Jesus Walking With A Child – The Poem

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I am no longer capable of retaining any feelings that I’ve held in over the  40 years. I’ve unlocked the chest where they once were perceived as prisoners of my own domain, preserved by my own fears.  I kept them buried deep there, I restricted and confined them, keeping them always in my mind and near my heart before I set them free, now nothing remains the same.

My emotions push its way out through me, fleeing, like a trapped animal discharged by the aliens that had captured him. They land onto the screen, it hits and creates a splash of confusion like fighting a war for peace, or an adolescent that rebellion against the system. The readers continue to read. Why?

That’s what I ask myself as I raise both hands to my aching head and think whom I to blame for this shame. The vision enters the frame and into my brain, forever stained by loved one game as I try not to remember the pain.

Why do you keep hitting me with these belts? I only told you how I felt, like ice cream in the hot sun melts, a mess I’m left. Like a secret, I can’t keep this to myself, I have to reveal what life has dealt amongst someone else.

Like a smart child that hides his welts, don’t ask for help is what she yelped, nobody hears your stupid cries now Shut your effing eyes.

Oh yes’, I slept, good image in my head did creep, and them I kept, I called them my Social Securities. Read some more for clarity, see if I can become transparency.

Take a look at my history, you’ll see I’m all about the charity and helping my people breath. Talking every single human being! Setting us all free, guiding us out of poverty. Have you been reading my story, this isn’t where it starts you see? Can you tell what’s my passion is? Still got Him in my heart – believe!

I got a spirit full of pure faith surrounded by my God’s grace, also a white cloud that follows me and it shows on my face. I’ve got a question for some of you readers, maybe you can help me to understand. Why you give me so much grief, is it because I’M A BELIEVER IN JESUSIn His love I am and when I fall in His blood I’ll land. Have you read our Father’s plan?

I’m so proud of all I surrendered to, talking to the big box employer, you little peeps some you I’ve could have sued. I’m always putting my whole heart towards making your dreams come true. I know we all gotta eat some bread, isn’t there a better way instead? When was the last time you sent your kid to school without some decent food?

Why should I be an employee that’s manageable, and give into your system that’s undesirable, unapproachable and most differently unjustifiable? Better yet, let me throw this in for someone, Luke 12:13-21.

With my hands against my head, I hear my heart it’s beating fast, like a child when he comes home with a report that’s really bad, like chewing pork that’s full fat and makes you wanna gag. What’s comparable to that?

You manage me in this world, the thought of it makes me wanna yack until it makes you want to hurl. I gave my life to LORD.

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