Staying motivated Means You Can Do Anything

Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated Workout Exercises for Your Brain by Seconds 2 Work will not only keep your mind stimulated; It basically encourages you to take action in improving your lifestyle by adding a lot of positive influence to your skillset.

You’ll find all kinds of motivational resources to keep you inspired in reaching your goal. Whether you’re looking for written articles or audio, famous quotes, or videos, I will have it all to keep you motivated.

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Staying Motivated and I’m thinking of You

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Staying motivated can come from the words we read, hear, or even think. Motivational words can have an influence on you and the way you think.

Have you ever allowed negative people thoughts, opinions, or the way they solve their problems to have an impact on you and the way you handle your circumstances?

I’m talking about the kind of people who sit around blaming the world for all their failures. The same people will procrastinate on everything they do in their life. Do you let these kinds of people to stop you from staying motivated?

A Product of Your Environment

You can become a product of your environment. What do I mean by this? If you hang around enough negative people you will most likely pick up their negative ways. You may even see yourself adapting to their attitude, likes, dislikes, and making it your ways.

But on the other hand, if you surround yourself amidst crowds of positive thinkers, you’re likely to become a positive thinking person. We become what we think about and practice.

Being exposed to, too many negative people will suck away your understanding of what it means to be happy. Hanging around people who are always being down will help to bring you down.

Misery loves conflict and wants your company. Always being down will hold you back and keep you from moving forward on your dreams. You’ll need to leave negativity in your past.

Staying motivated Means Having Courage to Try

Let The Past Inspire You to Move Forward

In the past, you may have allowed people or groups to influence your walk. Consequently, causing you to lose sight of your goals. Have you been embracing your sorrows, depression, fears, and problems? STOP!

Do you allow fear or any other road-block into the picture? Where this fear comes from I do not know nor entirely understand. I only know, in the past I’ve allowed it and other idols to come before me and God.

You see, God had placed me in positions several times in my life to do what I love.

I love learning how I can help people, and I also like teaching, but I was too afraid to take action. Influenced by all the wrong people and fear. I am sure of this.

Staying Motivated Mean Taking Action

I lacked strength in my writing skills, managing skills, and my comprehensive skills, and that’s just to name a few of my flaws. To be completely open and honest with you, I only understood the lack of money and how I was going to live from day to day.

I hung around fearful people and we were all in the business of denial. We brought into everyone’s pain, and I was a follower.

Understanding the Truth Will Motivate You

I now understand I placed my trust on the fake gods, by accepting fear other gods, I allowed it to completely take control over every area of my life. I allowed it to keep me from my dreams, to hold me hostage, held for ransom as a prisoner of my own doing. Hiding behind years procrastination.

Have you ever had everything in life, but yet, had nothing? Well, I have. I let all kinds of thoughts into my heart and they were feeding me false confidence and hope. I needed, no I had to break out of the box. I needed a change.

Staying Motivated To Not Be Trapped-In-A-Box

I was trapped-in-the-box. I have been called the Jack of all trades because I changed my employment a lot. I was looking for the right job and just didn’t know what I really want to do. The job search solution was not working for me, maybe I didn’t put enough effort into it. Or maybe I just tried too hard. I truly felt like a jack in a box, trapped in that box.

Somewhere, somehow, someone or something had an influence in my life. I had discovered The Power of Positive Thinking. The real God Himself, I believe had taken over after reading it. I woke up and I knew that there was coming a better day.

I was starting to learn about me.

I believe God was revealing his plan for me, He was showing me the only way.

The Best Motivational Words Keeps You Motivated

You need to tell yourself that you can no longer be contained. Allow your faith to be restored by God. These are the best motivational words that you can grab and hold on to. Use them. Go learn, and teach, help each other and to do God will. Feed the mind, and wake from your sleep.

  1. Find out what makes you happy.
  2. You could become what you want to be.
  3. You will have more support then you need.
  4. Take action on your dreams.
  5. Let go of the past, move forward.
  6. Step outside of your comfort zone.
  7. Discover what you are capable of.
  8. You have the power to take complete control of your life.
  9. Listen to yourself, take advice from others.
  10. The best motivational words are within yourself.
  11. Discover your strengths.

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