What’s Your Source Of Income? It’s Your Choice.

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Source of Income
Source Of Income

Do you have an income source? You do know what that is, of course? It’s one of those questions you’re asked on most applications when you’re trying to purchase product or services with your great credit ratings. “What is your source of income?” It’s the question that we all be hating.

Your source of income is easy to describe in your own voice. It’s your choice to choose your own source where you’ll be earning your money, of course by your own force.

It could be anywhere, but you and only you can make that choice there. No one can force you to pick your source, just to keep it fair. Am I making this clear?


New Income Source

I discovered another form of income source. It’s the one working people are reaching for as their choice. I’ve asked plenty of hard workers and searched some more, of course, only to uncover a dark force in our income source. So, let me speak my voice.

How many people do you know are earning their income by working in a job they don’t like or want to be working at?

So, if they’re getting their money from ways they don’t want or like doing, it’s it safe to say that they’re earning forcible income?


Self-Forced Income

Don’t worry, no one will be forcing anyone anywhere to take their earnings, not yet of course. You can give it away that’s your choice, just leave enough for your support. But you are forced to make it, however by your choice. You’re never forced to take it, whenever of course.

When you pick self-forced as your source of income choice, most people will discover it will become their worst income, by self-choice. You will feel the pressure of the Self-Forced income source.

Self-employed Income

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