The Bible Study Fellowship Lessons

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Welcome to The Bible Study Fellowship Lessons on web site creation. Something I need to do. One of the hardest thing to me about being a child of God’s is, (aka Christian) showing my faith and trying my heartiest to be. I love being a Christian, I just dislike being taken advantage of. I’m sure some of my brother and sister in Christ feel the same way.

Did you know that there are other Christians that won’t admit they are Christians, I sometimes understand why. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t because  I sadly do. But something in my heart says you sometimes feel the same way. I doubt I’m the only one, sure would be nice to know; leave me a message.

Bible Study Fellowship Lessons To Create

I think we should all do something together, that’s different.  We should all meet at Sites 4 Christ regularly and learn all about God, together. While learning how to build a website here at Seconds 2 Work.

The easy part is learning how to build a website. I’ve done a few over the past few months. So, I can show you what I know as I’m learning to do more. You can copy me but use your own ideas. I’ll show you how for free and make it easy. We can start from the beginning. I’ll show you the basics before we move on.


Bible Study Fellowship Lessons


What Is The Word Of God?

As hard as the question may seem to be, it’s something I have faith that we can all learn together.  If you asked me what I know about God, I could only tell you not much. Probably no more or less than you do. I’m just keeping it real.

I know deep down in my heart I wanna know a lot more than I already know. Just telling you how I feel. It’s ok if you feel this way too, that’s why I’m doing this so we can fellowship and build a world wide network. I think it’ll work.

When We Get Together to Create

We will work our way together through the Bible. We start at the beginning with Genesis and go all the way through Revelation. I hope you have patience.

We’re meeting every Friday night at this website. Starting Friday, July 28, 2017, don’t worry about where you’re at, just remember we start at sunset.  Read Corinthians until we meet again. Hope to see you there, and remember God bless.

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6 thoughts on “The Bible Study Fellowship Lessons”

  1. Thank you, Linda, I have been learning a lot and God does work in mysterious ways.  Yes, I would love to share Ideas and link sites. I have just about completed the Bible Study website location at I’m just putting the finishing touches on it before July 28, 2017, launch date. You are more than welcome to link to this or both sites.  Be sure to send me your website links. Thank you, Linda,  and God bless you.

  2. Hello, I admire the vision you have going on. I am here to support you all the way. It is hard at times to get belivers and make disciples. Feel free to share ideas hence I can link your site to mine. I am doing something similar but in a different way.

  3. Thank your for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m going to do my best and make it a site for people to learn from. I’m going to always keep the word in it, It what I stared with, the designing part came i later.

    Thank you and God bless

  4. Hey Leonard,
    Like what your goal is here with the site. Whatever you do, do it unto the Lord. Good to see you walking that out and tying talks about the Lord in with your website design. I wish you all the best. I can’t commit to joining you every Friday, but I can bookmark your page and check back periodically to see the material. If I don’t catch you this side of eternity yell at you on the other side.

  5. Thank you, Bradley, for leaving a message.  It’s been something I had a hard time getting off the ground. I got a few people wanting to help. Will you be joining us?

  6. I am a Christian too and I think you said something very important. Some Christians do not admit they are Christians. Jesus said if you confess His name before other people, He will confess your name before the Father. Good advice! Never deny Jesus Christ and He will save you.


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