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LeNard Simmons

LeNard Simmons, that’s my name. There’s a lot I can tell you about myself, but, you can learn more about me by going through the pages on this website.

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LeNard Simmons long road ahead…

Every page tells my story, you know. Showing you my journey towards what I call success or a failed attempt at mind-blowing adventures.

You may not notice, but I’m extremely High-Spirited. Here’s another chance for me to thank GOD!

People come to me to get coached on how to create a product from scratch. I then turn around and help them sell their merchandise on the internet.

I’m in the process of creating tutorials for my membership website. It shows you step-by-step, how to run an internet business successfully from your home. You should check it out, Digital Creation Solution (beta)coming soon.

You can get help with SEO copy writing, website design, keyword research, and other web development related topics. That’s just a few things I’m into.

You need someone who specializes in finding low competition, and highly targeted keywords that will increase your website traffic, bring you new leads and help your business sales.

I might be the person that make you online business go viral, you never know.

hard times…

I love helping people who like helping people, and they love to keep the love going around. (think about it)

We all have plans kind of. We all have to make adjustment in life. (COVID-19 Takes Lives)

I just happen to be in the right industry, when the virus changed the world. (think about it… in the blink of an eye)

In April 2015, I joined an affiliate marketing company with the intent of turning my dreams into something I could survive off.

The long road ahead leads to the hard times behind.

Learned, there’s’ a significant learning curve, so, the more you disciplined yourself by keeping the focus on operating an online business, the better things get for you.

Tell yourself, ‘The long road ahead leads to the hard times behind‘.

At you’ll know what you want to do precisely to help others. Like offering SEO website services, creating a course for online use, coaching you until you get 5 sales or other relevant matters.

always in school…

I went back to school. That’s when I sought out the information most people wouldn’t take the time to research. It makes me believe this is going to give me the upper hand against most competitors, as I grow my online business.

Learned HTML, which led to discovering CSS. Then, JavaScript guided me to Python which gave me the courage to tackle PHP.

I’m working on my WordPress themes when time permits. If you look for personalized apps for family and friends, (I’m ready to expand) building and developing.

Leave the hard times behind…

I still have a long way to go before I could never consider myself to be one of the best in this trade. That’s why I’m learning from some of the best in the industry.

Remember this, I am determined and diligently building an online empire that can be as original as can be, in a cookie-cutter industry.

I aim to be different not difficult. I Like to be surrounded by energetic like-minded people, but I consider all Christ-followers my friend.

So, don’t be shy, introduce yourself. Find out how I can help you with your website presence.

Learn at Seconds 2 Work, over time, you can be working essentially from home, full-time.

Think about it – the highest-unemployment rate, worldwide… EVER!!!

I love to help:) Think opportunity:

  1. Develop brainstorming techniques. Use fresh ideas to outperform your previous set goals.

You can learn why more internet business has a better chance of failing, over them that become successful.

Overcome your fears, the one that holds you back preventing you from taking action. One of the top reasons people fail in anything.

Improve your copy writing skill and persuade your next client to call you right now.

Track website visits using powerful white hat tactics, that boost CTR and convert your ads like magic.

Overall, I love what I do because I invested my time into what I’m doing. Therefore, making it one of the easiest to do business for me.

LeNard Simmons