Increase Website SEO With Your HTML Heading Tags

Increase Website SEO With Your HTML Heading Tags

How to increase website SEO in 2019 and help internet searchers find your website content. Get discovered in major search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! If you are trying to get your product and services indexed, you’re going to find this short post got what you were looking for. As a matter of fact, you’ll love the results, because people will be able to see if you got what it takes to help them solve problems. If you do get stuck, just ask me using the comment section provided.

OK, now let go and learn what it’s going to take to raise your web pages SEO.

Increase Website SEO Using Keywords In HTML Headings

By using the HTML heading tags correctly (H1 through H6), you can help your readers understand the web page structure. Proper page formation, along with great web content will help your website get found in search results. Meaning, this will give you a better chance at a position allowing people to find your stuff on the internet.

But of course, creative writing using the right keywords, on-page SEO, and other factors are required to get your site content to show even higher in search results.

Let’s learn about HTML Heading Tags because they’re fastest the easiest to use for creating a good blog post structure that will get you found by the people looking for your blog post. Or stuff.

Develop Website SEO Using Only 1 HTML H1 Heading Tag Per Web Page

When you have a writing assignment, you are going to want to give it a title, right? The page title is usually the largest heading on your post. You want to use a h1 heading here. But wait!

There Can Be Only One h1 Heading on a Page.

Your content manager system (CMS) will probably create the h1 heading automatically for you. I know as a WordPress user, all I have to do is enter the title I want in the title box or section, then the system adds the page title as an h1 for me. You gotta love WordPress.

All I have to do is be sure I don’t create any more h1 tags in the body of the web page content.

I’ll tell you some more about CMS in another post. Now we are going to stick to showing you how to enhance your website SEO with HTML Headings. Learning how to write a blog post that inspires your website visitors, assists your post with search engine ranking, builds up site traffic, plus, persuades your readers to become paying customers is the goal here.

If you apply all of what I’m recommending, you just may build your home business brand, bigger then you imagined.

Increase Website SEO Using Your HTML Heading Tags h1-h2 feature image

I’m A h2 Heading and I Can Help Influence Increase Website SEO

Not as Important as A h1 heading tag, h2 tags can help keep your site followers from leaving if you keep like items on your website together.

The page title of this post is an HTML h1 heading tag. Notice how large it is. My blog post title is the only h1 heading tag on this page. Subtitles, like the h2 heading above and the h3 example down below, can make important information stand out or separate topics; Great for website visitors that may skim your site content when they are in a hurry.

HTML h3 Heading is Used to Show Less Important Parts of A Post.

  • Video and Audio Files
  • Images Galleries
  • Recent Post
  • Comment Section
  • Sidebars
  • Header and Footer Areas

It’s worth repeating. Heading make it easier for readers to find and navigate through your website stuff.

Heading and subtitles will make sections of your work exposed. As in stand out; helping the followers reading your blog post get a quick idea of what each area is discussing.

Related Topic On Using H1-H6 Tags

A while back, I read an article on Yoast about HTML headings and why you should be using them. You may find interesting or catch something I missed.

It should give you a solid understanding of the use of HTML heading tags. Let me know your opinion in the comments below. Let’s move on to learning some about how to write good blog posts by configuration.

Structure Your Blog Post For Maximum Reader Enjoyment and SEO

The way you construct your websites and blog posts can have a negative or positive impact on your SEO ranking, readers experiences, visitors returning and more. Bad looking websites with out-dated posts can kill a home business dream, fast.

That’s all I have for today. If you have any questions about how to increase website SEO using Jaaxy, let me know using the comment section.

How to Write Good Blog Posts for A Users Experience

How to write good blog posts that’ll trigger the user response and make them want to come back for more. If you’re a new home business owner who creates any kind of internet content, such as a blog post that offers solutions to help your website visitors solve their problems; Then, you’ve probably used the following keyword in your favorite search engine, “how to write good blog posts”. Am I right? Well, guess what?

You’ve made a great home business decision for wanting to create well-written documents to offer your readers a better experience while navigating through your website. All writers know that by learning how to make great web content early, you will greatly improve the reader and your experiences as a home business owner.

How to Create Great Web Content to Keep Visitors Wanting More Feature Image

Writing a good blog post that can trigger the readers’ response will increase your online business awareness, which in return will bring up your site sales. Would you say that’s your main goal, doing some business with the people you make happier?

You want to be able to offer your customers quality reading material and solutions that make them happier and want to come back for more. You will have to learn how to create a line of web commodity that pleases both humans and search engine spiders. Quickly, you will develop your internet traffic and home business, plus, you will convert a lot more sales. Would you like to learn how? Throughout this statement, I’ve included some tips for writing a good article. So, be sure to read the howl post.

How to Write Good Blog Posts so Readers Don’t Get Bored

I was going to take some time off. Give me a break for a couple of days from learning how to design and develop websites. But I got bored and decided I would share by writing a blog about some experiences I’m having with my work at home business.

I’ve been told to create good reading material, one must tell a story.

You see, I’m at the point in my home business where I need to spend a lot more time writing articles, creating better website substances, and producing tutorials. That’s the only I’m going to get better at running my work from home business and increase my earnings.

Plus, this way I can share my knowledge with you and improve on my writing. But, what are blog posts and how do you write one?

Grasping How to Write Good Blog Posts Show Your Great Potential

According to Wikipedia, a blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal daily-style text entries. In other words, a blog post.

Thank you, Wikipedia. I’m sure most of us now have a much clearer understanding of what’s a blog post. If I understand this right, by providing enough quality information on your website for your visitors, and making it worth having an intellectual discussion about, you’ll be writing a blog post.

In other words, a blog post is a tool that teaches the reader how to fix a prevailing problem. The author of the post would use it to show website visitors he or she can relate.

How to Write Good Blog Posts to Get Email Newsletter Subscribers

Writing is great for communicating your ideas, opinions and telling your story. Various bloggers are using their websites daily; Blogging to get their message out to the world and shared by people like me and you.

How to Create Great Blog Post Using a List

Writing and reading can be a fun home business activity when performed regularly. One way I found that made reading and writing easier was by breaking my writing material down into small sections and adding lists.

  • Good Writing Shows Your Readers Examples
  • Good writing will entertain your visitors
  • Writing good means to tell your high-spirited stories
  • Readers like to see your charts or list during their reading
  • List stimulates the visitor’s eyes
  • Website guess that is in a hurry love list

Your Premium Correspondence Gets Subscribers Name And Email

I read a lot of different writer’s blogs, some of them are worth the time when the topic is hot or related to my interest, while others I’d wish I never found. You can learn a lot by reading someone’s column, for an example;

Needless to say, a blog post is a tool that teaches its reader how to solve their current problem. Your next script could be how to write a relevant article for building a website from home.

Creating website content your visitors like, and they just may subscribe to your mailing list. This will give you a chance to stay in touch with your followers and share information on a personal level.

How to Script Good Blogs for Better Search Engine Position

YES! Writing a great blog post can and will help you boost your position in search engines. See here for proof of my Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine ranking on several keywords. A well-structured and composed of blog post will play an important role in search engine optimization (SEO) and your page rankings. Meaning, more eye will see your published website material.

Fundamentals to Develop Good Blog Posts Practices to Increase Website SEO

  • Make a theme/post template
  • Create a list of writing topics
  • Group related topics
  • Prioritize your topic
  • Keep the post short (Ok I Failed On This Part)
  • Write small paragraphs

How’s that for a simple list? If you have never written or blogged before, remember what you read in this here article. It will make your life as a writer so much easier. Let’s move on to another tip.

How to Write Good Blog Posts for Users Experience

How to Leverage Off Great Blog On Your Website to Increase Website SEO

A home business can create opportunities to earn income from SEO copywriting for years. Think about this.

For example, I can create advantages from my already created articles and even new blog posts. (linking to and from this blog post)

And, I can create advantages from my already created articles and even new blog posts. (linking to and from this blog post)

Leveraging against this article, I could help with the Introduction to HTML Heading tags or something like that.

Increase Website SEO Tutorials

I can write at least one or two dedicated blog post about the proper use of HTML heading tags in my HTML tutorials, and that’s just the beginning of how I can leverage off this one article. Umm, I think this is a good time to show you another example. This example demonstrates how I gain support from other content I’ve created.

Most visitors will let you know if they like what you’re producing on your home business website by leaving their comments on the pages you created.

Example of Leveraging Your Writing To Lower User Bounce Ratio to Improve Ranking

I’m in the process of creating my own Learn HTML Online Courses, it’s work in the development stage, of course. I’m working on refining it and making the final product easier and fun for everyone to use.

It’s a hobby I finally got around to turning into a home business. I started free with no credit card.

Well, anyways, I’m moving the completed site design course to Rank High Studio is my second website. I also help people rank high in search engines using Search Engine Marketing.

Whereas, Seconds 2 Work is all about working from home; the 30 seconds commute to the office.

Think about it. Writing a good blog post gives your readers a little something extra for their eyes to see. I just link this one post to other related articles on this and other websites. That’s how to leverage and provide better service. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, or if this is hard on the eyes.

Talking Helps You Learn How to Compose Nice Blogs and Increase Website SEO

Which topic would you be more comfortable writing about; Any concept that you have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in, that would be the best thing for you to write about.

If you write an article about doing what you love, you’ll stay with it longer. Knowledge is power and I believe in sharing. So, I write about what I learn. I pick a topic I like, learn about it, try it out and then share it with the world.

I create personalized business tutorials to sell. The information here on Second 2 Work, it’s mostly for free. You are welcomed to test my knowledge to help keep me sharp.

To learn more about how to write good blog posts or any topic that I may have hit on in this article, I’ve created a list of resources to help you further along in your research. Clicking the link below will open a new tab in your browser.

Resources To Help You Write Good Blog Posts That Trigger Readers Response

  • Use your favorite search engines like Google or Bing for research topics
  • Read books and magazines published on your topic for more ideas
  • Hang out with other people that share the same interest in your topic
  • Start an online forum where you can share your thoughts with others on your topic
  • Share your ideas and opinions in discussion groups or on the post you read
  • Contact me for more great blog ideas


That’s all for now if you like the post, subscribe to my monthly newsletter and share it with anyone you can think of that will benefit from this sort of material. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section down below.

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  1. Thanks for the insight for increasing website SEO indirectly using html heading tag. Html can help get more visitors and stay around the blog by using a proper structure, page formation and good content. Arranging of the page structure can help get or lose more visitors I noted these things and I will adding them to my blog ,it’s of a good value to me, I will bookmark and stay around your blog to learn more about running of a blog. Thanks for the information 

    Best regards 

    1. Hi, Adamuts, Thank you for the comments. These are good tips, and it sounds like you have an understanding of creating content that is going to get ranked in search engines. Keep learning and you will do great. God bless you

  2. Thank you for sharing the example and the tips on how to structure our post. This is my 6th month in and I am still figuring out which structure will be best for me and easier for my reader to read my content, I also wanna get higher rank as well. I will follow the link you share and check my headings. Can’t wait to read your next post to share more tips on SEO.

    1. Hi, Nuttanee, thank you for the comment. It takes time and practice to be able to create a decent blog post. There is not a perfect one out there. I’m still working it out, myself. I believe every blog post has a basic flow it follows, but at times you may have to make changes.

  3. Thanks for writing this article on how to increase website seo using web keywords in html. I find this article so helpful because am new to how to create website using wordspress but am learning gradually.i will follow all the tips in this article in other to increase my first website seo by using keywords in html because this is my first of reading about this tips on how to do that

    1. Thank you for visiting Ajibola, and these tips are just the basic. Check around for other things that need to be done to boost your web content SEO

  4. Hi Lenard, I know about using the right keywords, great content etc to rank top on google and other search engines. However, this is my first time of hearing about the possibility of using keywords in HTML to increase website SEO.

    You are right about getting the structure of our blogs right. A website that is not properly organized will discourage visitors from returning back.  I have learnt about the importance of HTML tags and how to use each one of them, especially H1 to H3.

    1. Hi, Gracen, thank you for joining the discussion.

      Indirectly it is possible to increase website SEO by using the target keyword in the HTML heading tag.

      The heading tag makes it easy for the reader to follow what each section is about. Search engine crawlers also read these heading and will notice the keyword in the flow structure.

      You wouldn’t want to keyword stuff, so you can use LSI or related keywords in the sub-header.

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