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Keyword Search: How to Use Jaaxy Website Analysis Features Like A Pro

This is a Keyword Search Case Study and it’s February 25, 2019. I’m using this tutorial blog to demonstrate how to operate the Jaaxy keyword research tool for finding the words that will bring a smile to your face. Before you know it, you will be researching for keywords in your niche like a pro. This training is designed to help both beginners and experienced marketers get better Bing keyword ranking. Ok, Yahoo and Google also.

If at any time I’m not explaining it so that you can understand, let me know. Let’s get started learning what using a better keyword research tool right gets you.

Keyword Search is Hard Work, in The Beginning

How to Leverage Jaaxy Site Rank Feature for The Best Benefits Video
Jaaxy ‘It Works’

Let say you’re writing a blog post or some type of article to market a product from your small business website. You are trying to get a few visitors to your site to help boost up your online income. So you need to find keywords to use in your web content.

You can’t just rely on any keyword suggestion tool. You need a researching tool with an excellent record for keyword tracking. It’s got to be reliable, trustworthy, packed with profitable benefits, and delivers impressive keyword search results, too.

Needless for me to say this, but you want to help your content reach the top of all major search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo! Right? So you can help more people find solutions to their problems.

Keyword Search When Done Right Can Bring Your Website Back to Life

I spent months (really a couple of years) misusing Jaaxy keyword suggestion tool. It wasn’t until recently that I started to get a better understanding of exactly how to use it.

If I would have asked more questions about using Jaaxy, I could have made my work at home job easier for finding SEO keyword to boost my blog posts higher in the search results. And a heck of a lot funnier – amusing – entertaining, and more enjoyable.

It like when you try to read a well-written book and there’s just not enough light in the room.

I felt I was working in a dark tunnel with no sign of life for my site. I was struggling with my keyword research and I was losing the fight. My quest to find the right words became long days, and they turned into even longer nights.

Jaazy Keyword Search Tool Gets Seconds 2 Work #1 On Bing and Yahoo!

Some people say, Live in Hope and The Light Shines Bright

Then one day, the light bulb in my head came on. I started to see things a little better and do keyword finding differently. (I started asking questions about how to use Jaaxy). And something wonderful started happening.

Yahoo! and Bing I topped 2, cool. Where’s Google? I sense it’s coming too, soon.

Bing proof of Seconds 2 Work Ranking With Jaaxy
Keyword Search Term Seconds 2 Work Ranks #1 On Bing and Yahoo!

Jaaxy is Genuine and Verifiable.See above image for proof. Read the full article for the whole scoop on how keyword researching works like a loop.

Seconds 2 Work is slowly being branded on Bing, Google, and Yahoo! And your home or small business can make its way to a client near you. Your business can be a household name. The Images on this website should serve as evidence. No Games All Brains.

How to Check Any Website Ranking Using Jaaxy

How Do The Pros Use Jaaxy Features to Benefit From Keyword Search Results?

Jaaxy is packed with a lot of great features you will benefit from. It will help grow your home business email subscribers list, also. My favorite feature will allow you to see the exact number of pages you’re going up against. That’s called your Quoted Search Results (QSR), aka, your competition or competitors.

Mastering QSR is something you wanna learn to understand, plus a few other minor key points. You are going to be using Jaaxy as a communication tool to help make your business grow faster – higher, bigger, and much stronger.

Let me show you how to use Jaaxy QSR and other feature. It will only take a few Seconds 2 Work Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool Using my step-by-step tutorial.

Example of Jaaxy Keyword Research for Bible Study Fellowships

Jaaxy Keyword Search Works for Bible Study Groups
You see, the lower the QSR’s are in Jaaxy, along with high search volumes, the greater the possibility all of your website content reaching the first position of the first-page on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. This process will work on any major and minor search engines and for absolutely all Niche or Business. Seconds 2 Work, Jaaxy Keyword Researching Tutorial will show you how to do the following:

1. How to SEO any content on your website
2. Interpreting your competitors’ website keyword and ranking
3. How to boost your product review awareness in search engines
4. Using Jaaxy for finding affiliate marketing opportunities
5. Levering Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

  1. Create a Free Jaaxy Account to Follow the Tutorial

    You will need to have a Jaaxy account to follow along with me in this training. You can sign-up for a Jaaxy account by clicking on the image below this paragraph. You will get 30 free searches to help see if the Jaaxy analysis tool will work for your business needs.

    Jaaxy 30 Free Searches Sign-Up

  2. Jaaxy Search Box

    First, type your keyword term into the search box and press enter. See my search example image below to help you get a better understanding of how influential Jaaxy can be to your website content.

    After you entered your niche or industry keyword search term, you will be given a list of the results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Let’s put them to work for your online niche.

    If you can’t come up with something to search for right now off the top of your head, you can choose the Word I’ve chosen to follow.

    Jaaxy Keyword Search Box for Bible Study Tutorial

  3. Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool Header Meanings

    In the image below you will see several labeled columns. I sorted my list by Average Monthly Searches by clicking on its icon. Let me explain all of the headings to you.

    Keyword – This the keyword phrase that a user types into a search engine like Google, to find what they are looking for.
    *In this example, the keyword term is Bible study topics.

    Avg – This is the average number of search the keyword receive per month. You would want your average monthly search results to be at least 50 or higher.
    *I got 1174 as the average search results for Bible study topics.

    Traffic – This is the potential website visitors you can get to your website; If you achieve a first-page (search position) ranking in Google.
    *Using the search term Bible study topics could land you 200 site visitors; Use the search term through-out your post content.

    QSR – Quoted Search Results is going to be the number of competing websites in Google you will have to go up against. A low QSR will give you a chance to rank on page one in Google. Look for a QSR number of 100 or lower
    *Bible study topics have a QSR of 76.

    KQI – This is your Keyword Quality Indicator. Like a street traffic light, your keyword indication will be a Great to use (Green), Ok to use (Yellow), or Stop, don’t use (Red).
    *If you were to create a post using Bible study topics, naturally in several locations of your article, you would have a great chance at getting positioned on page one of Google.

    SEO – This number is based on traffic and competition and has a range of 1-100; The higher the number the better. (Good practice is 90 or higher)

    Domains – You can see if the domain www.biblestudytopics.com or a related name to Bible study topics is available and purchase it right through Jaaxy on SiteRubix Hosting.

    Keyword search case study for Bible Study Topic on Seconds 2 Work proof of ranking image using a Jaaxy tutorial

  4. Grammatically correct

    IMPORTANT >> Look for keyword phrases in your list that are grammatically correct. In other words, they must make sense. No misspelling, or mistakes.

Jaaxy Gots Your Back When You Need To Get Ahead in Search Results

I tell you, breaking the chains that concern has over you can make a big difference in your life and your business. Defeat the giants as we best know how. Use it correctly and Jaaxy will land you on the score broad. See how I’m making this tutorial blog climb in search engine positions. Compare the two images.

Keyword Search Case Study Proof of Google Ranking Using Jaaxy Tutorial at Seconds 2 Work Website
Results in Google for This Blog Post You Are on is Only in 4th Place:(

Better keyword research and content gets you better search engine positioning.

Think out-side-of-the-box and your page ranking can go to in the number 1 position on any search engine! God has called my website out of the darkness and into the light. Zech Williams reminds us that Fear Is A Liar.

Keyword Search Proof of Google Ranking Going Up Using Jaaxy Image
Can You See The Changes In The Image Above?

4 Ways to Join Jaaxy and Special Pricing

  1. Jaaxy Free comes with 30 searches. This won’t change. Ever
  2. Jaaxy Pro is currently $19/month or $199/year
  3. Jaaxy Enterprise is currently $49/month or $499/year
  4. SECRET: Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Get Jaaxy Lite Included With Their Membership!
Jaaxy Keyword Website Analysis Tool Price


Get started with promoting your home business by following the process explained in this article. I’m here to offer extra support for building your online business and finding income opportunities

If you have questions, thoughts, or opinion about how to use Jaaxy like a pro, please leave them in the comment section.


  1. Thanks a lot for this overview of jaaxy. This is a pretty broad review but I agree with all the sentiments and it gives me hope that someday I can have a successful small business online. Is this the keyword research program that you recommend and if so why do you recommend this keyword research tool?

    1. Hi, Jon, thank you for reading my Jaaxy tutorial. Jaaxy is the tool I offer over any other keyword marketing tool because it has proven to work for me. If used right your pages can get ranked fast. the faster you get ranked in search engines, the fast visitors can start coming to your website.

      I created this Jaaxy add-on to provide support to anyone wanting to see how to use Jaaxy like a professional marketer. Did you have any questions related to the tutorial?

  2. I learned a lot from you today. Cannot wait to see your next post on identifying where your rivals slack at. However, I followed all the tips like you said, my AVG is always higher than 50, QSR is lower than 100, SEO is higher than 90 as well, but I still do not get that traffic that I wanted. Maybe I have to keep writing more posts about my keyword. I am going to wait for your next post and target the area where my competitors don’t have. It sure is hard like you mentioned but I will keep trying!!

    Thanks for an elaborate information 🙂

    1. Hi, Nuttanee, thank you for the comment. There is a lot that goes into creating copy to rank a website, traffic, writing, SEO, our own personality, and many other factors are needed.

      Can we work together on your next post? You can find me at Wealthy Affiliate under the call name


  3. Great I was always wondering what are the different property on the Jaaxy and not too sure where to find this property detail.

    Which is the most important features of the heading? Avg? Traffic? QSR? KQI? SEO?

    Does the keywords represent as the heading of your website, or as long as it is inside the contain of your post, it will be search for during the implementation.

    1. Hi, Cheong, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my Jaaxy tutorial. All of the headings are meant to work together. As one body. You can’t have a high QRS (competition) or you won’t rank for that keyword. You can’t have low (Avg) monthly search inquiries for your chosen Keyword or you won’t get any traffic.They all work together

  4. Thank you for this easy to understand guide.  I, like you were, am just getting started with keyword research and am still learning what everything means.  I feel like I understand what all the numbers in Jaaxy mean after reading your guide.

    I am very impressed that you have your rankings so high.  How long did it take you?

    1. Thank you, Nate, for the question. About 2 Hours to rank at position 35 and 24 to get to #1. Or something like that. The only thing is, I’m not new at it, I was just using the tools I had wrong.

      So, I thought if I was incorrectly using Jaaxy, what others of Gods’ children are doing the same thing.

      And for the next few days (weeks), I’m got a nice little project to get together.

      God bless you.

  5. Thank you for posting a detailed tutorial for a keyword search on Jaxxy. I use Jaxxy but I was wondering what each column represent. Now I understand how to read the results and actually use it for my searches going forward. Looking forward to reading more about SEO and how to rank on google! 

    1. Hi, Saori, thank you for joining the discussion. I’m glad you were able to find my article on using Jaaxy. It sounds like you may have some issues using Jaaxy. I want to help you get the most out of the application. If you contact me. I can help you find your next keyword.

      Also, I just created another blog post on improving SEO that you may be interested in reading. Let me know if you would like my help searching for your next keyword using Jaaxy. I’m here to help.

  6. Thank you for this detailed post- i have struggled using Jaaxy but with this article i think i will be able to improve my performance when looking for keywords with Jaaxy, It is difficult at first but gradually i should be getting the hang of it. I have used it for my previous post but i think i failed at finding the correct key words, thanks again

    1. Hi, Hbee, thank you for stopping by. If you don’t mind what is the keyword you would like to work with? I could help you find a good one and then email it to you.

  7. I truly appreciate your intention to help people finding right keyword using the platform called Jaaxy. You have wonderfully explained the technical terms like QSR, KQI, Avg and so on. Glad that I read this article, otherwise understanding Jaaxy fully might be bit difficult for me. 

    You have righteously said that, it’s better to use Jaaxy along with Wealthy Affiliate platform. Which support Jaaxy in best ways. Just one question though, Can we use Jaaxy with same effectiveness, even if we’re not into Wealthy Affiliate platform? 

    Thanks a lot for providing this wonderful review.

    1. akshaysaxena, great question. You sure can. Jaaxy can be used with an affiliate marketing program or niche

  8. Great post about how to use Jaaxy, I bookmarked the post even before reading it based on the problem I have using the program for important keywords. QSR as I sensed to be highly important, but didn’t know how to use, really came in handy after going through this. I think things are gonna turn around for my website once I’m able to master the use of Jaaxy, thanks for this post, very helpful. 

  9. The jaaxy software tool is a very important component for any blogger. It can be used to research keywords and find trendy low hanging fruits. Using the jaaxy software, I have been able to create more SEO friendly posts and my website has even become Google indexed in a short period of time.  

  10. Jaaxy can be a very powerful tool if it used the right way. It’s not hard, actually, once you get the basic idea of what to look for and how to do the searching it becomes like second nature and you cannot work without using that first. Anyone serious into blogging needs to use this.

    1. Stratos, thank you. I’m getting better the more I use it. I’m in the process of creating showing step by step how I’m getting my page to rank. 

  11. Thanks for doing this article, I have been having issues grasping the use of jaaxy too. I have been looking for some help. I will be sure to follow your instructions in creating a good keyword search and i will get back to you on my results. Thanks for the infor

  12. I am glad to see somebody else out there also having a lot of success with Jaaxy. I have used it for three years now and I can’t believe the difference in my search engine rankings.

    I love using Jaaxy as it is so quick and easy. You simply type in the keyword phrase and within seconds you know whether or not you can use it and it also gives you other suggestions in case your phrase is not going to work.

    I also like that you can check where your websites and keywords are ranking in Google in seconds. This tool is my lifesaver and no webmaster or blogger should be without it.

    1. Thank you, Michel

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