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Contact me page listing services I support

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Do you have pre-sale questions about a product, or you purchased something through Seconds 2 Work and need support, instead of trying to figure to it out by yourself, contact me.

Don’t get stuck on the problem that make you mad. contact me right away.

The fastest way to reach me is by calling on the phone. Feel free to contact me whenever you have a question or an issue with any of my products or services.

I’m here to offer my support. You will find my business number is located down in the address section.

You will receive a reply to your request in your email inbox, shortly.

We respect your privacy and handle all correspondence in the following manner:

Best Way to Receive Support

  • Email.
  • Phone.
  • Postal mail.
  • Face-to-face Interviews. (Business Support Center Closed Until Further Notice – COVID-19 Safety)

Our mailing list is maintained by the Aweber and GetResponse email marketing services.

We won’t share, sell, or offer you private information to anyone, for any reason what so ever.

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Another place you can find me is on Facebook. Feel free to message me.

You can also find me working on my Private Q&A Facebook Group. It’s a cool spot where a few like-minded people leave and answer internet marketing related questions.

Live Chat with Me at Wealthy Affiliate

You can find me on Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat, once in a while.

Most of the time, at Wealthy Affiliate I’m working on creating educational tutorials for side money.

So, you can check to see if I’m working on boosting my Wealthy Affiliate income.

This is also an excellent location to get help from some of the top experts in the affiliate marketing industry.

Contact Me at my Business Support Center

LeNard Simmons

Reach out to me about finding out what’s Digital Content Solution by Seconds 2 Work. Learn how it helps your online business earn money easier and faster. It’s part of my Total Business Solution Membership – Call me right now, for complete details.