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Have you ever been the host for a party or some kind of an event? Did you like it? I tell you, I like being a host because I get to entertain family and friends, it allows me an opportunity to talk about anything new I learned since the hosting party. Like what is the best web hosting.

Who Benefits From Internet Hosting With Free SSL?

What is Internet hosting? Who benefits from Internet hosting? What is WordPress? Who offers the best hosting for WordPress? This lesson in seconds2work, Your Smart Guide to Internet Success is all about Internet hosting. Are you ready to get some answers to your questions? Great, we’re getting started.

Best Web Hosting

The Best Web Hosting List Is Coming

First, understand that everyone with a website must have Internet hosting. So, therefore, if you’re starting a business or maybe you’re already running a website so you can show off your creative poem writing skills from home, you soon will be searching for reliable Internet hosting. I’ve created a small list to help you brainstorm rather you would need hosting and if you would benefit from having Internet hosting.

  1. eCommerce websites
  2. Local Auto Shop sites
  3. High Definition Photo websites
  4. Video viewing sites
  5. Swimming Pool and Accessories websites
  6. New and Used Cars sites
  7. Local Hobby Store website
  8. Local Restaurant sites
  9. Golf Clubs and Accessories websites
  10. Local Bookstore sites
  11. Local Game Shop website
  12. Cooking Lesson site
  13. Lingerie website (Ohh la, la)
  14. Adult Dating sites
  15. Auction or fundraising websites
  16. Special Commodities sites
  17. Pet StorWebsiteses
  18. Barber Shop sites
  19. Smartphones and Accessories websites
  20. Social Media and Forums sites
  21. Your Business Websites


Now let’s move to the next lesson and learn about different types of hosting.


What is Internet Hosting?

Hosting your website is best described as an unfurnished apartment you just signed the lease. You get to chose home many bed and bathrooms you’ll need. You need to move your furniture into your unit, (your site files)  and settle in. (create, build and protect your website) A Dedicated server would be your low crime risk neighborhood and a shared host is a hood where the cop stays busy chasing shoplifters.

Dedicated vs Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

What is a dedicated server? Dedicated hosting or you may have heard it called a managed server, allows the website owner to lease server(s) from an Internet hosting company; In return, the website owner will be given complete control of the way their website handles traffic and bandwidth. This could make a difference rather your website crashes, is shut down or goes offline due to too much traffic or power used. Dedicated hosting puts the decision in you the owner’s hands:

  • What operating system will you use? WordPress is what most Business owners chose.
  • What Email client will you use?
  • How will you handle security?
  • How will you handle support for your website?

There are lots of option when you have a dedicated hosting. They stand alone but can handle a very large crowd without running out on you, in other words, website traffic.


Best Web Hosting


Shared Hosting
What is shared hosting? Share hosting a collective of websites owned by other website owners, all located on the same Internet hosting server as yours. What do you want first, the good or bad news? I’ll give you the bad news first because I would end this part of the lesson on a good note.


Best Web Hosting ~ The good and  Bad News

  • The shared hosting bad news is you share the power of the bandwidth, meaning you are allocated a certain amount of traffic to your website depending on what you opt to pay for. The server may crash and your website will be offline when it happens. You are not alone, you are not on your own, you are trapped-in-a-box with other have the same crashing problems.
  • The shared hosting Good News is really really good news, kind of. The cost for shared hosting can be incredibly low, saving you the website owner a lot of money on your hosting cost, money they can spend on the car insurance. Being trapped-in-a-box can have it benefits, no?


Take A Break

By reading my long dragged out training lessons will have its benefits. By the way, you’re at work 710. Don’t stop now to count them, just keep reading them. You never know, I just may show you something new you didn’t know about. I tend to get detailed in my work.

I’ll mention here that I Am “The How To Website Builder, It’s in its mid-development stages. When I’ve completed it It’ll become Your Smart Guide to Internet Success. I invite you to take a look around if you would. Please take you time read the training so you will understand why I’m here. Be sure to tell me what you think so far by leaving a comment, and point out any errors I’ve made on whichever page or post you’re reading. Thank you.


Refocus With The Best Web Hosting That Offers The Most

Welcome back if you left, let us continue with, What Is The Best Web Hosting For WordPress? – SiteRubix. Remember this page is a small part of a bigger picture, like the one over to you right. Your Smart Guide to Internet Success will be the completed product. This Part of the lesson introduces hosting to your Internet business, allowing you to position yourself as an Entrepreneur’s to utilize your skills and prosper from it. It’s going to be sweet when it’s complete. Now back to hosting!


Ok, here we go. First up, your domain


1) What is a Website Domain Name?

Your domain name is your IP address on the Internet. Just like your house address tells your family and friends where you live on Earth, your domain name will help tens of millions of people know where you are located online. Simple right?

Plus, if you do it right your domain name can have a positive effect by having new customers opening and closing your doors to you business Earth location. Opening and closing your business doors all day, getting your product or service in the hands of those who could your help. Did you get that?


What Is The Best Web Hosting For ~ Web Presence ~

You must have a domain name and to call your website. My domain name is seconds2work.com, no it’s not a grammar error. You can not have a web presence without a domain name, also needed is your hosting and site files, all three elements are necessary.

  • Learn how to perform the Domain Name Keyword Research related to your business.
  • Discover the Alphabet Soup search technique for discovering High Ranking /Low Competition Keywords for your website, blog post, headlines, and more.


2) Picture WA  SiteRubix + Your WordPress Website + FREE SSL = Peace Of Mind

You can put your mind at ease, SSL with the WA SiteRubix hosting platform is standard. Free SSL when you host a website with SiteRubix at WA. Now a good time to take a closer look at WA and what kind of how we truly are.


Compare your hosting against SiteRubix hosting. Click on the two images below to get a better understand of just what SiteRubix hosting is all about. Focus on SiteRubix features and benefits.


SiteRubix Best Web Hosting ~ features &  benefits ~

Best Web Hosting

Also included when you host with SiteRubix

WA Hosting bottom

Why are you paying more for lesser? 

Would you pay more for using the exact same product, if it was made the exact same way and performed exactly the same as the higher priced product or service?  If you answered yes, please let me know why you would pay more for less or the same

the best web hosting ~ Use By Major, and Small Business ~

  • GE
  • Netflix
  • Entrepreneur’s
  • Foursquare
  • Over 800,000 Wealthy Affiliate
  • Expedia
  • Comcast


Best Web Hosting


3) What is WordPress?

I’m using the world’s largest and most used self-hosting blogging platform to create and design my websites. Millions of people are using WordPress every day which is free to create professional looking websites. It easy and fun to us.

Best web hostingWe Offer The Best Web Hosting With Free SSL


Come Grow Your Business With SiteRubix

  1. You receive 24/7 Hosting with FREE SSL  giving your website the needed Security to protect you from hackers, spam, bad plug-ins and more. ($49/Monthly) Beat that. No up charge for SSL it standard with your hosting package.
  2. We offer Domain registrar and Renewal to help keep you from losing your domain name. ($13.99 yearly) Price locked, Top that. 
  3. Advanced DNS automation and management. (FREE) Never an Up Charge, it’s always standard with your hosting package.
  4. Full Privacy protection (FREE) No Up Charge, it’s standard with your hosting package.
  5. You receive 25 free high-speed, search engine indexable websites, free to experiment with (SiteRubix.com websites) NO FREE SSL ON FREE WEBSITES, sorry
  6. Hosting for up to 25 websites that you personally own. (available domains)
  7. Email accounts with each domain purchase.
  8. Your choice of themes over 3000+ designs to decide on.


The Best Hosting Includes Internet Marketing ~Click Here~

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