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Welcome to Seconds 2 Work Customer Service Center. This is the location you will come to If you ever need to contact me. This page provides you with all of my business communications information. Information such as my business phone number, address and my other business credentials.

Call Me To Get Support

You can use this page to get support for any product or service that I provide.

  1. If I created a personalized tutorial for you or your organization, and it has become damaged or lost, I stand by my word and will replace it for free, for life.
  2. Are using one of my tutorials, free version or paid version, I will provide support as long as you are registered in my web design and development course.
  3. If you have questions and would like quick a answers and solution to some of the common web development issues you may be facing, please register for free. The link is in item number two.
  4. The fastest way to receive support would be to reach me by calling me on the phone.

Contact Me for My Services

Call me today to save some money on your website designing projects. No job is too small, or too big. If I’m unable to perform a service you are looking for, I will let you know right away which item I have no knowledge of. I offer a 30-minute FREE Phone interview. Give me a call when you are ready.

I offer a 30-minute FREE Phone interview. The interview will give you the opportunity to get to know me better. It’s designed to help you decide if you would like to do business with me, or prefer to use another companies services.

I use the phone time for finding out what kind of service you are requesting from my company. My notes are detailed, so you may have to repeat what you said a couple of times. I may have to ask you a question several times, just to make sure I perform the services you are hiring me to complete. I may call you several times during and after the project, to clarify some information. Give me a call when you are ready for my services.

Thank you and  God bless you.



Nashville, TN
(629) 203-6196

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2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Thank you, Beverly, It’s alway nice to have family and friends visit and take an interest in what I’m doing here. This is just on of the sites I’m working on. When you get time take a good look around and have your friends give it a look. Thanks again. God bless

  2. I finally got an opportunity to review your website, Lenard. Thank you for sharing the word and knowledge of God to the world. The people are in much need to hear about Jesus Christ, the gospel. Love you and God bless.

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