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ATTENTION>> BETA VERSION: This Product is for Solopreneurs Who Conveniently Want to Market Their Digital Products & Services Online …

The Smart Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Solopreneurs

The Smart Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Solopreneurs... 

Don’t underestimate the money-making power a Solopreneur can get from affiliate marketing and what you’re about to read.

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 GOAL:  Create COMPELLING, HIGH-CONVERTING MARKETING FUNNELS that turns your site visitors into leads, clients and online sales.

Help you MAKE them... help you USE them... help you COMBINE them into a digital delivery system, with REAL-WORLD PROJECTS, and all sort of profit-producing income streams.

Even If You’ve Never Sold ANYTHING Online Before.

Building Trust in Affiliate Marketing is the Key Element Whether You’re Trying to Get people to:

  • Buy one of your products or services

  • Follow you on social media like LinkedIn

  • Join your membership or club

  • Read your blog posts

  • Take your courses

  • Donate to a cause

Do you know what’s so ironic though? As important as trust is, it’s where most solo online marketers always seem to drop the ball. Instead, they’ll spend money on a fancy video or Facebook advertising, or SEO. That’s like putting the cart before the horse! While those bells and whistles do attract prospects’ attention initially, it’s the copywriting itself that compels them to act—or not.

No matter what you’re marketing, you’ll need to gain knowledge and trust to do it successfully. After all, you can have the most amazing product in the world, but if it can’t be seen by anyone, you can't gain trust, and you won’t make a sale.

Take The California Raisin Board Sales Funnel, for Example

In the 80s, the California Raisin Board created clever videos showing animated raisins singing soul music. The ads were hugely popular, and they sold over $200 million dollars in related merchandise. But you know what they didn’t sell? Raisins.

Once the campaign finally came to an end, raisin sales were lower than they were before the campaign. That’s because the copywriting missed the mark--it never convinced people why they should buy raisins. And mind you, that copywriting was done by professionals.

Solopreneurs who have to write their own copy for their sales funnel do even worse. Either their copy rambles, or it doesn’t address buyer objections, or it never answers the question of why someone needs what they’ve got.

With coaching on affiliate marketing, learn how to reach your goals. Prospects find your sales funnel and sign up to be on your mailing list. You sell your products. People join your organizations, follow you on Facebook, request consultations … you name it.

Thankfully, there’s a solution …


The Smart Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Solopreneurs

My new and Ongoing Coaching Program, The Smart Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Solopreneurs, is designed to help you pocket passive income from online activities.

With a variety of learn-by-doing lessons and ongoing private coaching to provide tips, tricks, and marketing strategies, I guarantee you'll be capable of creating super-effective automated sales funnels.

Get Help Creating Marketing Sales Funnels That Will:

  • Help You Optimize and Automate Your Online Sales and Marketing Campaigns

  • Keep Prospect Engaged by Utilizing Persuasive Call to Action Follow-Up Messages

  • Automatically Segment Growing Opt-In Traffic from Your List of Hungry Buyers and Cold Leads

  • Help You Sell More Affiliate, Digital, and Physical Products from Home (Even If You’re Just “Selling” an Idea)

I can testify to the effectiveness of this coaching program because I use a learn-by-doing approach to increase my sales funnel mailing list by more than 30%.

For example, after going through the SEO and Funnel Optimization strategies taught in the course, I was able to go from having no appointments to over 50 new registrations in the first month. I even receive 30 new leads in one day through my sales funnel at one point! That's why I'm including ongoing coaching in my courses. I want to make sure you reach the goal of running a successful affiliate marketing business.

By now you might be wondering …

LeNard Simmons - Web Developer & Life Coach

Hi, I’m LeNard Simmons.

I create digital products to sell online; everything from ebooks to video courses, and physical products like electronic devices to software for PCs.

I love what I do. That is why I started The seconds2work.com. It's a Business Club that helps Solopreneurs be more successful and grow online.

Start Learning

One of the biggest lessons I learned from selling online is, taking action means everything. I believe being active in your business separates Solopreneurs from those who have not found success. Therefore, I spend most of my time learning to communicate better over the internet, using motivational products to guide me.

You see, a long time ago, I learned I could never persuade anyone to do anything just by reading ebooks… Sure I can build a dazzling website, slice together a few educational videos, and drive traffic to people's online businesses. But all that work means nothing if you don't continue what you started.

I believe in The Field of Dreams. That is, If you build, they will come...

The only thing, and it is a good thing, after you start working in your field, you MUST STAY ENGAGED!

My coaching program will be a game-changer for you. No matter who you’re trying to convince to become your client, I guarantee you’ll dramatically improve your results with my no-nonsense learn-by-doing lessons and ongoing coaching program.

At this point, you might be thinking…

It Won’t Work for Me Because I'm Not Internet Smart.

I meet people who have hang-ups about their learning abilities and the internet. They worry that they won’t know what to say and that writing requires natural talent. Some people think they need years of marketing experience to get started. I felt the same way when I started working online.

All I can tell you is...

I don’t care who you are or what your background is, my Ongoing Coaching Program will make you better at affiliate marketing, copywriting, email marketing, building sales funnels, running groups, communicating, and persuading others to let you help them reach the lifestyle they want.

It’s not that simple. It works. If you want it to work...

No matter what your learning status is like right now, you will notice your learning is exponentially better once you start going through my ongoing coaching program, guaranteed.

You learn by using a hands-on approach and taking action. I provide simple, straightforward tips and tricks with super-easy methods that anyone can follow.

For instance, did you know that professional copywriters use SPECIFIC WRITING FORMULAS to persuade people? When you get the time, Google sales copywriting formulas. Copywriters have techniques to show you what order to present information in, so you can be clear as possible.

You can think of me as the magician that reveals how I pull the rabbit out of the hat. I won't stop there. I share all the secrets of affiliate marketing … You will be learning behind-the-scenes moves that small business owners ordinarily spend years and thousands of dollars trying to learn. As a result, you will dramatically improve your company brand and communicate faster than you ever thought possible … Guaranteed.

But wait, what if you’re not concerned about your learning abilities?

Instead, maybe you’re not sure the Ongoing Coaching Program will actually be useful to you, because you’re thinking …

What if I Don't Have The Time to Do All of This Work?

I get it—not everyone has time to write follow-up emails, create video sale letters, or optimize their LinkedIn profile, which helps bring awareness to your online business.

For instance, if you’re on this page, there’s a good chance you use Google to end up here. And in that case, you should know, I never use PPC. Instead, I use SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Yeah, I admit there's a lot of work required for getting FREE TRAFFIC to my website, but it's all easy tasks. Plus, I know about optimizing websites, so I don't have to pay someone to do the work.

The bottom line, it didn't cost me anything to get you on this sales page, except my time invested.

Think about it, in 6-12 months, you'll look back and say to yourself "Look at me Now. Living my dreams" You will even forget about some of your strugglers. Why? Because you took action today ... You got started putting together your million-piece puzzle, one piece at a time. The results, you discovered there's nothing you can't manifest...

Let me tell you more about what you’ll get with my Ongoing Affiliate Marketing Coaching Program.

As I mentioned, the coaching program helps you complete 6 modules, totaling 23 lessons.

The courses are designed to be practical and actionable, providing step-by-step instructions on building a sales funnel for affiliate sales.

You learn by doing hands-on activities that are divided by subject, so if you want to learn about sales funnels, email marketing, or how to locate your target market, for example, request coaching for that topic.

Think of your membership as a support on-demand type of service. You ask to learn a topic, I coach you through the entire process. You will complete the task you set out to perform. No more starting something, getting stuck, only to move on, leaving the job incomplete. You will have someone to help you cut through the hard stuff... help you put together your million-piece puzzle, one piece at a time. And it doesn't stop here.

You'll also love the membership area. Regularly I add new courses, business tools, and other resources. It’s not packed with “fluff.” Instead, you’ll get straightforward tips, tricks, and proven business development strategies.

You'll learn how to create multiple income streams using your affiliate sales funnel for any business or nonprofit organization, including:

  • Churches & Religious Establishments

  • Doctors & Practices

  • Special Events & Funraisers

  • Hobbies

  • Beauty Shops

  • Restaurants and more...

My coaching program is ongoing -- It's packed full of information, putting everything I know about marketing online into helping you succeed.

Use the Income Stream Creator to set up different sources of income.

For example, you can build 3 different sales funnels: *One for helping people with their self-development. * Another one for helping small businesses find leads. * And one that targets people interested in health and wellness products. Creating different ways to generate income is one of the faster ways to get out of debt... and to the lifestyle of our dreams.

But that’s not the only thing that makes The Smart Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Solopreneurs stand out. You’ll also love the Ongoing Coaching Program for its:

  • Ability to SCALE your affiliate marketing business by automating 90% or more of the process

  • REAL-WORLD PROJECTS; Use Your Business as an Example

  • Ability to generate MASSIVE traffic to your sales funnel using SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and NO paid advertising and

  • Your understanding of the TARGET audience's demographics, interests, and pain points

My course is structured in a way that will be easy for you to follow, even if you're new to affiliate marketing. I designed the modules so we start with the basics and gradually build on your knowledge.

Each module includes video lessons, quizzes, worksheets, and other learning resources to help you learn the concepts and apply them to your business. I'll provide you with practical examples, case studies, and real-world examples to help you better understand the concepts.

In addition to the course materials, you'll have access to our exclusive community of fellow students, where you can ask questions, share your progress, and get feedback on your work. Our team will also be available to answer any questions and provide additional support.

What are some secrets you’ll learn in The Smart Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Solopreneurs?

  • How to automate 90% or more of your sales funnel process (module 6)

  • How to use low-hanging fruits & long-tailed keywords to reach the first page on Google, Bing, and other search engines

  • How to create an irresistible offer that’ll make people line up to do business with you.

  • How to use SEO for generating FREE web traffic to your products (module 4)

  • How to use straightforward tactics to create super-successful LinkedIn leads… so you get clicks, conversions, and SALES

  • How to create your own lead magnet and optimize them for best performance (module 3)

  • How to Make Your First $1000 Online In 4 Weeks or Less (audio file)

  • How to find affiliate networks that pay instantly with PayPal (For 2023)

  • How to use analytics to track and measure performance (module 5)

  • Setting goals and objectives for your affiliate marketing business (module 1)

  • My 10 best practices for writing engaging emails that get opens, shares, and clicks … so you can nurture relationships with customers, prospects, and followers—FOR LIFE.

  • The 15 most powerful advertising words in the English language … so you can use science to create copy that’ll IMMEDIATELY capture your prospects’ attention. (module 4)

  • And so much, much more!

Bottom line, if you sell products or provide a service, the funnel creation tips in this coaching program will help you generate more cash, faster and easier than ever before.

And if your goal is to influence others to join your cause, donate to your nonprofit, or follow you on social media, you’ll learn how to use words to create an emotional connection with your audience, so they’re eager to become more involved.

How can you get into the Ongoing Coaching Program?

Monthly Payment Option




Buy This Plan
Quarterly Payment Option

$500 X 4



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Year 2023 Payment Option

$750 X 2



Buy This Plan

Why is that price is a steal?

A lot of time and money is going into creating The Smart Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Solopreneurs.

This course is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to learn how to skillfully convert leads into paying clients. With my enhanced, ongoing coaching program, you'll learn how to build a sales funnel that converts. You'll get step-by-step guidance on how to generate leads, build trust and credibility, and close the sale.

I understand that building a sales funnel can be challenging and time-consuming, that's why this coaching program offers ongoing coaching and support, so you can learn at your own pace and get personalized guidance from our expert coaches. With step-by-step instruction and practical exercises, you'll learn how to skillfully grow your business.

I’m making it available to everyone for only $199/month.

That's a saving of $200 off its regular monthly price because I’d like to help as many Solopreneurs as possible.

Act Now, You’ll Receive A Few SPECIAL BONUSES!!!


Free Bonus #1

The Solopreneurs Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit

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Free Bonus #2

The Solopreneurs Guide to Improve Copywriting

This e-book is 100%, with no fluff. I’ve stripped out all the copywriting theory, so you can immediately get to the good stuff--the copywriting structures and formulas that’ll make it easy for you to create any type of writing you could ever need for your organization. You’ll quickly learn the fundamentals of creating killer copy for videos, emails, Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads, long-form sales letters, landing pages, and e-commerce pages.


Free Bonus #3

The Solopreneurs Guide to eMail Marketing Wealth

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Free Bonus #4

The Solopreneurs Guide to Search Engine Optimization

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Free Bonus #5

The Solopreneurs Guide to Resell Rights

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Free Bonus #6

Access to My Private Business Group

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