Bible Study Fellowship

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Can you please tell me what’s it’s like to be a Christian? Is it different like the fingerprints on our hands, or do we share a commonality? Do we all have permission from Jesus to do our part in the Great Commission? Have you ever wondered why some religions pray to the Lord differently? Is it the same God for us Christians, as it is for Catholics and all those other religions? Or, are we all just religious human beings practicing worshiping? Welcome to The Bible Study Fellowship Website Creation Tutoring.



Bible Study Fellowship for ALL

What’s Mys/ti/cism, Mon/o/the/ism and A/the/ism all have in common? To me, they’re all a mystery. Buddhism and Confucianism are strange, but they make sense to me. I hope your listening; Judaism, Islam and Christianity, I know just enough that it’s insanity. We’re not the enemy.

To The Salvation Army and the Church of Christ, you brought me to the light. Thank you for sharing your armory. You are right, it’s Jesus that gives us life, and it’s bright, honestly.

Bible Study Fellowship Building Relationships

I was thinking of something different we could do together, something that would be really fun. Something special that we all could maybe benefit from. I couldn’t brainstorm up anything, at least not on my own. Let’s just say a Higher Power intervened spiritually. He affected me physically. Intertwined, by rearranging the thoughts in my mind, He switched them to His’s from mine. It’s affecting me mentally.

Bible Study Fellowship Spreading Jesus Gospel

All of my life I’ve asked people about The Great Commission. How do you registrar into it, what’s are the conditions? Someone tell me what’s our mission. Where do we start, how do you tell if it from the heart? When can we begin and what’s my part?

I’ve talked to all kind of folks from every walk of life. I wanted to compare the similarity and know about the formalities. I sat back and just listened and found a common condition you see.  You do it unconditionally, it comes naturally and you better believe.

Bible Study Fellowship Created in His Image

I know I need to work on my relationship, with the Lord. I propose we start a Bible Study Fellowship program, that’ll grow to a biblical scale, like never before.

The Proposal for:

Bible Study Fellowship/Web Development Lessons

  1. Meeting every Friday evening – Saturday evening for Bible study and fellowship
  2. Sunday – Thursday Website Creation Lessons will be here.

Bible Study Fellowship Ideas

Your help is needed. Together we can learn about the word of God.  If you ever wanted to do a project like this, we can learn together. We can network on a biblical scale to help spread the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Think about it.

People from all nations sharing the Word of God. Talking about what it means to them and how His words have changed their lives.

I can use your help putting this together, as I stated before. I’ve created a list of help areas:

  • Bible study lesson coordinator
  • Group Moderates
  • Prayer Groups
  • Your Ideas
  • Donations

If you’re in, contact me with the message “I am created in His image” I’m in let’s begin.

I’m not going to ask you to follow me, oh’ no. That would just be too creepy. Please, continue to read

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