My Night With Jesus

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It’s the night before His day, but most call it Christmas
and all of God’s children was praying for forgiveness.

So, I got on my knees and I started to say,
Oh, heavenly Father, keep showing us the way,
Thank you for your Son and the price that he paid.

Thank you, God, for the road that He laid
and for blessing us with your Holy days,

Before I could finish, I nearly was done,
came in a bright light that wasn’t the sun,

“Don’t you run” He yelled at me,
I turned my head and this I saw.
The Creator, the Father and the Son,
presenting Himself as one.

One thought up in my head there seemed,
this is just a dream.
I bit my bottom lip to see if I would even scream.

He spoke of His authority and a message for this world He bring,
for all the nations citizens, to this we all must listen in;

He sent His Son who made the road for all of the believers,
Gave up His life just to prove His love for you and me still;
While we were sinners,
Jesus did it with no fuss and it’s written in His book, John 3:16,
Yes, go and take a look. He did all of this all for us.

He taught us how to love each other and to live in perfect harmony,
a special kind of unity, this we can all believe.

He blessed us with His loving powers and sent us on a mission;
Help your brother and your sister, take part in the Great Commission.
By LeNard Simmons

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