The Wealthy Affiliate Review – What is Niche Marketing About?

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Review: Wealthy Affiliate Review
Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Free Offer: Free Starter Membership $0
Price: Premium Membership $49/Month / $359/Year
Overall Ranking: 97 out of 100
Recommend For: Anyone wishing to learn the right way to build a website, one that will give them the results they a looking for from an Internet business.

Reason for this Wealthy Affiliate Review

This is a Wealthy Affiliate Review to assist any reader needing information to make a reasonable decision, to participate in the Wealthy Affiliate Website Developing Courses.

This is an interactive review, meaning I am an active Premium member as of April 4, 2016. I have been taking full advantage of all the training, resources, and expert advice that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. I’m performing what I learn from Wealthy Affiliate and building my own websites with the help of the experts.

I am using my own Internet business as a fair assessment to see if Wealthy Affiliate is legit or a scam. Today is December 15, 2016, let’s begin The Wealthy Affiliate Review: What is Niche Marketing About?


Who Can Join Wealthy Affiliate?

At Wealthy Affiliate University hundreds of new members are signing up daily and starting their training on how to build a successful Internet business. The course is called, Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification, and it’s taught by some of the most authoritative experts in the Internet industry, from all over the world.

Wealthy Affiliate embraces every nationality, age, and belief’s regardless of their level of knowledge and experiences. We share ideas in a friendly community that tolerates no spamming or rudeness of any kind. Wealthy Affiliate is rated #1 in the world for producing more successful Entrepreneur’s from an online business community with its members magically sharing a common goal.


Shared Common Goal

  • Quickly, setting up their Wealthy Affiliate account immediately after signing up.
  • Completing as many of the training courses and asking tons of questions in their first 7 days.
  • Learning from specialist and professional, duplicating what they learned to achieve their success online.
  • Generating multiple streams of Income from their online business.
  • Paying It Forward – Teaching and helping other like-minded individuals reach their goals.

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone that is serious about learning how to build and run a successful profitable online business. The training will work for anyone that can follow simple step-by-step instructions and ask questions.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review; Something Completely Different

Different are the owners of the most engaging and helpful online business community on the Planet. Kyle and Carson are their names and they are regularly seen out in the Wealthy Affiliate community chat room, helping members like you and me with small and the big problems, helping at any time of the day and even late night.

Different is the Wealthy Affiliate platform, designed to work anywhere you can get an Internet connection, across different devices like your laptop, PC, or even a smartphone.

Wealthy Affiliate offers two membership options to its members before joining. The Wealthy Affiliate membership packages are different compared to what other affiliate programs have to offer their members.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you get the option of becoming a Free Starter member and at any time you choose to become a Paid Premium member it’s easy to upgrade. See the chart below to compare the difference in the membership levels.


What is Niche Marketing About?

The definition of Niche marketing according to Oxford Dictionary is the business of promoting and selling a product or service to a specialized segment of a market. To help you to get a better understanding of what is Niche marketing about, I have a short 14:00 video for you to watch. Enjoy the show. Sorry, no popcorn with this video.


Wealthy Affiliate Review


Don’t Make The Mistakes I Made!

Don’t want you to waste your time by just jumping right in. Take a couple of deep breaths and let them out slowly, good. Don’t make the same mistakes I made when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, as a Free Starter member.

  1. I spent too much time setting up my Wealthy Affiliate profile and introducing myself to the community. Your profile will help the other students who wish to follow you know who you are and a little about you.
  2. I never used the Live Chat feature during my seven-day free trial, which is designed to get you quick answers to any questions that you have. Let’s say you are on lesson 4 and you’re not understanding how to complete the assignment. All you have to do is click on the Live Chat button and ask the community for help. 
  3. I didn’t take advantage of the 1-on-1-Coaching whenever I was confused. The 1-on-1 coaching is designed to keep you moving in the right direction.
  4. I didn’t follow the training as it was designed to be taken therefore,  I was not seeing the results I wanted to receive, so I stopped working on my business for a year.

Wealthy Affiliate Review ~ Warning on Procrastination ~

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you’ll receive as a Starter member only seven Days of instant access to Live Help which is available 24 hours a day, you also get 1-on-1-Coaching, after seven days they go bye bye.

The first thing I subject that you do is set up your account by filling out your profile and add your photo. It’s as easy as setting up your account profile for Facebook or any other social media website.

After you set up your profile introduce yourself to the other students in the community and start your training, don’t forget to ask questions and ask them as you go through the training lessons. Use the 1-on-1-Coaching. Make sure you ask a lot of questions but DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

Ok, we can stop pretending now and get back to the review.  I just felt like I needed to get that important information to you. Seven days can go by quickly.


Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Offers More

Free Starter Membership:

  • Live Chat Help – If for any reason you have any questions at any time, Wealthy Affiliate want you to ask for help. 24/7 you will get help and sometimes within seconds or within a few minutes. This is free to all starter members for the first seven days only.
  • 1-on1-coaching – You will get Help With Any Questions and Lessons as a free member. You get Premium membership Support for the first seven days Free as a Starter Member.
  • As a starter member, you’ll receive 2 Free Web sites. The website builder tool you’ll use to create your own website is WordPress. These days WordPress is the most useful website builder on the Internet. It is easy to use and with only 3 clicks, within about 30 seconds, you’ll have a fully functional beautiful website. You get 12 free Themes to customize your website.
  • Your Websites will be secure and Hosted on Wealthy Affiliate, SiteRubix state-of-the-art Platform. 


Yes, there’s more

  • You’ll receive access to Level 1 (10 FREE Lessons) Getting Started; The Online Entrepreneur Certification training. The course will take you step-by-step, show how to set-up your website to position you for Internet success. 
  • All members get their own Personal Wealthy Affiliate Blog for posting at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Starter members have access to Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1 (10 FREE Lessons). Affiliate Bootcamp offers a way for you to learn as you earn.
  • Video Walk-Throughs -Learn how to Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership
  • Classroom training – You get access to two classrooms, which provide what you need to complete your lessons.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool – You will get 30 Free Searches for Researching the Competition. Use this tool to find keywords high in searches and low competition and shorten your research time.

Your Wealthy Affiliate membership comes with a free Keyword Research Tool, you’ll also have access to Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool – You’ll receive 30 Free Jaaxy Keyword Searches. Use them to research for high search volume and low competition keywords and to check keyword ranking.


check keyword ranking


Use Jaaxy for Leverage

Sign up and compare other keyword tools to Jaaxy. Jaaxy is very powerful. It helped to keep several of my pages on this website on the first pages of major search engines. Some even at position one, now for months. Click the link in the above paragraph for proof.

This Wealthy Affiliate Review in it fullest

Premium Membership: Becoming a Premium Member grants you full access to all four level of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification course, plus you receive all seven phases of Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp course.

Wealthy Affiliate offers their Premium Member a lot more education and resources that they can apply to their business to ensure Internet success.


What A List

  1. Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification – Full Access to all 7 Levels.
  2. You get Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp – Full Access to all 7 Phases.
  3. Upgrading to Premium Membership within your first seven days.
    1. First Month Premium Membership is only $19.00.
    2. The Second Month Premium Membership is only $49/Month.
    3. Yearly Premium Membership is only $359/Yearly.
  4. Use the Private Message to Message the owners or anyone in the community, to ask for help. You get 24 hours access to this feature.
  5. 25 Free SiteRubix Websites for Wealthy Affiliate premium members, with hosting included.
  6. 25 website that you purchased (own) can be hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform with a premium membership.

There is More to My Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Discussions 10’000s going on in the community right now.
  2. Live Video Classes Every Friday.
  3. 12 Training Classrooms for learning SEO, Website designing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, and much more.
  4. Unlimited Searches with Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool.
  5. Website Feedback and Website Comment Platform – This will give you the information you’ll need to make sure your website is to the customers liking.
  6. 1000’s of Training Modules and growing every day. You get paid to create your own training at Wealthy Affiliate, we show you how.
  7. Task Based Courses. -Complete all Task to Complete The Course
  8. Website Support 24/7/365
  9. Website Analysis – Helps you understand how your website is performing
  10. How would you like Access to Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool? Wealthy Affiliate has its own keyword research tool
  11. Wealthy Affiliate has a link to  Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool – You’ll get 30 Free Searches to research for high search volume and low competition keywords result. 


The Benefits of Being a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

Let’s say that you have a local business that you are trying to increase sales for or trying to get new customers. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build a new website or fix your old one. Learn how to optimize your post. This will help it remain on the first pages of the major search engines. That would mean you would get more customers, which in return would increase your business revenue.

Becoming a Premium member with Wealthy Affiliate will put you in the position to have in your reach, all the resources you will ever need to completely build and run a successful Internet Business from the comfort of anywhere you like.

  • It’s free to join for a  starter membership (Limited Access)
    • I recommend everyone start here, after seven days you may know if Wealthy Affiliate is the right place for you.
  • The cost for a Premium membership which will give access to everything.
    • Monthly Premium Membership $49 recurring monthly.
    • Yearly Premium Membership $359 recurring yearly.
    • $49 x 12 months = $588
    • Yearly Premium Saving = $229


Wrapping Up My Wealthy Affiliate Review

I don’t think Wealthy Affiliate missed anything.  Wealthy Affiliate really cares that their students get an excellent education. They giving their students access to the best trainers and resources in the industry.

You will be given support and training from the owners. We have a growing community of over 800,000 Internet Entrepreneur’s, willing to help. Everyone should go after their dreams, with the intention to create and inspire new dreams and build new successful online and local businesses.

I hope I gave you enough information to enable you to make a clear decision. This concludes The Wealthy Affiliate Review – What is Niche Marketing About?

The Best Way to Start a Small Business Online  ~ Click Here ~

I’m about to start writing reviews on every product that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. The reason is to show that I’m using the product and that it’s working.  If at any time you have and question, please contact me.

That’s all for now if you like the post, kindly hit the like button and share it with anyone you can kink of that will benefit from it. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section down below.


Please share this post

14 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Review – What is Niche Marketing About?”

  1. Thank you, Nemira, for your testimony. You’re right, Wealthy Affiliate is very transparent with it’s training, support and the entire program.

    One of the many things I like about Wealthy Affiliate, it allows it members to create their own training which has a positive impact on the system. It keeps fresh content pumping onto the training system, allowing a person to earn from their own created work.

    Who likes doing work they don’t find appealing. Wealthy Affiliate allow you to do what you love and make money while you are learning. I like teaching, so I’m in the right place at the right time.

    Have you seen the any of the news media reports? They’re all saying the same thing about 2017 the world will see an increase in Entrepreneurship. More people will stop working hard for someone else and start their own businesses.

    All those people will be looking for someone to mentor them, they will be looking for a place that will teach them the ins and outs of Internet marketing, website development and many other areas.

    The price is awesome at $49 a month or $359 a year, who can beat that with all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

    Nemira, thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments. You have a great weekend and my God bless you.

  2. Good Afternoon, Keith, thank you for the visit.

    I’ve searched the Internet looking for a similar program which offers as much for a fair price. After nine months I gave up my search. I have not been able to find another Internet marketing company willing to give away so much support. I say give away because the owners could easily charge a lot more.

    I tell you I’m happy here, I consider Wealthy Affiliate my home, the members my brothers and sisters. They have help me in more way than they know. After years of trying to become a successful business owner (Entrepreneur) I discovered the solution.

    Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate will allow premium members hosting for up to 25 domains that you own. The SSL is free to all personally owned domains. You will also receive 25 free SiteRubix websites to help with your business.

    Keith, was I able to answer your question? If you would like, I can help you get signed up.

    Thank you and God bless.

    I added a link to a post about Wealthy Affiliate hosting

  3. Hello here. Thanks for providing the information about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great company which is real, legit and transparent.
    I do not know any place where would be so much support from WA community members and the amount of knowledge.
    The knowledge is constantly renewed because online world constantly changes.
    The payment pro year is reasonable. I do not know any educational institution with tuition of 359 dollars per year.
    What I like about Wealthy Affiliate that people can choose the niche which is close to their heart. For example, if I am a horse person, I can create a website about horses and share my knowledge about them.
    How to create a website, you will learn becoming a WA member.
    Thanks for the good read, all the best, Nemira.

  4. This was a very good and thorough review. I like how much the wealthy affiliate community has to offer at such a great price. Do they host as many domains as you would like? Because if so that alone is worth the money for being a part of the community. I have been involved with lots of online groups but it looks like the ongoing support of this community is invaluable.

  5. Thank you for stopping by and leaving you comments. I was going to ask for some WA members to leave their testimonies about how the program is working for them, but it looks like great minds think alike. Maybe I should make my site a how side source for affiliate to seek help for their Affiliate programs. Got me thinking.

    Wealthy Affiliate is move you by delivery on the promise. We are helping more people to realize their online potential. Now with all the new talking about how the members of congress are going to be encouraging the nations to get up and move on their dreams. This is the place to be for 2017. What is your thought on the subject?

  6. Hey LeNard,
    Awesome Wealthy Affiliate review, I’ve been a member for 2 years and I can definitely say that its the best online business platform to date.

    They keep adding more features into their system and recently, the SSL and domain registrar feature is a deal sealer, especially for newbies because they are literally becoming a one-stop provider for us to kickstart our journey online.

    Highly recommended for those serious in building a second income stream!

  7. That’s right Ryan, Just by spending time working their business, a person could work up a nice income over time.

    I worked my business and a part time job until I started my local SEO services. Now I work only My business. I put in a lot of hours, but I’m talking to new client several times a week. Getting ready to put my services on my website over the next couple of days. I got some post I have to work on correcting, so I will talk yo you later. thank you for sharing God bless

  8. Thank you Robin, For visiting and reading the post, I’m learning something new everyday with WA, I really love it here. I like sharing what I’m learned. Hope it’s helpful to you.

    I joined SFI back in the 90s I and learned a lot from them, But I was young in the mind and gave up. I tried to rejoin two years ago and couldn’t remember my account number. I was told if I could remember it I could jump back in. I had to sign up with a new account, I just have not got around to looking at it again. I have fun here at WA.

    Are you a member of WA or would you like to see how WA can help your SFI business? It’s working for me as you can see. Let me know, I will help you to get started.

    Thank you for the comments Robin.

  9. Hi Josephine, how you been? You can learn a lot in three week while at Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been a premium for almost a year now and I’m still learning something new every day. I took me over three months to decide if I should upgrade, I’m glad I did It was $47/Month when I joined, It’s $49 now. Even with the priced going to $49 I still pay $47, and it a offer I can’t find any where else online.

    The community is has helped me to come out of my shell, to stop being afraid of success. You think it’s working? We just add free SSL hosting, with more great stuff to come. This is a great place. By the way look around see what I’ve done so. I’m working on a killer hosting training right now, I saw I had another comment, thought I would take a break and answer a few of them. Thank you for sharing, God bless and enjoy your day.

  10. I have been doing online marketing for many years, with out much success. Until I joined Wealthy Affiliate, they provided me with information that I dint even know existed. I get asked all the time how much someone could earn using Wealthy Affiliate’s system and honestly the earning potential is limitless.

  11. Hi LeNard! I do not believe I’ve ever seen such a comprehensive review in all my life. I’ve been back and forth about Wealthy Affiliate and have certainly done my homework. It looks like you’ve actually gained some experience and expertise. Have you actually joined SFI? I’m actually a member. You do get websites if you sell products, but I know it’s not the same as what Wealthy Affiliate offers. I’m glad I stopped by. I think your article pushed me over the edge (finally)!

  12. Thank you so much for this review. I have been with WA for a little over three weeks now, and I can say it was well worth the money once I decided to upgrade to premium. I have learned so much from the community, and I continue to be excited about the coming changes ahead with building my blog. I highly recommend WA to anyone who is interested in having their own only business.

  13. Hi A Habil, thank you for reading this review, As you can see I try not to leave any information out.

    You mentioned that you have tried other programs before. Would you mind tell me which programs they were and how did it work out for you? Are you still affiliated with them?

    The reason I ask is because, Wealthy Affiliate truly has what you will need to reach your goal, other online training are not willing to offer their members what I’ve receive for WA.

    1. Support – 24/7 Live Chat free for all Premium Membership members. (starter membership members will have the opportunity to try the Live Chat free for seven days only.)

    Private Message lets you contact any other Premium Member for assistant.Discussion are encouraged before, during, and after each lessons.1 on 1 private coaching for added support.Business phone number and private email address used to get even more extra support, for within the course you have signed up under. (This not offered by WA, I added this in to ensure anyone I invite to WA will be able to contact me personally if ever need, for whatever reason)

    2. Profits, Earning, and Investment – As with any business your profits and earning will depend on many factors. A Habil, how much time are you willing to invest into building your business? How strong is your desire to succeed?

    Cost to join is free for the starter membership (Limited Access to Training Material)I recommend every one start here, after seven days you will know if this is the right place for you.Cost for a Premium membership which will give access to everything.Monthly Premium Membership $49 recurring monthly.Yearly Premium Membership $359 recurring yearly.$49 x 12 months = $588Yearly Premium Saving = $229

    3. The amount you earn really depends all on you. It not an overnight process, but getting started now and planting your seed, you’ll be learning, researching and working your business everyday. You can and you will start to see progress happening. I can’t tell you how much you will make personally, but I can tell you it will be more than a person who wants change and does nothing to make it happen.

    Wealthy Affiliate offer the tool you’ll be able to use to help you reach your goals. I’m just an extension of their resources, I here to help show you your choices and to guide you to your goal.

    Just a Few Way to Earn Money at Wealthy Affiliate:

    After three months as a Premium member you’ll be give the option to create your own training. Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate Bootcamp you will be trained to offer WA services to other like minded people. This is great for anyone joining the program without a Niche.Selling your own product(s) you bring it we’ll show you how build a website to get your product sold.Invitation income will allow you to invite people to the Wealthy Affiliate program, when your invitee joins and set up their WA account along with their profile, you will receive income based on your membership level. This offer is great for getting some quick cash.

    A Habil, I thought you said that I was thorough with my review. Look at all the items I should have added to this review. LOL, I went wrote a book.

    I hope I was able to answer all of your questions, if you’re ready to get started please call me at 615-953-1090. This way I can wall you through the process.

    Here is the link to Join for Free.

    Thank you A Habil, I’m here for you.

  14. Hi, this is a very thorough review.
    My question is, how long will I get my first profit?
    How much work do I really need to put into it and what is the normal earnings from this work?

    I’ve tried some other progams before but WA seems better with the support its offer. Thinking about signing up, and this review definitely make it easier for me to make the decission

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