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Watch Groove-A-Thon to learn about GrooveFunnels sales funnels software. You'll see how you use the powerful app to give your online business a better opportunity to succeed. Other video to watch: GroovePay, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMember, GroovePages, GrooveMail and more.

GrooveFunnels Sales Funnel Software - Watch Training & Product Demonstrates at Groove-A-Thon!

When you hear of an attractive way to cut your business expenses, you probably want to take a *peek and see it is worth your time. And if you can save money by not having to pay all those monthly fees, which causes unnecessary stress for most online business owners, you may be able to get some momentum moving your business forward.

I'm using GrooveFunnels Suite Apps and developing dreams... You're looking at work in progress; tell me what you think.

GrooveFunnels Suite Advantages

  • GroovePages

  • GrooveSell

  • GrooveAffiliate

  • GrooveKart

  • GrooveMail

  • GrooveWebinar

  • GrooveMember

  • GrooveVideo

  • GrooveBlog

  • One of the biggest problems as a new online business you'll face is giving up your money to different memberships sites; trying to get people to notice you online.

    And most of the time, you won't make a penny back... You will put a lot of hard work into the effort.

    I know people say you shouldn't put all your eggs into one basket, but it's worse to spread your spendable income out to thin.

    Think about it.

    You got to build the website or have someone do it for you; thats cost.

    Than you need content, traffic, and at least a product or service decent enough to help fix someone's problem-more expenses...

    The list of items that you need just to get your business in the eyes of potential future clients-overwhelming...

    I sometimes think the system is designed to keep you behind. And the tricky part is finding an easier way to perform your job- without all the headaches, stress, problems, etc.

    You got to know how and when to take advantage of a situation to put yourself in a better position. Vertical!

    To make things more simpler in my business, that's why I got on the Groove bus; for peace of mind.

    Everything you see on this website is produced by me, LeNard Simmons. Not boasting, nor am I perfect, but this is work in progress; I'm only starting to provide social proof of how GrooveFunnels and Seconds 2 Work services can work for you. 

  • Unlimited Creation Potential

  • Make an unlimited number of landing and web pages to show prospects and clients all your products, services and skills. You can do it all for free.

  • Responsive Across All Devices

  • Create user friendly responsive website that work on all devices. Your site will auto-adjust for viewing mobile, tablets, laptops and more.

  • Cross Platform Integrations

  • Allows you to set up and integrate popups forms, funnels pages, pixels, and other tracking codes across different platforms like Aweber and more.

  • Hosting & Bandwidth is Free

  • Free Custom Domains. Free Lifetime Accounts to GroovePages and GrooveSell. Free Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps. No Credit Card Required to Join for Free.

  • Custom Branding Your Way

  • Embed videos, images, and other media to keep your visitors longer. Create stylish navigation menus to help site visitors get around. Customize text, headings, backgrounds, and more to match your brand.

    Get More Info

    GroovePages Includes

    GroovePages: Free

    • Websites: 3

    • Custom Domains: 3

    • Shared Funnels: 1

    • Receive Shared Funnels: 5

    • Import Pages: 15

    GroovePages: Platinum

    • Unlimited Websites Creation

    • Unlimited Custom Domains

    • Unlimited Shared Funnels

    • Receive Shared Funnels

    • Unlimited Import Pages

    GrooveSells Includes

    GrooveSells: Free

    • Unlimited Products

    • Unlimited Customers (Can Export)

    • Unlimited Leads (Can Export)

    • Unlimited Affiliates (Can Export)

    • Transactional eMails to Customers Only

    • Abandon Cart eMails: Single Send

    • Unlimited eMail to Affiliates

    GrooveSells: Platinum

    • Unlimited Products

    • Unlimited Customers (Can Export)

    • Unlimited Leads (Can Export)

    • Unlimited Affiliates (Can Export)

    • Unlimited eMails to Customers

    • Unlimited Abandon Cart eMails

    • Unlimited eMail to Affiliates

    GrooveAffiliate Includes

    GrooveAffiliate: Free


    GrooveAffiliate: Platinum


    GrooveVideo Includes

    GrooveVideo: Free

    • Videos: 15

    • Encoding: None

    • Storage: None

    • Bandwidth: None

    • Upload Limit: 5 GB/Video

    GrooveVideo: Platinum

    • Videos: Unlimited

    • Encoding: Unlimited

    • Storage: 100 GB/Life

    • Bandwidth: 100 GB/Month

    • Upload Limit: 5 GB/Video

    GrooveMember Includes

    GrooveMember: Free

    • Membership: 1

    • Members: 100

    GrooveMember: Platinum

    • Membership: Unlimited

    • Members: Unlimited

    GrooveMail Includes

    GrooveMail: Free

    • Contacts: 500

    • eMail Send: 5000/Month

    • Import Contacts: NO

    GrooveMail: Platinum

    • Contacts: 10,000

    • email Send: Unlimited

    • Import Contacts: YES

    GrooveKart Includes

    GrooveKart: Free