Seconds 2 Work is Selling Sleep

The Year I Earned Over $86,900 Selling Sleep

I used to work as a professional salesman, selling sleep. My commission earnings were over $86,900, and I accumulated all that cash in under 9 months, my first year on the job.

That year, it was unbelievable. I had to put in a lot of hard work, long hours, and I even missed out on some family gatherings, major holidays, plus friends time.

We were all happy when my vacation time came around, though. I took the whole family and a couple of really close friends on our very first luxury cruise.

All inclusive, I didn’t know that meant including the sea-sickness and almost getting left behind in a foreign country. They should make it mandatory that everyone takes a foreign language in school.

By the way, the Spanish we speak in America does not work that great in Spain. But you’re not here to read how I got lost in Spain.

I promised you a story about the year I earned Over $86,900 Selling Sleep. And you’re expecting to see how I did I it, right? I better start from the beginning.

Selling Sleep for Good Reasons

The year was 2002.  I had resigned from a few employers because we could no longer see eye to eye. Our expectations concerning what was expected of an employer and from an employee, that contract could not be met. So, I fried them and gave myself a raise.

I was fed up with working hard for established companies only to end up holding the nasty end of the plunger. Don’t miss understand me, I’m not afraid of work. It just that, I’ve worked for too many companies that if they could pay you less then minimum wage, they would.

it on a stick and a mouth full of flies

Bravely, I walked away from all the promises or should I say lies.

I was finished, fed-up, completely done with upper management using me, allowing me to make them richer. I was off to find a better way.

Extra, Extra, LeNard Selling Sleep

I decided I would become a professional salesman – I would use some of the skills and knowledge I’ve learned in my yesteryears.

I’m going to be selling sleep, WOW! Someone who sells Kingsdown mattresses.

Selling Sleep to the Movie Camara

A few friends and I, we found out about this company that was just about giving away their money. Giving it away in high commission payouts, to their professional salesperson.

The catch was that they were only selecting extra-ordinary talented sellers.

We had to go through three interviews, and a vigorous background-check, plus drug check(s).

After the personality psychology tests, if you were skilled enough to get selected; We got to attend and participate in a six week filmed, role-playing training course. Goooolly! (say it like Gomer Pyle) I’m going to film.

The Rules of Selling Sleep

Four weeks later, I hit the sales floor in a hunter green suit and men’s patterned tie. The kind of like the suit I’m in, in the image on the sidebar of this website.

I looked and felt like a millionaire, back in my younger years.

I called it my money suit.

The clock was ticking…

No more than five minutes after hitting the sales floor on my first day approaches another salesperson, to inform me of the rules of selling sleep.

Don’t expect to make the kind of money we make around here, until you’ve been here at least a year. Also, rookies have a choice for the first three months to split their commission’s sales, choose now, you’ll up first.

He said what he needed to say with a smirk on his face:)

Yea right, I’ll take my chance, I thought to myself. “I choose not to split,” I said with a nervous look on my face ):

The first patron walks in, I gave him a friendly welcome and asked if he needed a moment to look around. He said yes, so I thought I would give the customer some space.

The other sales person asked what the F**k  I was doing, go sell a mattress, don’t let him walk.

Rookies, that was my thought.

I waited five more minutes, to the seconds. I took three good breaths, then I made my approach.

The Approach to Selling Sleep

I engaged the customer, told him my name was LeNard and that I sold the best sleep in town. The customer looked at me and laughed, right in my face. I didn’t mind. I expected.

He told me that he only had $500 to spend. He was looking to get a queen size mattress, a new box spring, a frame, plus delivery. And no, removal would not be needed.

“I want a lot for $500.” He said to me.

I asked him “Do you mind if I ask you a few questions”?

When I heard his answers to my questions, I discovered that he had a name, it’s Mike.

I learned that Mike is enjoying living a single life. He’s got no kids, is about 5’11” in height and was tossing and turning on a mattress set that was only 2 years old. Mike had purchased his fairly new mattress from a popular name store.

LOL! He called that sleeping.

Selling Sleep Becomes Personal

Mike weighed at 170 pounds and was sleeping on a firm mattress.  He had neck stiffness and back pain. His arm would go completely numb when he slept on his side.

He stated he had aches all over and was tired of flopping around like a fish out of the water. Again, he called that sleeping.

I looked Mike straight in the eyes and said, “where and when would you like to  have the delivery of your custom sleep suit?”

He asked me if I was new, because I haven’t shown him a single bed and that I’m in a hurry to get to his money.

Once again, I just listened to the point where he started to walk away and I said.  “Mike, I’m not selling you a bed, I’m helping you to invest in some exceptional night sleep. I’m selling sleep, please follow me”.

Making a Lifetime Friend Selling Sleep

The Pre Close

Mike followed as I led him to a mattress set we can call it mattress set 1.

It was a handmade plush mattress, that came with a 25-year warranty,  designed for his body type. He sat on the bed edge and rejected it. He didn’t even lay down, just set on it for about 45 seconds. His mind, it was made up in that short span of time.

If he only knew better, he would do better, were my thoughts.

I then took him to a firm mattress, he sat on it, laid down and said I like this one. “Where and when would you like to have me delivered it”? I asked him.

Selling Sleep With a Nap Close

Mike and I walked toward my showroom work desk, so I could close the deal. But rather than have him sit in the chair at the desk, I asked Mike to lay down on a bed similar to mattress number 1. I informed him I had to get the rest of the paperwork together. And that it would take about 10-15 minutes.

I came back about fifteen minutes later and had to wake sleepy Mike up. He looked at me all blurry eyes and asked me, what happened.

So I said to Mike. ” Follow me and I’ll tell you.”

I’m not like any other sleep consultant… I’m selling sleep, the last store sold you a mattress. They gave you what you wanted. I’m going to show you what you need.

Caring About Selling Sleep or Anything

There are people out there who just don’t have the time for whatever reason, to perform meticulous research on the key items before making a major purchase decision.

I like to take the time and find out what I can about an item that I’m selling or buying. Why? Because I get to be a teacher to the customer. I get to answer their questions and  I get my chance to show off my skills.

I believe most customers like to know as much as they can about what they are about to spend their hard-earned money on.

Selling Sleep or Anything is About Being Honest

I also know there are salesmen who can’t wait to get their hands in the customer pocket, by making the customer buy something that will do the client no good.

As a professional salesman, I have to keep my mouth shut and my ears open. This way I can focus on what my clients want when I’m building their websites.

Selling Sleep is About Sharing

Mike ended up spending over $1500 in two visits and he made a purchase for his mother.

I never saw Mike much after his purchases, but for a while, people told me “Mike sent me, said to ask for Leo”

He sent me plenty of clients over the years, he never purchased another bed from me.  I think that’s a good thing, right?

Believe it or not

Now you know about the year I made over $86,900 selling sleep and how I earned it.

Did You Like My Selling Sleep Experience?

Have I told you the story about how I went from selling sleep to working my own business? I still writing it. You are more than welcome to be a part of my uplifting motivational short stories.  Ask me how.

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  1. Great story, and it’s so true about helping people and teaching them how to make an informed decision. I have been tossing and turning for years if only I would have run into you at the sleep store. I am with you, a good salesperson will solve your problem, not just sell you a product.

    1. Hi, Steve, thank you for leaving a comment. It pays to listen because it helps you find a solution that will last for a long time.

      If you call me I can give you some tips on how to purchase your next mattress.

  2. LeNard,

    You are a very good writer. Your story makes me think of a couple of points that is useful in business.

    First – sales people should try to be consultants rather than someone trying to convience someone to buy a product.

    Second – Your success is not because you were able to convience someone to buy a matress set. Your success was because you were able to listen to your customer and to help the customer get what they really wanted: a good night’s sleep.

    I’d like to offer my best wishes and prayers that 2017 will be a very prosperous year for you because you will be helping numerous people achieve business success.

    1. Thank you Sondra. As you can see I am working on building my business every day. I’m no longer selling sleep, but now offer a way for people to do what they love and at the same time I’m doing what I love. Helping people find joy from their Internet Business.

      It’s a lot of learning, but well worth it. It’s like having a job where you work for someone else that give you paid training. The only difference in this case, you learn while you are earning for your business.

      Thanks for visiting, and if I can help you with anything please contact me.

  3. I like the reviews and breakdown of the WA certification and what was included in the free and premium. There is a lot of information and it might be nice to package it in smaller pieces broken up into different pages. Eg one page dedicated to free membership benefits and a nether for premium. etc….otherwise again informative. Oh check for typos.

    1. Thank you Terry, your feedback is noted and welcomed. Great minds must really think alike, I say this because back in November I started working on breaking the reviews down into Products, which I named The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews, by-products

      My goal is to continue learning and improving, and I’m going to keep building a place where Entrepreneurs from all walks of life can come to obtain the best knowledge, that will help them reach a level in their life and help them to also feel successful. Wealthy Affiliate is just one of the tools I utilize in my belt the helps me reach some of my goals.

      If there is anything that I can do to help you with Terry, in reaching your goals, please feel free to ask me, I would love to help.

  4. Hi LeNard, this was quite an engaging post. In this day and age, it’s hard to find an honest sales man like you. What a customer (in a store) needs, is not a salesman, but an honest guidance or an investment adviser, as you’ve been to Mike to help invest in products that offer value to them that at least match their expectation if not exceed expectations.

    1. Thank you Carthik, for your comments and visiting Customer want to be treated with respect, they want a salesperson who is going to listen to their needs and offer the right solution to their problem.

      What I’m finding out is that there’s a slight difference between having customers come to my website over walking into a store, but the solution are usually the same, offering the same results and benefits but without the face to face communication which I really miss.

      I like to offer all customers a VIP treatment, get to know them personally and letting them get to know me. It’s funny, but most of my customers have become my friends. In my eyes this is a great relationship because the customer know if they have a problem, they can call on me for an answer. Who does not like being needed? It’s a good feeling knowing people will come to you for answers. I like helping get what they want.

      Thank you, Carthik, God bless you and have a safe New Year celebration.


  5. Thank you for a truly interesting article, LeNard 🙂

    It was engaging to read about your past experience. And you hit the nail on the head – more often than not, salesmen are just so annoying. You are not in when they are already approaching you. Sometimes (only because of that) I have turned around and walked away.

    I liked the way you did it – giving your prospective customer some space (that 5 minutes). I learned the lesson here (not that I did not know it but it became a kind of “rhema” again 🙂

    Thank you sir 🙂

    1. Hi Mr Sarv, thank you for reading the article. Were you able to find the information you were looking for today?

      Sorry to hear that you’ve had some bad experiences with a salesperson. I have seen too many greedy salesperson upset the customer to the point they do leave. You best believe they find what they’re shopping for in an environment where they feel less pressure.

      Way to many retailer ask their associates to pounce on the customer as soon as they walk in the door. I think this is wrong, a friendly hello and asking the customer if they would like some to look around and get an idea of what we have to offer is not to much to ask. I have been told by plenty of customers that they like my style and would make a great manager.

      I hope to be able to bring my style to my online business. It’s just not the same as being face to face with the customer.

      If you have any questions, I would love to answer them for you. Were you looking to get a website built or join our development classes? I can help if needed.

      Thank you and God bless you.


  6. Lenard
    If you can sell sleep you can sell anything. That was a very entertaining story as very well as encouraging. You can’t always follow the status quo, you must find what work’s for you. It’s a reminder that hard work pays off, listening to others is a skill we always want to express our opinion. Very good post

    1. Hi Ron, Thank you for stopping by and reading this post and I am happy that you found it encouraging. Some time we all need to run across thing the will encourage us to try something new, or changing things up. I’m not the kind of person that can just sit still, I’m always looking for new thing to learn that I can use to help others.

      I would like the opportunity to help you with your needs, If you are ready to start your own business or would like to try our starter program to see if this is something you could do for the rest of your life, I would like to help you get signed up.

      Did you have any questions that I have not answered? Are you ready to get started today?

  7. Thanks Lenard for the great article you have found the crucial skills it takes to be a great salesman. You listen more than you speak. You see I say this because the man upstairs gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Reason being to be use in that portion. Listen twice as long as you speak and you will succeed.

    1. Hi Tim, thank you for visiting my website and reading this post. Yes the good Lord gave us two ears, because he knew we were going to be nothing but hard of hearing.

      I believe a good salesperson will take the time to listen to the customer needs. We can provide a better service to our customers when we hear what they are asking for. If we know what they want we are in a much better position to offer the right information that will help the customer.

      Give the customer what they need and you’ll have a customer for life.

      Tim, have you been looking to get started in a business of you own? If you’re ready to get started I will be able to assist you in many areas. If you have any questions or need more information, I can answer them for you.

  8. Fascinating, thanks for sharing this LeNard, your a true salesman i can tell in your words, and i have to say there are some similarities between us – i have now 3 times in my life, walked out of companies that congratulated all my hard work for them making them rich, while you get a slice way to small for your efforts. Then at some point, you catch these big companies red-handed with some massive false promises.

    Anyway I’m rambling here lol – I think you did the right thing grabbing your destiny with your own hands, and your clearly a successful person now 🙂

    1. Not trying to pat myself on the back, but yes, I worked hard to get where I’m at today. I’m doing this to help others get to a level in their life and career where they also can feel like they have an influence, in helping others or themselves.

      As long as we keep allowing employers to control our income, when we can spend time with family and friends, when we can take our vacation and etc. we will alway be the loser. Not a loser, but on the losing side. It’s time we take back our lives, 2017 is the year for Entrepreneurs to rise and shut the hog bosses down.

      I have vowed to never be a part of their broken system. As I continue to build up my business I expect to see more people standing with me; we’re leading the way and bring down the bosses one hog at a time.

      Now I’m rambling, but I have so much to say on this subject. Marley, I would like if we can keep the line of communication open.

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