The Wealthy Affiliate Review ~ by products

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Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Review. What is Wealthy Affiliate? That’s what a lot of my friends and family are asking me. I believe the best way for me to answer this question for you readers would be to provide some product reviews on Wealthy Affiliate, that will break it down explaining what is it you can do with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

This is part 1 of a series of reviews about Wealthy Affiliate University products and services. This product review is on Wealthy Affiliate University Free Online Entrepreneur Certification  Getting Started (Level 1) course. I warn you that I tend to make very detailed reviews, in other words, I try not to leave nothing out of my reviews. So I better get started. Please enjoy.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate University
Price: Free Always
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 95/100

Wealthy Affiliate Review ~ Getting Started

This ten free lessons course is set up to help anyone to get rolling online in an Internet business. Providing enough highly reliable information to start you off on a good solid foundation. I have detailed each lesson included in this course. If you have any questions about any part of this Wealthy Affiliate, please leave them in the comment box below.

To see if this course really works I became a free member on March 4, 2016. According to the owners, if you follow the training listed in the course, you will have the basic knowledge needed and the potential to become a successful Entrepreneur online.


Lesson 1: Getting Rolling

In lesson one, Getting Rolling, Kyle welcomes the new members into the training. Right off the top Kyle lets everyone know that no experience is required, that everything needed to learn about an Internet business is provided within the membership.

You’ll learn how many people use the Internet that could potentially become your client and about the four step process, you’ll use to reach success online. See image below.


Wealthy Affiliate Review


You’ll watch two short videos walking you through the basics of how to use Wealthy Affiliate state-of-the-art, step-by-step training, and support platform; Added in an understanding of your membership, and the setting up your account to increase your social network. You also get join in on the lesson discussion (optional, but highly recommended)


Lesson 2: Understanding How To Make Money Online

In Lessons two Kyle outlines for you the unlimited possibilities of ways you can make money on the Interner. You’ll watch a video detailing how the process works and will have to perform tasks in this lesson:

  1. Financial Goal Setting
  2. Non-Financial Goal Setting
  3. Networking with like minded people
  4. Learn 6 way to make money with your blog
  5. Join in on the lesson discussion (optional, but highly recommended)


I was nervous on this lesson and I wasted to much time making up my mind what my goals were. My suggestion to you is, you should start writing down all of your goals as soon as you decide to become an Entrepreneur and be your own boss; Work from home or start your own business; Share what you love doing or exploring your hobbies.

Lesson 3: Choose a Niche

This is where the course starts gearing up. In lesson three you get to learn what a Niche is, how to pick a Niche and many other interesting facts about Niches. That’s a lot about a Niche in one sentence, right? You also get to watch a short video about choosing your Niche, you’ll want to join in on the discussion which will help you choose a direction for your Niche.

You’ll find extra reading materials written to help you get a better understanding of Niches. Is that a word, Niches?

  1. Ok, I started noticing a bad habit I had at this point in my training; I discovered that I had a procrastination problem and came up with a solution and put it into action. At the six month mark, I started taking it seriously and started my lesson over.  See my action plan below, you may come up with a plan of your own.
  2. Write down everything you like or dislike about anything.
  3. Read every day and write about what you learn.
  4. Tell your closest friends and family members what you’re doing even if it keeps driving them crazy. (trust me you’ll get a great satisfaction from doing this, so just do it)
  5. Write about your experiences as you continue to learn and tell your story along the way.
  6. Accept all feedback, comments, opinions, and subjections from everyone even that of a child. Some of the brightest children have come to the best ideas, so take all into consideration for helping your business grow.
  7. Pray and put your whole heart into making it work for you; By using all the resources that are available to you, whether free of paid just do whatever is legal and never give up working your business six days a week and then you take a break.


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Lesson 4: Building Your Own Website

Ok, in lesson four you get to create and start building your website. To me, this is where the excitement started. For a person just starting off, it may feel scary. Asking lots of questions from here on out should be a requirement, but it’s not.

In lesson four you also learn the difference between a website you own vs. a free website. Wealthy Affiliate offers a Starter member two free websites, but a Premium member (paid membership) get 25 Free Siterubix website and state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line hosting for 25 websites that you own. This gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the program.


What I Did

As you can see I went for it, and as a result, I’m doing what I set out to do. By using all of the provided resources, I have enabled myself to do what I love.

So I started creating my Internet business by building a website where I could make available, reliable expert advice and training to help every men and woman that truly want to push themselves to the limit, by helping other people who truly want to learn a proven we to become a successful Internet Entrepreneurs. That’s an odd but understandable paragraph, I hope.

By the time I got back to this part of the lesson from having to start over,  my mind had exploded and my dreams had expanded, see the list below:

The List

  1. This website which you are on right now is called seconds2work, Your Smart Guide to Internet Success. It’s the front door to some of the world’s greatest minds. You ever heard anyone say, Great minds think alike, you become a product of your environment, and you can’t do it alone? Need I say more?
  2. I am using this site as a testimony of proof, of what I am capable of offering in ways of my website designing, SEO and Keyword Researchwriting, and many other services.
  3. I have never given up on my first passion for doing God’s will and spreading the gospel about his Son, our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ. Sites 4 Christ Project under construction, but in progress. Completed.

Premium Members Get More

Premium members pay a recurring membership fee of $49 a month, but you are allowed  25 free and 25 owned website hosting, email accounts, support and more.

The remainder of lesson 4 helps you choose a domain and explains how to match it to your Niche. There is also a walk-through video showing how to create and set up your website. After the video, you should join the discussion, that’s my recommendation.


Wealthy Affiliate Review


Lesson 5: Setting Up Your Website

Here is where you are going to learn how to set up your website. There is another short video walking you through the setup process. Other materials covered in this lesson are:

  1. How to login to the admin area.
  2. Username
  3. Password
  4. Site Detail
  5. Activate Plugins
  6. Delete post/pages/comments
  7. Join in on the lesson discussion (optional, but highly recommended)


Lesson 6: Getting Your Site Ready For SEO

A short 15-minute video walking you through the process of setting up your website to be search engine ready. This lesson teaches you:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. About Website Ranking.
  3. How to Set Up You SEO All In One Plugin.
  4. Join in on the lesson discussion (optional, but highly recommended)

Lesson 7: Finding Content Ideas From Keywords

Ok, I get scared when I got to lesson seven. I thought I had this fear of writing beat and was over it. As you look around this and my other websites you will discover that I did get pass this lesson. So, don’t fear if you can help it.

In this lesson, you are going to watch a video that will teach you how to master keywords. You’ll learn what a keyword is, how to properly execute keyword research, keyword ranking, targeting keywords, how to use Google to get top ranking and more. See just one of the tools I used in this lesson in the image to your right.


WA Tools

Addition Training Material

Lesson seven truly must be from heaven. It’s loaded with the stuff you need to break the barrier. Using popular a Keyword research tool, and my passion for writing, I was able to produce what I hope is reading materials. I created this post and this website. Some additional knowledge you’ll pick up along the way:

  1. How to perform keyword research.
  2. What a QSR is and how to use it to your advantage.
  3. How to make sense out of keywords.
  4. Find keywords using Google Alphabet Soup.
  5. 3 Keyword related task.
  6. Join in on the lesson discussion (optional, but highly recommended)

Lesson 8: Understanding Website Pages and Creating Your First 3

Here is where you take everything you learned in the previous lessons and put it all together. Only two task to complete in this lesson, getting influence from other websites and creating three draft pages.

Once again I got scared when I saw the word draft pages. When I watched the video in this lesson, I was able to do the lesson in 5-15 minutes. Afterward, I joined in on the lesson conversation.


At This Point

By this point in my training, I had created a habit that is just too hard to give up on. What is that saying you may have heard other people say? If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. So I continue to follow the direction of the program and quickly got it completed. It was like the more I learned the faster I got through each lesson.


Lesson 9: Creating Quality Website Content

This lesson has four tasks:

  1. Learn about creating quality content for your website.
  2. Create your About Me
  3. Create your Private Policy page
  4. Join in on the lesson discussion (optional, but highly recommended)

Another video to make it all easy, nothing to fear. There’s even a Private Policy template that you can copy and paste. Kyle tells you to copy it, so it’s ok.


Lesson 10: Congratulations and Your Next Steps

The final lesson of Wealthy Affiliate University, Online Entrepreneur Certification Getting Started (Level 1) course, is a recap of what you have accomplished so far. There is no video in this lesson and the lesson ends with an offer for you to upgrade to Premium Membership but is not a requirement. You can also join in on this lesson discussion.

Once you have completed the ten lessons of Wealthy Affiliate Getting Started course, you will have the basic knowledge and a solid foundation to be able to operate a successful Internet business.

The Bad

Some people have a hard time writing which could be bad, but I have a solution that is working for me.

  1. I’m reading, writing, and learning every day.
  2. I’m using any resources that I am capable of using; Teachers, Internet, self-help and more.

Niche finding is something some members get hung up on and you read how I got pass that lesson.

Some new members are afraid to ask any questions. I thought I could do it alone and without asking questions, I had to start over which cost time.

A lot of material to go through for someone who is not organized, so I recommend you get with me and I can show you how I file my resources at Wealthy Affiliate for quick access.

After Lesson 10

I hope you find my Wealthy Affiliate review helpful so far. When you finish lesson ten you’ll be looking for more information because it’ll leave you hungry for more knowledge, and in the need to develop your skills on a higher level. I call it a High-end Teaser course that Wealthy Affiliate is giving away for free, just to get you to sign up for the first month for only $19.

The First Month Payment

Wealthy Affiliates $19 first month offer is designed to be a teaser. I say this because Wealthy affiliate gives you a glimpse at their highly reliable resources. This will allow you access to the best experts in their fields who will start right away helping you get to the top from scratch. After the first month, you pay a low monthly Premium Membership of $49. You can create your own training after three months, and get paid for them.

After The First Month Payment

Wealthy Affiliate offers a yearly membership offer for $360 where everything is at your fingertips. Included with the Premium membership is an opportunity for you to create your own training after three months, which you will also get paid to for.

By using the training along with Wealthy Affiliates top rated Internet business community of truly like-minded people, and inputting your ideas and giving your dreams a chance to grow with this program, is proof it works. Wealthy Affiliate promises they can show you and anyone how to become successful at being an Entrepreneur that knows Internet Marketing. 


The Good

A business community mixed with beginners and experts learning together from each other knowledge. VERY GOOD; The business community is there to guide you to your goal, through every lesson, answer every question, provide advice, feedback, comments, and push you as far as you yourself will allow yourself to fight for your dreams.

Support is everywhere inside of Wealthy Affiliate University. My support, the community support, classroom support, expert support, Very GOOD

Did I mention that the 10 lesson is free for life?

Who Can Use This Product?

This product is for anybody with any kind of ideas, that they would like to turn into streams of income. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to take your dreams and achieve Internet success, using their state-of-the-art, step-by-step training platform.

This product is for everybody; If you have the will or the strength;

  1. can follow directions
  2. discipline yourself to work hard
  3. supervise yourself to really work
  4. want to learn the Internet industry
  5. don’t quit easily
  6. want to learn how to earn an income online
  7. work from home
  8. meet new people

This program will work for you if you put your heart and head into it.

FREE For Life ~ Wealthy Affiliates Starter Membership is 100% free for life, plus no credit card is needed to sign up.

Wealthy Affiliate Review ~ My Thoughts

I started off with the free starter membership and switched over to the premium membership once I reached the end of this free starter membership.

My Lack Of Communication

I also ended up starting over because I was not involving myself in the community. As a result of lack of communication on my part, my business was suffering.

My website which I have named seconds2work, The smart Guide to Internet Success, and as you see it today, is the result of me using the training and the tools offered by Wealthy Affiliate University. I completed the Full Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses and do endorse this product.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Follow Me

If you are following me, you probably see a mass improvement in my work so far. I’m using the resources given to me and you will see more improvements to come.

I would love the opportunity to help you get an understanding of how to make money online. I will help you choose your Niche and set up your website. We’ll be able to build your website, which is more fun than trying to do it on your own.

This concludes The Wealthy Affiliate Review

Try It Free No Credit Card Needed

Wealthy Affiliate Review


That’s all for now if you like the post, kindly hit the like button and share it with anyone you can think of that will benefit from it. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section down below.


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4 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Review ~ by products”

  1. Thank you, Sondra, for visiting this post, as you can see I’m using the product and resources offered to me. My business continues to grow as a result of it.

    I still have some ways to go and mistake in grammar to fix along the way, but my point is if a person gets started working on their business, after a short time their business will start working for them. All it take is the right surrounding. Wealthy Affiliate offers it all.

    Just because you joined under someone else, don’t think I’m not going to help you reach your goals. I’ve learned that at Wealthy Affiliate when they say that you will be helped they mean it, and so do I.

    I’m here for you when you need me thank you and God bless.

  2. LeNard,

    This is a very detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate program. As you say, it has many, many tools available for premium members.

    I think that the support and motivation that comes from the WA Affiliate community is possibly the most valuable part of the membership that can not be replicated or purchased any where else.

    Grace and Peace,

  3. Thank you. For stopping by. I’m hoping a lot of people get to see how valuable the starter program really is. I’m trying to show that it’s more than just your basic online education.

    By doing a live case study, maybe more people will be eager to go after their dreams. Get a team going. The Dream Team.

    thank for the comment.
    LeNard seconds2work

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