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Web Design & Development Service

Would you like a website but don’t want to spend a lot of money?  Do you just need someone to fix a couple of items on your website? Would you like to have someone maintain your website over a period of time? I’m learning a lot about web design and development. I believe I may be able to give you a helping hand.This is a list of services and skills I am capable of performing. While I learn to develop my skill, I will add it to the web design service list down below.

I created a list for you to see what area I’m skilled in. While I learn to develop more skills, I will add it to this web design service list. You can also call me for complete details.

As I learn web design and application development,  I will be creating tutorials and including them here on this website. If you would like to hire me for web designing, development, or Web Maintainance, I’m available. I guarantee my work and price.

Web Design Services

Do you need help coming up with a great domain name? I have access to resources that will help you pick a domain name that will have low competition and high search engine ranking.

I can help you find web hosting that will work for your business needs.

If you need a WordPress website for your business or personal use, I can help you through the process. I can show you how to use the Custom CSS feature inside of WordPress, or I can build your website the way you want it.

Creating Tutorials

I like creating tutorials and showing what new skills I picked up. If you need a tutorial for your website, ebook, or business I can help.


It’s unbelievable how fast I picked up this framework.


I have some understanding of this language from creating WordPress theme, still rusty at it. Cheat Sheets help a lot.


I just played around with it I while creating some sample projects


I know this language well. I can read and write it almost naturally


I’m good at this language, but sometimes I forget rules and have to look them up.


I guess I’m ok with it if I have a good spellchecker. You decide

Search Engine Optimization

On-page and Off-page SEO

Monthly Website Maintenance

What do you need to be done?

Offer Employee’s CMS Training

I can show you and your team how to use WordPress, so you can make changes when you need them.

Marketing and Advertising

Brainstorming real ideas

Keyword Research

I do the research for you


Contact Me Please for Affordable Web Design

Includes Free 30-Minute Phone Consultation

I Guarantee All My Work


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