Freelance writing online for beginners

Freelance Writing Online Tips to Boost Your Wages

Freelance writing online projects are everywhere. Affiliate marketers use freelance writers. Millions of website owners hire writers. Most online banners, ads, flyers, and everything you read online… When you read any sort of copy written on the internet, most likely a freelancer produced the content.

Writers are among the most in-demand people when it comes to the writing industry.

Get paid to write online from your home

Nowadays, people from all walks of life have an interest in making an income online. With the growth of the internet growing every day, writing for the World Wide Web has more than tripled the need for online writers.

Imagine, you’re the creator of website content on someone’s blog post. Or, you are the one a website owner calls for web page(s) updates.

A writer like yourself could conscientiously benefit from joining a freelance writer’s mailing list. You want to join one that helps you find online writing work. A mailing list is just another example of where freelance writing work is needed.

Keep reading, I’m going to share with you a few ways you can earn money, while working as a freelance writer online.

Freelance Writing Online is Hard Work

Content Is King! But, some people get scared at the thought of writing even the simplest sentence.

I like writing… And I like working on improving my writing skills. I’m not perfect, but I do practice every day. If you get started right now, you will enjoy getting paid while you learn. But writing online is not easy, keep reading for examples.

One downside to writing online is you have to wait for your payment. When you complete your work, you may have to wait for the client to send your money. To some writers, this is an issue. It would be better if you could get paid instantly… Right?

Freelance writing online will not fill up your bank account overnight. that requires continuous ongoing commitment, plus getting your work in front of the right people. This will enable you to live the lifestyle you wish for as a freelance writer.

If you offer the right solution to the right people at the perfect time, you can reach all the goals you set in life.

Too often, you get lost on the road to trying to help people. You find yourself clicking and jumping from one website to another. Reading one promise after another of how you can get rich faster if you use their product.

And now, here you are on another website waiting for me to make the promise of how I’m going to make your struggling writing career, filthy rich. And in about an hour.

If that’s what you’re looking for, overnight riches… You are on the wrong website and when I find The Overnight Millionaire System, I will include an affiliate link to help get you started.

You may have been searching the internet for writing jobs for a while now.

So far, you’ve been spending more time chasing after shiny objects and running down rabbit holes.

Every day, you’re working less on writing any article or starting your own writing services, the one you want to run from your home.

Does this sound like you?

I’ve been there. I promise it doesn’t have to be this hard on you.

Writing Tips from Ann Handley

Are you new to writing online? The video below features Ann Handley. She will share some powerful tips to help you get your online writing career started on some solid ground.

Ad: GetResponse affiliate program helps freelance writers scale their online business. They offer you a 30-day trial. If you do join, I will make a small commission. The commission I earn helps me to keep writing website content that helps you.

Did you know thousands of companies will hire to write online in plain everyday English?

Do you like to write website content? Or would you like to be paid to create ad copy for busy website owners? Keep reading, because freelance writing jobs are everywhere.

With that said, if you can write at a 3rd – 8th-grade reading or writing level, you can earn some surprisingly good money.

It doesn’t matter if you have no previous writing experience or a degree. These companies could care less where in the world you work from.

Meaning, you have a lot of opportunities to make money while you work from the comfort of your home, boat, or park.

In this post you’ll find several ways to create income as a professional online writer.

Sounds nice, right? Especially because regular 9-5 jobs are no longer sufficient in supporting most family’s monthly expenses.

Keep reading, I believe I have a solution that will work for you.

Get paid to write online from your home

Who Else Want an Online Writing Job?

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Work at Home Businesses
  • Retired people
  • Network Marketing
  • People Laid-off from their jobs
  • Restaurant workers looking to change career
  • Doctors wanting to write a research paper
  • College students
  • Internet Marketers
  • Any online business owner
  • Teachers
  • Churches/Minister
  • Lawyers/Judges
  • Anyone who owns or runs a website
Freelance writing online for beginners

Your Benefits from Writing Online

Your writing will become a stepping stone to better jobs or shared business ventures.

  • You work at home dressed the way you like.
  • Paid weekly to help boost your household income fast.
  • You can hold a permanent job and still write on the side.
  • Potential Income can be $25-$75/hour. (For beginners)
  • Select one or more topics you like to write on daily.
  • You set your work schedule and time off.
  • Choose upfront your pay per assignment.
  • No experience is needed to get started writing.
  • Training, tools, and software help you build your writing skills.
  • Writing job database to pick from any time.
  • Money sent into your PayPal account.
  • No Monthly Recurring Fees.
  • A Lifetime Of Income Security.

Types of Writing Jobs

Freelance writers who now get paid higher for their work started at entry-level pay.

  • Article writing – Depending on your writing skills, you could be paid $25-$50 for around 500 words as an article writer.
  • Blog posts – There are millions of blogs and website owners who are looking for good content writers.
  • Copywriting – Highly skilled copywriters can earn $10,000 and up for a single sales letter, as well as a percentage of each sale.
  • eBooks – Marketers like to hire writers to make digital books. The marketer may use the ebook as an incentive to get people to join an email list or other lead generation methods.
  • PLR editing – Creating, editing, and repurposing Privat Lable Rights Product. You get to keep 100% of your sales.
  • Pamphlets – Business card and pamphlet writers get paid to come up with the verbiage for postcards and such items.
  • Cheatsheets – Nowadays, it hard to come across a training course that will not offer some kind of cheatsheet or mindmap.
  • Christian websites – More churches are looking for someone to be a content creator and help spread the word using their website. Are you a Christian? I am.
  • Autoresponders – Have you heard the saying, “The Money Is In The List”? You can find home businesses like mine that need someone to create compelling email autoresponders to go out to the nice folks on my mailing list.
  • Reviews – People love to read product reviews before making a purchase.
  • Proofreading – It’s always good to have someone check your writing for errors. Can you believe they pay people to proofread and edit all kinds of text?

Freelance writing jobs are available online right now. Writing jobs are waiting for you to request an assignment. Fill in the form below to receive updates, tips, courses, and information about online writing jobs sent straight to your inbox.

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