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Online Business Startup Case Study for Improving ROI

Online business startup can be risky. But for some people like professional online salespeople, a slow job market may not be a good enough reason to not invest in growing their business.

For other folks like new affiliate marketers, the startup expenses alone may be one of your biggest fears.

Did you know: Lots of businesses in the United States of America got their start from musky basements or greasy garages; believe it or not, they started during wars, low job markets, pandemics and other hard times, too.

Think about it – If you got a fantastic business idea to make your investment money back; why wouldn’t you try?

It could be you best decision ever made – if you’re a motivated take action person.

There’s all kinds of viewpoints;

Becoming an Entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. You have to work hard just like at any 9-5, 40 or more hour a week type of job.

Do you like to take action?

Meaning, are you a get it done type of person? Or, are you a procrastinator? A person who going to one day get around to getting things done.

Procrastinating is a dream killer.

You know we all procrastinate at some time in life. Some of us hold back doing stuff more than others. Some people even enjoy postponing everything until the last minute.

We all have our reasons to delay starting a business; some good, some not.

  • Do you lack experience?
  • Not sure where you should start.
  • Short on start-up funds.
  • Does a disability hold you back?
  • You can’t find the time.
  • You have no access to a laptop, PC, library, or the Internet.

I held off starting my home business mainly because of two reasons—startup cost and coaching fees. Ok, maybe laziness played a tiny part.

Online Business Startup Case Study Follow-Along

There were other excuses, but getting started was the hardest—it’s not easy, departing from your money. You know what I mean; that’s why you haven’t start you home business adventure yet.

Like you, I work hard to get and keep as much of my money as I can. I’m not letting it go just that easy. I may spend weeks researching before I make my investment decision final.

Let me share my getting started experiences and stories, thus far.

I never knew Affiliate marketing could have a considerable learning expense, especially when getting started. It’s not always free even if they tell you it is.

You’ll learn things like; getting your domain name, choosing your hosting company, having your website installed, setting up your autoresponder, and the list of to-dos goes on. I’m always adding to it.

Howbeit, if you follow my affiliate marketing home business investment case study; I am exposing it all; you get to see me take action…

Learn how you may spend or save money in some cases…

You’ll see how I’m planning out the ideas for my business expansion, discover my website’s development tactics as I learn them.

Follow the progress; you’ll see what I paid for office equipment, what tools and software I use, how I utilize resources, where I get reliable information, and how to use your devices to brainstorms bigger ideas.

What else?

Discover what works for me and what you may need to avoid.

You can use me to decide if a home business investment is worthy of your time and money.

See me set and reach goals, or fall flat; but for one thing – you’ll see me dust myself off and try again.

Business Adventure Rules

Step 1 Join My Affiliate Marketing Case Study for learning affiliate marketing. Plus get hands-on training, and you can even sign-up for Free Lifetime Coaching. The sign-up forms below.

My Rule #1

Always start with a list to share your idea with like-minded people. By becoming a member of my list; You get Value Perks. Perks like free 1-on-1 coaching for the few selected active members.

Watch the video to see what I will be building. And may God truly bless us.

LéNard Simmons

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