Online SEO Training So Simple it makes affiliate marketing looks easy

Online SEO Tutorial So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

My online SEO tutorial will show you how to improve the following areas of your business; Your website traffic, the amount of site engagement, get more conversions, reduce your bounce rate, get higher search engine ranking, and more.

Online SEO Tutorial Overview

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Small and Home Business Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • Website Optimization
  • e-Commerce Marketing

Optimizing your marketing champagne is going to help your site content get positioned on the first pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. My online SEO tutorial will show you how to increase website traffic and get ranked in 3-months or less. So, without further ado, let’s go and find out what SEO is and how it works.

Online SEO Tutorial for Developing Skills

SEO So Simple it makes working from home more productive

Getting ahead of your competition in the search engines means you are going to need to master Search Engine Optimization. Mastering SEO means having a better knowledge of targeted keywords and how they work. Understanding what keywords are means knowing how to create content your potential website visitors will enjoy reading, sharing, and carrying on an ongoing conversation, by way of website comments.

Plus, it helps more eyes find your content, getting more visitors to your website, and helps create conversion.

What is A Search Engine?

A search engine is a software program designed to help people find information on the World Wide Web, better known as the Internet. Search engines let the users find specific information like images, web pages or files which the user can use to solve a problem, make a purchase, or learn a skill. Below is a list of the worlds most popular search engines.

Popular Search Engines:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. Baidu
  5. Ask
  6. AOL
  7. DuckDuckGo
  8. Wolfram Alpha
  9. Yandex

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Learning how to optimize your website pages can bring Free (organic) traffic to your website. Getting more visitors to your website means the potential to increase your revenue for your online business.

The way you assemble your website content plays a major factor in search engine optimization. But, website design alone is not enough to get your web page ranking on the first page of search engines. What are some requirements needed to help you rank high in Google search engines? Let’s find out.

Online SEO Tutorial | Works at Home

Are you having a hard time getting your blog posts ranking in the search engines? Did you know, if your web page is not showing up on the first page of search results your website traffic will be low or non-at-all?

Most people searching for something on the internet rarely click on a link pass the first page. Also, more searcher will click on the free organic search results before clicking on the paid ads located at the top.

Better yet, organic search results bring free traffic to your website. And with training, you can learn how to get free traffic to boost your online presence in the search engines, so more people can learn about your online business or personal blogs.

90 Day to Increase Your Website Performance

Online SEO courses So Simple it even your child can do it

Time needed: 90 days.

The trick to developing your SEO skills is working on it every day. Practicing good SEO on all your website content will help you become better at creating resources your website visitors will have a good experience from.
By searching the internet, I’ve been learning how to SEO my website. The following tutorial has helped me to get my content ranking in the search engines and increased my website traffic in about 30-90 days.

  1. Remember These Best Practices for Keyword Placement

    Make sure to use reliable research tools to help you find profitable keywords.

    Always perform keyword research before writing your website content.

    Use the target keyword near the start of your post title.

    Make sure to place the keyword in the first paragraph of your product reviews or website content.

    Use it in your upper-level sub-headlines. (h2 heading)

    Don’t overuse your keyword.

    Use the keyword in images alt tags.

    Find and use associated keywords in lower level h3-h6 HTML headings.

    Only use them once. (don’t create another post using the same keyword)

    Place it in your meta description section

    Include them in image alt tags

  2. Use Premium Keyword Tools to Track Your Results

    SEO audit tools are everywhere and most developers will let you try theirs out for free. Take advantage of the free offers from reliable marketing tools. You can read a review of how good they are and see what kind of result other people are getting. And then when you find a tool you like using, and one that works, you decide if you’re going to upgrade.

    There are tools I use often to help me find the right keyword to use in my content to help people find my website. I listed them here to help you get started, brainstorming.

    SEO Keyword Analytic Tools
    Jaaxy by Wealthy Affiliate
    Google Search Console
    Google Analytics
    Bing Webmaster Tool
    Ubersuggest by Neil Patel
    Keyword Explorer by Moz
    Keyword Tool
    Become an expert
    Learn to use your tools and your job becomes easy.

  3. LearnSearch Engine Ranking Factors

    Brian Dean, the owner of created a massive list of ranking factors that Google uses to decide where you will rank in their search engine. By implementing the SEO tactics that Brian outline in his detailed written post, will give you advanced knowledge of search engine optimization, as well as how to make your pages search engine friendly. You will find a link in step 2, but you can also search for additional information on the internet.

  4. Create Content with Your Keyword Suggestion Tools

    I may not be the best of writers, but I’m trying. I do a lot of research on a lot of topics. Doing my researching I’m taking notes and trying to remember what I’m learning.

    I turn them notes into website content, where I share with my reader the process of getting a particular problem solved.

    Over time, your writing will improve and more people will start to notice your online business. You will start to slowly see the results you so desire. But, you gotta start practicing writing and performing keyword research.

  5. Join A Supporting Community of Like-Minded People

    I discovered the hard way, you can’t try and create an online business alone. So what you want to do is find a community you trust and join for free or pay for your membership. The point here is; Build your team to help you reach your goals.

    Wealthy Affiliate, one of the top affiliate marketing school on the internet has made it easy for anyone to learn SEO online. They made it so simple and affordable, even your children can learn to master SEO, website development, content writing, and even marketing online skills all from home, under your supervision.

    If you ever wanted to start your own online business and learn how to work from home, in any niche or industry, I recommend reading my Wealthy Affiliate review where I disclose everything about how to get started. And I help you get started for free. The link is in the above paragraph.

  6. Understand Your Business

    Don’t just jump into trying to earn money online. Have a plan and understand what your business and audience.

    User AJTimber at Wealthy Affiliate wrote an excellent article about what you should know before starting an affiliate marketing business, but I think the concept will apply to any niche. Read 8 Things You Must Know BEFORE You Start Affiliate Marketing.


There are a lot of tools that can help you get a better understanding of SEO. Online SEO tutorials are all over the internet, the sooner you get started learning to become an SEO expert the better you will be in the SEO field. Research and train every day.


When was the last time you did an audit on your website? My free tutorial will show you how to find out what page you are on in search engines.


  1. This article is pretty simple on a few simple tips you can use to help you rank in google but there are many more factors when it comes to ranking in google. I think that these are very general tips and there is a lot more that comes into SEO that most people do not know. What is your favorite SEO tip and how has it helped you?

    1. Hi, Jon, thank you for asking a question.

      I look at SEO like a 3000 piece puzzle. I start off by getting the edges done first, then I start inserting one puzzle piece at a time until I got the whole puzzle completed.

      With SEO, I start by researching what my keyword is going to be, then I write my content around it, by inserting the different SEO elements in the proper places. 

  2. SEO is my Achilles heel. I have not done a lot with it yet because it is so intimidating, that is why I love Wealthy Affiliate becsue of this. It has been a huge game changer for me, and I am finally taking that leap of faith. If you want to scale your online business, SEO is everything. There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing it start to come together. Thanks for laying out this information so nicely.

    1. Hi, Mattie, thank you for leaving a comment. I don’t like heating that you are not using SEO, a lot.

      As intimidating as SEO can be, the more you use it in all of your content, the less scary it will be to master.

      Unless you are sending people directly to your website, you may not see search engine traffic if you don’t apply SEO to your content.

  3. Hello, 

    Thank you so much for posting this and explaining about SEO. I have recently started learning about it at Wealthy Affiliate and using the tool you recommended, Jaaxy. I also highly recommend and it has helped me a lot to search for new keywords and write new posts based on those keywords. I hope more people get to read this and understand how SEO works and try it themselves. 



    1. Hi, Mariana, thank you for the comment. Jaaxy is up there with the best SEO tools, but don’t just rely on one tool, combining the results of other high-end research tools can help you get a better picture of how that keyword may perform.

  4. I use SEO on every post or blog I create online. I find the more I research using SEO the better chances I have of reaching the people that are relevant to my niche. We learn the Wealthy Affiliate program the importance of SEO and how it relates to your content.

    A few levels covered in the program has us using different forms of SEO since there are more than one as you mention. SEO has changed the way I create content myself if I an seeking a specific traffic flow.

    I do think that by stating 90 days to success depends on the niche. I have had some content that has done really well, within a week of publishing, While I have also had content take a few months before getting noticed. The SEO tools in WA really have made a difference.   

    1. Hi, Ken, thank you for leaving a comment. In the start of 2019, I re-designed this site because I was getting zero traffic. I was not following the WA ways. When I started applying what I learned, I started to see an increase in traffic and impressions.

      I say about 90-days due to my experiences with SEO. Other people may have different results.

      I keep researching and now in the process of setting up a/b testing

  5. Hi there,

    I really enjoyed this specific topic on SEO. You really broke down the specifics of what an SEO really does for your blog or website. Through reading your post, I found myself learning far more about SEO than I did before I read it.

    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and research. I also have my own website, and it clarified some things about what Google looks for and also some other places to check my ranking.

    Great job.


    1. TYhank you, Coralie for the feedback

  6. thanks a lot for posting; I finished classes on WA, but I was a bit in the mist; your post has clarified some issues, showing a very good synthesis of what SEO means and how you are classified; I also read the external links; wow just what plumped today the 8 things you need to know before doing online marketing

    1. Thank you, Carmen, for your comment. I was in the mist, and kind of still is. But as I research and put into action what I am learning I am getting better and the cloud is fading.

      you see, the more I study SEO, marketing, and working from home, the more changes I cause to happen.

      I want to get it all in an order where it makes good sence for my site visitors, readers, and buyers.

      It’s going to take me some time, I will get it to where my home affiliate marketing business is flowing smoothly.

  7. Hi LeNard,

    This is a very informative and helpful article. I have taken up an SEO course and applied most of the SEO tactics but my site traffic is still very low.

    After reading your article, l think the biggest mistake l have made is go against high competitive keywords that why my post never reach the first page of the SERPs. From now onwards, l will write more valuable content targeting low competition keywords.

    As you pointed out, it takes 30 to 90 to rank a post but from my observation as long as you get more comments/ engagement on your post. It trend to rank faster, what is your opinion in this respect?

    Thank you very much and all the best to you.

    1. Hi, Zayn, thank you for the comment. There are over 200 factors that help to get a website ranked. The more factors you implement the better the odds of getting a page one position.

      I just posted this online SEO tutorial about 4-5 hours ago. It’s already ranking. I will add the image after I responded to your comment.

      Thank you, for leaving a comment and asking relevant questions. By the way, comment, and ongoing engagements really do help your content climb faster in the search engines.

      The engagement shows the search engine spider (bots) that people are interested in the topic and keeps it at the top of the search results.

      Mr. Zayn, Please allow me to help you get your next post ranking. I am asking if I can do it for free? You can contact at my WA profile which is seconds2work.

  8. I think kids nowadays are way smarter than me. My nephews can operate their tablets better than me lol (joking) At the moment I am trying to post a new content on a weekly basis and keep scoring that low hanging fruit keywords. Some people suggest to me that long tail keywords are a good way to get ranking as well. We all can master the SEO, we just need time and persistence to keep pushing forward. Keep learning about the latest SEO tricks help as well. The most important part is just do it 🙂 Thanks for a the article.

    1. Hi, Nuttanee, my son is the same way. He tells me I’m not social media smart because I write everything out and don’t know the lingo; lol, smh

      You have left quite a few comments around my website; Did you know that your return visits help me in the search engines? Thank you, because your messages are relevant is only one of the reasons my content ranks higher.

      How can I help you?

  9. SEO is really important for anyone into online business especially for those running sites. I must commend you for taking your time to share this article because you must have done a lot of research. I enjoyed every bit of this tutorial you really break it down to the lowest lever for easy understanding and I must thank you for sharing this informative and educative post.

    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Did you know that comment helps build a page SEO?

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