It On A Stick And A Hand Full Of Fries

It on a Stick and A Handful of Fries.

Whos controlling (y)our opinions keeping you living in fear? Something about (y)our feelings got you drowning in (y)our tears.

Is it war, because they say it’s right at (y)our doors? Who’s it good for? Anyways, these days I can’t tell any more.

Who makes these decisions? Because there’s a lack of communication – call an emergency declaration?

No modern-day modification to distinction. Will mankind go into extinction?

Low toleration. The whole world is in retaliation.

A rare being doing (y)our own things. Is the fighting getting nearer and do the trumpets ring?

Opinions are originated by hypocrisy all camouflage in a not so hidden agenda, designed to give a false sense of a perfect world you see.

It’s a new world order, we all better run for the border, Si.

There’s no surrendering; get a dictionary and keep up with me.

We’re all blind minds being clotheslined, in a democracy of hypocrisy. You’ll believe it if you could only open your eyes up to see all the monopsony.

It’s in their packs of greed. Stuffing their pocket, left (y)our family with no feed.

They got us with our needs, down on (y)our knees,

begging please, please, please – set my people freeeee…

Hermitized and some are zombified – under hypnosis. And it has all been done right under of (y)our own noses.

There be no need for anesthesia,

It’ll be quick and painless, just as the promised Y’all.

They’ve used the system that’s much better to seek (y)our ATTENTION. It’s here for all to see. Need I mention?. I say yes to denuclearization without evaluation or the world could end up with the last devastation.

Is Blue MARble spinning towards desolation? We’ll have a better chance of a space invasion.

If only you believed, could hear and see. It’s no longer a conspiracy. It’s real and it’s sickening.

It on a Stick and A Handful of Fries. This they feed us with their lies.

The fight for peace is still progressing. I’ll see you in the skies…


  1. What happens on these day is that many people do not want to realize, what is really happening in this world and they prefer to ignore it, many because of fear and others because they prefer to live this way, hopefully more people would open their eyes before is too late.

    Thank you for sharing this great article.

  2. So glad Ii encountered your website. What mostly grabbed my attention was, “A rare being doing (y)our own things. Is the fighting getting nearer and do the trumpets ring?” which just made me realize that we must prepare ourselves for what’s ahead. There is so much going on in this world that we need to keep our eyes on the price. We cannot let this generation change our beliefs because we know what’s ahead.

    1. Thank you, Nia.

      Like what you said, we got to keep our eyes on the prize.

      But I believe we need t go further, the world is the way it is today because we talked our way into this mess. Now we want to fight our way out of it.

      The fight for peace has always been an oxymoron.

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