baby steps with Wealthy Affiliate and the community help.

You can use Wealthy Affiliates’ four-step process to make it easier for your product and service to help more people. Just like I have done with Rank High Studio.

I did not say it will be easy, but with my experience, and Wealthy Affiliate resources, and along with some of the members in the community helping us, it will be easier to reach your goal.

According to the owners, if you follow the Wealthy Affiliate training, you’ll have the basic knowledge and potential to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur.

A piece of Advice #1: Do not be afraid to ask questions!

A piece of Advice #2: Take action on what you learn!

Level 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1

Level 1 of Wealthy Affiliates’ Online Entrepreneur Certification course is free. It’s a 10-lesson tutorial loaded with videos, lesson task, and discussion groups.

Get started with a walkthrough of kyle explaining how to create a successful online business that generates income. The level 1 course is your first step in recognizing your potential as an online business owner.

Kyle welcomes you into the training and walks you through setting up your Wealthy Affiliate account and understanding your membership.

Right off the top, everyone is told that no experience is required. Everything you need to get started with your Internet business is provided within the starter membership.

Including two free websites.

Facts About the Internet

Do you know how many people use the Internet? 

The World Internet Users Statistics and 2018 World Population Stats are out.


Four billion, two hundred eight million, five hundred seventy-one thousand, two hundred eighty-seven Internet Users 🙂

Do you know, a good percentage of those people are using search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo? Best of all, they are mostly looking for a solution to their problems.

I searched for a solution for my income problem and ended up creating Ranking High Studio and Seconds 2 Work from home.

Imagine the percentage of the searcher that could potentially become your customer if your product or service provides the answer to their problem.

“Note to self; Place an awesome image here”

What About Wealthy Affiliate Four-Step Process?

Choose your nicheStep 1:

Choose Your Interest.

Build your Christian Website From HomeStep 2:

Build a Website.

Get Free Website TrafficStep 3:

Attract Visitors.

Earn Income Helping Christians From HomeStep 4:

Earn Revenue.

Understanding How To Make Money Online:

Lesson 2

How to Make Money Online

Financial Goal Setting

Non-Financial Goal Setting

 Like-minded people Networking 

6 way to make money blogging

Join lesson discussions

Choosing a Direction:

Lesson 3

This section is where the course starts gearing up.

Learn about what a niche is and how to pick your niche.

Watch a short video about choosing your niche.

And you’ll want to join in on the discussion which will help you choose a direction for your niche.

Building Your OWN Niche Website

Lesson 4

Step 1: Choose the Kind of Website

Step 2: Choose a Domain

Step 3: Choose a Website Name

Step 4: Choose a Design

Setting Up Your Website

Lesson 5

DISCUSS VIDEO: Setting Up Your Website – The Initial Steps

Task 1: Login Into Your Website Back Office

Task 2: Activate and Update Your Plugins

Task 3: Delete Default Posts, Pages and Comments

Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines

Lesson 6

DISCUSS VIDEO: Setting Your Website Up For Search Engines

Set-up All in One SEO on your site

Creating Your Initial Website Content

Lesson 7

Get help creating quality website content (that gets you ranked in major search engines)

DISCUSS VIDEO: Creating Your Initial Website Content (Framework)

Task 1: Creating Your “About Me” POST

Task 2: Adding Your “Privacy Policy” PAGE

Creating Custom Menus on Your Website

Lesson 8

DISCUSS VIDEO: Creating Custom Menus and Navigation

Create a Menu

Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content

Lesson 9

DISCUSS VIDEO: Keyword Mastery – Keywords are the Foundation of Your Success

Perform 5 different searches using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Congratulations and Your Next Steps

Lesson 10

Read the “Perks of Being Premium at Wealthy Affiliate” blog post

OPTION 1: Join Premium and Unlock All Levels

OPTION 2: If You Are Already a Premium Member, Go to Level 2


This is Fyre from Wealthy Affiliate


Joined January 2015

There are many things I love about WA. Here are the things that brought me here.
1) the free trial which I dug deep into to test things out.
2) I had been so burned before but, instantly realized that “premium” was the only “upsell” it was hard to believe but, I was so grateful!
3) I quickly realized, after being premium for a few months, after my trial that it wasn’t just a fully interactive educational platform but, it was up to the minute info on what is going on in the vast internet world. That was and IS still a huge thing.
4) I was blown away by the mentors here that always answer questions and help solve issues.

No matter what your level of experience in the online world there is something for everyone in the WA.

I have zero intention of ever leaving the WA – simply because it provides me with the latest information of online marketing to keep scaling up my business each and every year and to stay ahead of my competition.

I believe in you

Meet Leoemery, a Wealthy Affiliate Member


Joined June 2012


  1. Hello again LeNard after reading your helpful guidelines for a better future and by providing the means to get there have definitely broaden my narrow vision of perception when it comes to building my own website entrepreneurship. Your consistency and hard work shows within your website. Great stuff! Thank you for the help. Don.

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