The Fastest Way To Learn Internet Marketing

The year was 1993 and there I was looking for the fastest way to learn Internet marketing. With some computer and Internet skills, I was ready to hit the highway and learn web development. Sitting in my lovely Florida home, I think I typed in something like “work from home” into the search engine.

I waited and I waited, I had dial-up Internet service back then. Do you remember that sound? Finally, that’ what I said as I thought out loud. I watched as one image slowly started to fill the page. All I have to do now is wait for the rest. I said to my wife, “I think this is supposed to be the fastest way to get information to learn web development and Internet marketing.” She said, “You better go cut the grass, you got plenty of time”.


Learn Web Development

Multiple Streams of Income

The grass was cut it was time to get down to business, back to looking for a way to make ends meet. I wanted to know what the Internet smart guys were doing on this so call information highway to make all that money. I was going to do my best and duplicate it. What’s that saying? Good thing comes to those who wait. I was expecting a lot with dial-up at 9600 broadband.

There it was, “Multiple Streams of Income”. They’re going to show me how to do this, I better join, it’s free. The year is 1995 and 525,960 minutes had gone by and I learned a lot, but not how to make much money online. Sure I made a few bucks just not enough to support a family and live off.

I spent 5 more years trying to make it work by myself. I read books, watched videos, went to seminars and created my first website. Not once did I ask questions or asked for help. The most I got out of my learning was some customers services and selling skills. In seven years I earned a total of about $500 online. I had to cut it loose. I’ve given up on my dream because it was taking too long.

Learn Web Development

That’s the fasest was to learn Internet marketing.

TIP 1: You need to be able to tolerate delays and accept that they will happen, be patience. Not everything will go as planned, so you need to be ready for the unexpected to happen, to minimize your downtime.

TIP 2: You should be able to ask for help, accept that you can’t do this on your own. Help speeds up the process, asking for it ensures results which will lead to success.

TIP 3: You need to be able to process information in a focus and timely order. Take the processed information and CAPITALIZE on it. You use it to your advantage by taking ownership of it. Make it work hard for you.

TIP 3: Don’t you ever give up on your passions or dreams. I ask myself every day, who do I personally know that has made it by giving up their dreams? Nobody. You have to be able to hang in there when things get tough and control yourself when they are going great.

TIP 4: You have to push yourself to the limits and step outside of your comfort zone. The reason most people are in their current situation is because they have become too comfortable, not wanting to venture out of their little circle or cube.

TIP 5: You can’t be afraid of results, you have to embrace them, the good and bad results.


Take Action

Now you have it, a few tips showing The Fastest Way To Learn Internet Marketing is by learning. Learn web development, learn content writing, practice on your customer’s services skills, take classes in web designing, and keep learning. But most of all practice what you learn by taking action

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  1. A sure way to fail would be to give up. You have to start noticing the things that inspire you. Some people can be inspired by just a smile. I know it sounds silly, but someone with a big cheesy smile gives me that feeling, I’ve written about it in some of my posts.

    I can’t fully describe the feeling, but I know it’s good. It keeps me going by inspiring me to want to do more. I can find something in just about everyone that crosses my path, in a good or bad way.

    I take the feeling that person gave me, that inspired me, and turn it into a project. For example, you stated that at times you feel like giving up. First, don’t. Why? Because you have inspired me to write a post about giving up and why not to.

    If you can inspire me with something as simple as writing an article, based from the twenty-three words that you posted in this comment, I bet you can inspire others. I’m just one person of about 2 million using the Internet everyday.

    I’m here for you if you need.

    LeNard – seconds2work

  2. Awesome tips LeNard! I really appreciate it! Especially Tip #3 because I feel like giving up sometimes. But I know it’s worth it.

  3. I’m glad to be able to help you. I know what it’s like to be new at a job. The first-month can really make some people a nervous wreck. Have you ever got the feeling that you’re going to do something wrong in your profession? If you do, it’s ok. It’s just part of the learning process. Some of the best companies were built on trial and error.

    You know what happens when you do something for a long time, especially if you like it? You become comfortable doing it, right? For example; I dread writing when I first started 6 months ago. So what I did was write a paragraph every day just to see if I could force myself into the comfort of writing.

    One paragraph a day became two paragraphs a day, which quickly became my works that you see here and at my Wealthy Affiliate location. I sometimes joke with my family and tell them that I’m writing a book. That’s how much fun I’m having doing something I really loving. I’m always telling the people around me if you do what you love, you’ll do it longer.

    The truth is, it is a book. I’m displaying my Internet business history for all to see. I talk about it on one of my past post. look around the site and read the story. Everyone is invited to come watch me grow. I’ve got plans I tell you.

    Nikica, anyone in this business needs that kind of passion to become successful in it. If anyone in this industry don’t have or feel that deep passion, that burning desire, all I can say is I’ll give it to GOD and let him guide you.

    Set some goals for yourself. My biggest hold back was not using the live chat and discussions. I just overcoming it and well I believe my work is only going to get better.

    Oh, by-the-way welcome to the family. That’s what we are, The Wealthy Affiliate family. If you ever need HELP, just give me a SHOUT out.

    May God’s love guide you.
    LeNard – seconds2work

  4. Being a newbie at online marketing i really needed to read some tips to stay motivated and i found the right ones.
    Very useful information!
    WA is a great community it feels like one big happy family.


  5. Thank for stopping by. I hear that sound now on the fax machine, even that reminds me of the old days. Yes, Black Friday is the day to upgrade to a Yearly membership. Just think about it, your premium membership is taken care of for a whole year. The best things is anyone can signup for free now, get their account set up and get ahead start on the Starter Membership.

    You really get to try the program out before upgrading. Just to make sure this is for you.

    Let me know. Pass the word
    LeNard – seconds2work

  6. Great article. Lots of good tips here. Ah yes, the days of dial up!!! Good times!! I had a site ( and still do but Love-love-LOVE WA and all its knowledge!! I have done so much better with my new site( and learned so much more since I got with WA. I recommend it to anyone!!

  7. Gosh, I sure remember those dial up days! I can still hear the sound of it trying to connect! LOL I sure wish I found Wealthy Affiliate earlier in my online efforts. It’s the place to be for anyone building a successful business as an internet marketer. I’ll be sure to take advantage of their Black Friday Sale for the annual membership!


  8. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I jumped on DSL the first chance I got. Things are moving much faster now. As you see I’m telling my story as I build out my business and website. The program is working. All I have to do is keep working at it.

  9. Hey, great article! I smiled when I read the dial-up comment. Reminded me of the “get off the phone I’m on the internet!” days. I’m relatively new to internet marketing and still have a lot to learn but someday I hope to be able to say it’s a worthwhile supplementary source of income. Keep up the great work!

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