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Check Website Keyword Ranking for Your Home Business Growth

Check website keyword ranking for your home business growth because, if you don’t know where your website content like blog posts, landing pages, and home page are positioned in the search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo, you’ll never know just how far your small business can grow.

But how do you check your website keyword rankings for any niche or industry, be it a small or large, brick-and-mortar or work at home business?

I’m glad you asked.

What are Keywords in terms of SEO?

In terms of SEO, keywords are going to help your website pages get ranked in search engines. Search queries are the words we enter into search engines for learning about specific products or services we may want to purchase. Also, we can use keywords to help us find reliable resources to solve some problems we may encounter in life.

For example, if you were looking for an online SEO tutorial, so you can learn the process of optimizing your affiliate marketing website, you would use a search engine like Google, and some keywords to find a course that will satisfy your needs.

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Why Check Website Keyword Ranking?

If you are new to working at home, or if you’re looking for fresh information on running an affiliate marketing style online business from home, this post may inspire new ideas and cause you to take action.

Why should you check to see which keywords your website is ranking for in search engines? I create a list to try to explain what the benefits are.

Check Website Keyword Ranking Helps Your SEO

  • If you want a better understanding of what keywords are ranking on your website blog posts or pages, doing your keyword research is going to help optimize your content for profitability.
  • Checking your keyword search engine position helps you find articles that aren’t ranking at all in the search engines for your targeted keyword. This will allow you to make SEO adjustments to your written content, plus, it will assist any searcher in finding your website easier.
    Improving your website for search results.
  • Using the right keyword throughout your website content makes it more appealing and compelling for readers to enjoy. This means you’ll be retaining website visitors longer and obtaining more site conversions, because, you will be creating custom content catered for your website visitors. It can even improve engagement within your site comment section.
  • Learn the keyword or word phases regarding your competitor’s website, that you should be using within your website, for creating potential site traffic and income opportunities?

Check Website Keyword Ranking Manually!

Are you checking your WordPress post ranking by using Google Search Results or are you using some type of keyword or website analysis tools? If you check manually; You shouldn’t because you only going to end up with inaccurate results. Bad results will lead to making horrible decisions.

Keyword Research and Analysis Tools

Google Search Console is a better way to see how your website is doing. Plus, it is a free performance tool that offers you a visual graph and important information about your website traffic liveliness.

Keyword Ranking Using Google Search Console
  • Total Clicks to Your Website
  • Query or the search term used by the search to locate your website
  • Your Website Impressions
  • Average Position for page, post, and keywords
  • Learn your CTR

Discover what country or which device is being used to visit your website the most. You can find out your search appearances in Google search results, using Google Search Console.

Google Analytics (GA) add an extra layer for finding keywords and optimizing your website content for free. You can use GA to set goals and see real-time insight on how your website visitors are behaving. Like what keyword got them to your website.

Jaaxy Website and Keyword Analysis Tool are a great way to get ahead of the competition. By combining Google Search Console and Google Analysts with Jaaxy Keyword SEO Tools, you will be able to come up with other keyword suggestion to use in your website content for better search engine ranking and more elaboration on chosen topics.

Jaaxy can help you update the old blog post and optmail champagnes that you may have been putting off. You will be able to locate long-tail and low competition keywords faster. Why not spy on your competition website and discover their keywords. Jaaxy can help you find the right affiliate marketing keyword to monetize your website content and more.

Check Website Keyword Ranking with Jaaxy Lite

I’m going to show you how I use Jaaxy Lite Site Rank feature (included with Wealthy Affiliate Premium Package) for checking my website keyword ranking. If you have a “work at home” business you can follow along by using your keyword term or phrase. But if you really want to shadow me and learn the process, sign up for the free trial version of Jaaxy. You can learn more about Jaaxy by reading my review.

Check Keyword for A Post

  1. Inside of Jaaxy, click on the Site Rank Tab
  2. Enter any keyword into the search box
  3. Type any domain name or URL into the next field
  4. Click enter to see the results

I recently created a post I named ‘3 Working at Home Opportunities for Launching Your Affiliate Business’. Now would be a good time or me to see where it ranks in the search engines.

I first started by entering the full post title into Jaaxy Site Rank analyzer. The results are seen in the image.

Ranking Proof at Seconds2Work

As you can see, I am ranking on page 1 in position 1 of Yahoo for the full term.

The next thing I do is break that long keyword down to see if I rank for any other terms. I try, 3 Working at Home Opportunities and I am ranking on page 1 in position 1 of Yahoo.

By removing the number three out of my title, I see ok results, but that is a very long keyword.

check website keyword ranking

I found, ‘Launching Your Affiliate Business’ is ranking on page 1 of Yahoo position 2.

Launching your affiliate business

You can do the above process for any keyword and for any website. By doing this, You can find out what keywords on any website is ranking. Take that information and you can create better website content for your visitor to read and enjoy.

10 Tips to Getting Better Keyword Ranking


If you are just getting started with building your home business, by following the process explained in this article, you will be able to get your website content ranking high in the search engines I’m here to offer extra support in building your online business and finding Working from Home Jobs.

If you have any questions or would like to add your thoughts about how you should check your website keyword ranking, please leave me a comment.


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    1. HI, Peace, thank you for leaving a comment on my post about understand keyword ranking. I am happy to help in any way I can.

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  4. Thanks for posting a well thought out and nicely outlined post over keywords. 

    Enjoyed your post and I can see how you have done a great job of picking up the lessons from Wealthy Affiliate. I too enjoy WA and Keyword research. It has truly made a difference for me in understanding how to pick the right words by using great tools like Jaaxy. 

    Thanks for your list of 10 tips to get better keyword ranking. I am sure it will be of great help to many who read this. 

    1. Hi, Todd, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I really enjoy how WA has helped me to learn a lot of new skills I can use in making my work at home business productive and profitable.

      I wish I had mastered using and performing keyword research a lot better when I first got started. But I’m not sorry about my journey, I’m loving it.

  5. Thanks so much for this post. Its such an eye opener and very informative and educative.

    The best website keyword search I’ve used is jaaxy as provided in the wealthy Affiliate. Though my website pages are still yet to be on Google’s first page as that is the ultimate goal to drive in traffic. I like your detailed procedures with images to expatiate on your information and guide to check the ranking. Though, I tried using others that you listed too. This post is very rich and knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing the post.

    1. Thank you for visiting, sorry to hear your pages aren’t ranking, yet. Search for me on Wealthy Affiliate. my profile is seconds2work and I will work with you to see how I can help. Also, try doing some of the tutorials I have posted on my site, you are on now, to see if you see any improvement happen.

  6. Knowing how to use keywood ranking for your home business is very important, I read this article and I got more

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    1. Thank you, Mustapha, for commenting on my post. Remember that practicing using new skills every day make a person better at what they are doing. If you want to create a home business, you got to start somewhere.

      I started by searching the internet for better ways to make money, as most folks do. I tried a few different products and found some that work, while others didn’t live up to their name.

      The point is I took action into putting together a home business, which I’m still developing and learning new skills as I go. And I’ve come a long way from 2015 when I got started. And so will you and anyone that takes action creating their own home business.

      Thank you for visiting. Search for me on Wealthy Affiliate. my profile is seconds2work

  7. This is a very interesting and insightful topic, So much has been said in this post. And I really appreciate your experience as an online marketer which aids in online business growth. This is a great eye opener on checking website keyword ranking which I learnt alot from. You really have a good line of digital products, Internet marketing is changing everyday and we need coaches like you to help keep us up to date all time.  Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you, Tracy, for reading and leaving a comment. I’m happy you were able to gather some information from the article to be used to grow your home business. If you have any question or require any help, I would hope you think of me.

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