How to Start Affiliate Marketing Today

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Today For Free

I want to show you how to start affiliate marketing today for free. This is a section of my Wealthy Affiliate Review: The Full Disclosure.

November 21, 2018, I upgraded my monthly Wealthy Affiliate membership to a yearly payment plan.

Let me just say, I had been with the monthly payment plan for over two years. The only add-ons or up-grades Wealthy Affiliate EVER offered me was their premium membership. So, it made sense for me to upgrade.

To me, that implies no more monthly fees hanging overhead causing me at times to look like I was out of my mind. Also, it means spending more time concentrating on expanding and promoting my online business. What a brilliant idea.

Best of all, I can really try out the system the way it is meant to be implemented.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Today With Wealthy Affiliate

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1 Choose Your Affiliate Network to Market

There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs to pick from that you can use to earn passive income from home.

Affiliate networks are not all created the same. Some affiliate marketing companies Do Not Offer Training.

Unless you are an expert at marketing other people’s products, I recommend finding an affiliate platform that will teach you how to run an affiliate marketing site.

2 Starting Affiliate Marketing Means Asking Questions

Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions will help you learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate program as possible. Also, leave your comments, feedback, and opinions relevant to this review in the section provided below.

Wealthy Affiliate like it when the community asks a lot of question, of any kind.

I want to help you in any area I’m capable of. I will be providing answers to your questions and demonstrating the process of how each training work. This way you can see how Wealthy Affiliate seriously works. And that’s it’s not a scam at all.

Finally, I’ll be sharing advice received by Wealthy Affiliate owners.

I have faith this review will provide assistant to anyone searching for information to help them make a rational decision, whether or not to participate in the Wealthy Affiliate Online Education Program.

3 Starting Affiliate Marketing Today Means Understanding the Pros & Cons

You May Not Like Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

If you do join Wealthy Affiliate, there is going to be a lot of involvement required from you.

Some of the work is going, to be honest, hard work. It’s making a lot of creative thinking decisions. Inside and outside of the box.

You may find yourself spending hours or days creating plans for your business. Or, deciding on your niche. And that’s just a couple of circumstances that could hold some Wealthy Affiliate members back from seizing their business goals.

Have you ever been frustrated trying to make a decision? Especially if you have a tough time stepping outside of your comfort zone.

What direction to take your online learning?

Then there’s a wide learning curve that some people go through. I’m still undergoing it, even after a year of gaining some skills.

What about your level of dedication towards getting an online education to start your home business? Your concentration; will play a major factor, also.

There are going to be distractions that will appear from out of nowhere. All kinds of reasons, people, and spirits will try to keep you from building your business.

4 What Countries Are Restricted to Start Affiliate Marketing Today?


Start Affiliate Marketing Today Map of The World
  • Bangladesh & Egypt
  • Ghana & India
  • Kenya & Morocco
  • Nigeria & Pakistan
  • Philippines & Vietnam

Because there is a lot of fraud and spam coming from the above countries, they are excluded from joining under the Free and Monthly Memberships.

To protect the Wealthy Affiliate Community, the above countries are only granted access to the training under the yearly membership plan.

So, when you start affiliate marketing make sure you are able to participate in your country.

5 Start Affiliate Marketing Today Means Time Investment

How much serious time are you really willing to put into growing your business? Are you ready to invest 40, 50, 70 hours, or up to 90 hours a week,  or more?

Do you get scared of your writing, grammar, and stuff, and get stuck? Hey, I’ll let you know right now, It’s Ok two Mess up.

You could lose your patience and step away for your dreams and start doing other things. Therefore, you may think it’s not worth your money or investment in time.

It’s ok.

Because, no matter what, the decision is always going to be yours to make. Your income source will always be your choice to take.

Free people at Wealthy Affiliate cannot reply to comments, blogs or training. Nor are Starter members at Wealthy Affiliate able to create the above elements after the first 7 days.

6 What About Having Skills in Organization?

Because you will find out about Wealth Affiliate create a tutorial program. Oh, Create a Tutorial is just one of many ways you can earn extra from home learning with WA.

Sometimes I get sidetracked. You will experience a feeling of being overwhelmed with information overload.

The Starter and Premium members equally at Wealthy Affiliate go through this ill-feeling, mostly at the start of their learning. But it can hit you anytime. It fades…When it does come over you, some folks drop-out, others may procrastinate, or go idle for a long period of time.

But for the members that hang in there, well, that’s an entirely different story.

Great, I’ve Discovered Something Else

What I Like About Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing With Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Cason the co-owners, ask you to make a promise to them at the start of the program. It’s definitely required of you to have a never give up attitude.

If you have the right mindset, Wealthy Affiliate 50 Lessons, Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses can lead your business in the right direction.

Who Can Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Anyone can join, even grade-schoolers.

Wealthy Affiliate embraces every nationality, age, and beliefs, regardless of their skills level or experiences.

We share ideas in a friendly community that tolerates no spamming or rudeness of any kind.

Wealthy Affiliate is rated #1 in the world for producing more successful Entrepreneur’s from an online business community with its members magically sharing a common goal of running a successful online business helping others.

What About Age Limits?

There are no age restrictions at Wealthy Affiliate, but if you’re under 18, it is a very good idea to let your parents know about your internet activity.

I believe the youngest participant is 13 years old.

However, other affiliate programs may have an age restriction. You will need to check their terms of service for acceptability into their affiliate program.

Start Affiliate Marketing Today With No Credit or Credit Card?

Wealthy Affiliate offers members several ways to participate in the learning program. I’ve listed all the plans above and down below I will explain the free member plan.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Product

This plan is great for you if you just want to try the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can use it without having to dish out any money.

The free membership is a one-time trial offer. Once you upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, you remain a premium member.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1 is also available for free members.

The first 2 classrooms are available for Starter Members. The Getting Started and the WA Affiliate program. The questions, blogs, and training are just read, free members cannot place comments.

A free member can access the website via the site manager and have 1 Starter Website. You can build anything you want to on your website.

The Certification course Level 1 is available for free members.

Start Affiliate Marketing Today With Free Member Access

  • SiteManager
  • Site Builder
  • SiteDomains
  • Site Content

As a free new affiliate, you can make money online, but you get access to read all blogs posted on WA. You can like blogs, comments, and training by clicking on the like button for that article.

You can also follow other WA members. This is a great way for you to build your niche business knowledge and get money-making ideas and information for your site.


Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Getting Started Course can put your online business on a good foundation. Giving it a solid start toward operating a profitable work from home business in any industry or niche or profession.

Recommend for people wanting to learn how to build a website and online business through marketing and training.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information, but if you have any questions please leave them in the comments. Also, I would like to hear about your experiences when you started affiliate marketing.

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