How to Install WordPress on Windows 10 ~ WAMP (Locally)

Welcome back, this is Lesson 1.2 How to Install WordPress on Windows 10 ~ Building a Website from Scratch. When you complete this tutorial, you will have the fundamental knowledge of how to set up a local hosting environment using WAMP, WordPress, and Windows 10.  Are you ready to get started?

Any Questions?

Before we start, let me make sure you understand that I am here to help you. That means that if at any time you are not sure what to do, you are to stop what you are doing and ask questions or for help. I’m sorry if this comes out blunt. Getting frustrated while creating a website from scratch can happen. I’m here to help make your learning activity more fun. Let’s get started.

How to Install WordPress on Windows 10 ~WAMP

Start With Downloading WAMP

  1. First, open a browser and head over to WAMP website by clicking here. You will need to download WAMP, but at this moment I only want you to download and save it to the computer.
  2. When you get to WAMP website, click the download tab located near the top of the page, or scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the latest stable version of WAMP that will work on the computer system. Your choices are 64 bits or 32 bits. Make sure you click on the one for the PC.
  3. Once you have chosen the server that will work on the computer, wait for the file to finish downloading then close that page. DO NOT INSTALL WAMP Yet. Just leave it in the file where you saved it at on the computer.

What is WAMP?

WAMP, an acronym for Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It’s a package of open source applications used to create a local hosting environment on the computer. I will create a tutorial explaining what all that means, but for now, you have somewhat of an idea what it’s going to be used for. Let’s move on to the next step.

Next Download WordPress

Now, got to WordPress website and download the latest stable WordPress version. You will see the download button at the top right. I placed an image down below showing you what it looks like. Just click download the latest stable version and save the .zip file to the computer. Now just leave it there, well come back to it later on.

How to Install WordPress on Windows 10 ~Button

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful content management system that’s also an open source application, that you can use to create websites, blog, and apps. We’re handing coding our website by creating a customized theme that we will later convert into a WordPress theme. Once again, I will create a tutorial explaining WordPress in detail. Let’s move on to the next step.

Now How to Install WAMP on Windows 10 ~Setup

  1. Locate the WAMP file you downloaded earlier on the computer.
  2. Click to start the installation.
  3. Follow the on-screen instruction leaving all the settings at their default setting. In other words, keep clicking next until you get to installation now button then click install.
  4. Once WAMP installation has completed installing on the computer, make sure that the Launch WAMP Server check box is checked.
  5. Now click Finish.

Next, Build Your Database

  1. Locate the WAMP Server Icon in the windows task bar. It should be green. If it is not green, contact me and together we will fix it.
  2. OK, now Left click on the icon and a window model will pop up.
  3. Find phpMyAdmin and click on it.
  4. Inside of phpMyAdmin click on the databases tab located in the top navigation menu.
  5. Enter a database name under create database field. You can enter any name you want. For example, MySite or MyTestSite, you can use any name you want just remember what it is. OK, now click create.
  6. Now close the browser.

Now How to Install WordPress on Windows 10 ~ Setup

  1. Locate and extract the WordPress file you downloaded earlier.
  2. Copy the WordPress folder. To copy the folder, hover the mouse pointer over the folder and right click on it. Now click on copy.
  3. On the computer go to the (C:) drive and click it to open it.
  4. Find the WAMP folder and double click to open it.
  5. Look for the WWW folder and right click and paste the WordPress folder inside of it. Make sure you are pasting WordPress in the WWW folder.
  6. You can change the name of the WordPress folder to what ever you want. Example MySite anything you like, just remember what you call it.

Next Set up Your Localhost Environment

  1. Open a browser and type http://localhost/YourWebsiteName Use the name you decided on in step 6 then click enter.
  2. You are going to get a message stating that you are missing a wp-configuration file. Not to worry. Click on create a configuration file button.
  3. When the page comes up, click on Let’s Go.
  4. Fill in the form starting with the Database name you decided on when you created the database in phpMyAdmin.
  5. Leave the Username as root. If the word root is not in the Username field, type it in yourself.
  6. Password leave at none or set it to root.
  7. Database host you can leave it at localhost.
  8. Table Prefix we can leave it alone as well.
  9. Now click submit and wait for the next step.
  10. You should now get a message saying All Right Sparky!. (it means you are on the right track) Your database is set up correctly. All You have to do is finish the rest of WordPress installation.

Now How to Install WordPress on Windows 10 ~ Account

  1. Click on the run install button to start the WordPress installation.
  2. Fill out the installation form, starting with the website title. You can choose what ever title you like. Your site title name can be changed so quickly decide on a name and move onto the next step.
  3. Chose the Username. DO NO USE, ADMIN. For the protection do not use admin as the user name. I will be creating a post explaining why. Now, choose a user name and move on to the next step.
  4. Chose a very strong password. WordPress encourages you to choose a very strong password and will have you verify that you wish to continue with using a weak password.
  5. Provide WordPress a valid email address.
  6. Click on install.
  7. Take a bow. You have succeeded in stalling WordPress.

How to Install WordPress on Windows 10: Lesson 1.2 Conclusion

This will conclude lesson 1.2 of How to Install WordPress On Windows 10. When we come back, we’re going to jump right into lesson 1.3 Notepad Plus Plus ~ Sublime Text Editor ~ What’s Atom? We’re be learning about how to setup an IDE and using source code editors. Are you ready to start writing in code? Good, because first, we will learn the fundamentals of a text editor while learning how to build a website from scratch.

Start Lesson 1.3 Notepad++ ~ Sublime Text Editor ~ What’s Atom?

That’s all for now. If you like How to Install WordPress on Windows 10, kindly hit the like button and share it with anyone you can think of that will benefit from it. If you have any questions, opinion, comments, or feedback, please leave them in the comment section down below. Thank you and God bless you.

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My true feeling about creating a website by hand coding it; It’s like a Thanksgiving meal. Not just any kind of turkey day dinner. More like the kind grand mom’s cook; Make it from scratch she used to tell us. You’ll put more love into a home-cooked meal she would say. I guess I’m kind of old spirited and like creating things the old fashion way. Build them to last a life time. ~ LeNard’s View ~

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  1. Building a website is very crucial job and without wordpress it is likely very difficult to build a website. you have done very good job with this article. I had some of confusion which is cleared by your article. can you please suggest me some of good plugins and theme for wordpress both paid and free

    1. Thank you for reading the article. Coding a website can be difficulty but the more I do it the easier it becomes. I want to help more people start their coding career so I try to make my tutorials easy to understand. As far as plugins, I like Yoast for helping with SEO, I the WordPress 2017 Theme because it’s got a lot of great functions, slider options, widget in the sidebar and footer area,  just a couple of things I like about the 2017 theme.

      Thank your and God bless

  2. This article is very useful for the ones who want to work on WordPress and buid their own site. All the steps that you mentioned were very helpful and made me really get my wordpress getting ready. Thanks for the information about WAMP too . Good advice and hope i can help other guys with this problems.

    1. ‘m glad it was able to help you, I hope that it can make it easy for other people having issues get set up.

  3. Building a website from scratch seems to be complicated at first. However, like everything else in the world, once you get used to it you pretty much get how to do it. I haven’t messed with PHP or CSS in a long time. I remember back then, if I did something wrong with the PHP then none of the webpage as will actually load. I was a total newbie and I am still a total newbie at scripting. I will come back here from time to time to learn a thing or two from you. Recently, I’ve her also heard of something called bootstrap. It’s something that’s related to CSS. Do you have an article about that too?

    1. Hi, Win Bill, thanks for stopping by. I like using bootstrap because it makes CSS much easier, It’s almost like cheating in coding. Bootstrap Framework is created by Twitter and is great for making responsive web pages. I’m not going to go into on this page, instead I will write a post about it. I Will be creating a tutorial just on bootstrap alone. Talk to you later. God bless

  4. Thank you for writing this as I found it to be very helpful! I know there are alot of others that have thought about starting up their own website but do not know how to or feel that it is some complicated jigsaw puzzle. I have a wordpress site and even I feel that I could have used the steps here to learn how to start my own site and start building it.

    My question is, was there anything in particular in this lesson that you have struggled with? If so, what advice would you give others who also run into that problem?

    1. Hi, Arie, thank you for visiting Seconds 2 Work. To answer your question, I found setting up a localhost to be easy once I found the right resources to show me how. I spent a few days looking for complete clear instruction over the Internet. Once I located good information, it took me about 10-15 minutes getting my environment up and running, from start to finish.

      My subjection to anyone who runs into problems during this process would be, before starting any project, look over and read all instruction to ensure you understand the instruction clearly. If the information are not clear, ask questions until you completely understand.

      Arie, if you have any other questions, I am here to answer them for you. Thank you again for visiting and God bless you.

  5. Hi, firstly I want to let you now that I bookmarked your site. The website is professionally constructed and I really like how the categories and recent posts is constructed on the right hand side. You obviously worked very hard on your content and it is very helpful, therefor the positive comments. I can’t see anything wrong with your website.
    Good luck and take care!

    1. Thank you, for the comment. it’s funny, I can do a lot of things, but I just can’t get that header to drop down. I think it too far away from the main content. I should figure it out soon.

      I just created another tutorial to go with my serials. In lesson 1.3 we start coding the basic. Here is a link to lesson 1.2 What is HTML Code?

      Thank you for bookmarking my site and taking interest in my work. I would like the opportunity of help you in the future if you should ever need it. I’m here. God bless

  6. Really great article! Nowadays, tons of people want to create their own website and with all the different platforms offering their own website creation process, it can be really frustrating and confusing for people to start their own website. The over-advertisement of Wix for example leads to people going to Wix to create their website. WordPress is however the way to go, Google doesn’t like Wix. Great post?

    What exactly is WAMP? I thought tthat downloading WordPress would be enough..

    1. Hi, John, thanks for the question. W= Windows operating system A=Apache it’s a web server application M=MySQL serves as you database P=PHP that the programming language 

      What it all means is that you are turning your computer into a server like the ones use on the internet., The user request information, the request is sent to the server, the server sends it to the database. The database finds the information and sends it back to the server. The server sends the information to the user. PHP is the language they use to communicate with each other.

      I hope that answer your question. I’m still a little rusty on some of this. Let me know if you have any other questions.Thank you and God bless you. 

  7. Hi LeNard!

    You know, I used to think I do not like technology. But really, what it is I do not like is getting stuck, getting frustrated, then abandoning something I was looking forward to working on. This does not happen often, but it has happened.

    Great instructions on this tutorial! I have not created a website today, but I feel like I could if I wanted to. Sadly, I’ve a lot going on at the moment, but I sure will be coming back to this and playing the ‘build a website’ game, because I want to.

    Thanks for this!

    1. Hi, Jacquie, thank for visiting and leaving a comment on this website. I try my best to make my tutorials for everyone, beginners, and experts. If you want to learn you learn at your own pace. When you get started I;m here to help you.

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