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Effectively Automate Your Sales Funnel ...

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Strugging to Locate, Qualify, and Convert Online Business Leads Into Customers?

Looking for A Process That Works Even When You Are Sleeping?

Home Business Marketing Automation

Great for Home Businesses

Excellent for Health

Self-development Niche

Helps Self-Development

Step 1: Build Your Website

Build Your Website

Your website is prime real estate. Therefore, anyone in the market looking for your product or services will have the opportunity to discover your website. Register you a domain name and website hosting. Your website puts you in the position to (help people) find your location on the internet.

Step 2: Choose Your Products & Services

Choose your affiliate product

Locate an affiliate product(s) you'll be offering to help people solve a problem. To improve your chances of success, as a new startup home business; you should choose products in the health/weight loss niche, self-development market, or the make money online from home field.

Step 3: Add Your Sign-Up Forms

Sign-up form example

A sign-up form is a way your visitors and followers opt-in to your autoresponder messaging system. Your sign-ups agreed to accept your newsletters, emails, courses, ebooks, offers, or any correspondence you send. You place the form and link on your website, blog, social media platform, or any location on the internet that allows the type of content you offer.

Step 4: Set Up Your Email Autoresponder

Set-up Your Email Autoresponder

Autoresponders give you a chance to interact with subscribers on your list in a targeted way. For example, you create an autoresponder message series that only go to people who have opened a particular email you sent out.

Step 5: Send Your List Members Follow-Up Messages

Follow-Up Email Message Series

Create a series of email follow-up messages related to the product you're offering. The messages will go out to your list members automatically; show your clients how you can help solve their problems. Auto messaging saves you time by putting your sales marketing efforts on autopilot.

Step 6: Give Subscribers High-Valued Email Courses

Free LinkedIn Success Email Course

Help folks find and opt-in to your list. Optimizing your Free LinkedIn profile will attract folks' attention to your business, landing pages, and website. Click the image to claim your Free Lifetime Access to Seconds 2 Work, LinkedIn Success Course.

Step 7: Don't SPAM

Don't SPAM

Where to Find Crowds of People Who's Looking for Your Kind of Offer & Will Join Your Lists

3 Powerful Profit Booster Resources to Connect Your Autoresponder to...

Blog Post SEO

Add a blog to a website

Boost Sign Up Rates; Add relevant and quality blog posts to your website. Share your ideas, show and tell people about the experiences you are having with the affiliate product in blog your posts. It's one of the easier ways for a home business owners to generate massive revenue from online commissions and affiliate marketing. Click the button to see a blog example.

Show Me A Blog

Ebooks make nice gifts

Give high-value products to your list subscribers for free. Doing so may entice them to get onboard. Ebook creation software will make it easier to increase the size of your lists', Faster Than You Think. You can make professionally designed ebooks, courses, whitepapers, mind maps, or special reports; to sale or give to people. Give your list prospects a convincing reason to sign-up.

Get Sample Copy
Give Away Free eBooks and Other Products

Private support groups

Start a support group; private or open. Put it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or your favorite social media platform. You can add additional resources, such as courses for extra value to help grow your mailing list. Click the button to see an example of how to use a group to find your next leads.

Take A Peek

What's The #1 Reason to Automate Your Online Marketing Campaigns?

You'll Maximize Productivity and Minimize Wasted Effort While You're Sleeping

Reason 2: Ends Traffic Jam Nightmares

Traffic Jam In New York City

When you start your own business from home you can kiss the traffic jams goodby. It will be nice to only be seconds from work when you wake up? Just think of all the gas money you'll going to be able to keep in your pockets and bank account.

Reason 3: Claim Tax Preferences, Concessions, & Tax Breaks

Tax Benfits for Home-Based Business Owners

Everyone knows you get Tax-Breaks just for starting a business. You can deduct the cost of DOING business. Items such as: travel expenses, home office space, and the office equipment are deductible. And that's just a tiny fraction of a huge list of tax benefits you're going to receive.

Reason 4: You'll Build Invaluable Business Connections

Your The Boss of Building Business Relationships

Turn your dream of operating a business from home into reality. Share your plan and gather support of others to put your idea into action. You become the boss of your company's success through the amount of effort you apply. Be the boss of your destiny and build excellent business relationships.

Reason 5: Get Paid to Solve People Problems

Home Business Problem Solver

Create a multi-stream of income helping other people solve problems preventing them from moving forward. Use the skills and your knowledge you have to bring joy and peace to all that your products or services can be useful too.

Reason 6: You'll Love Your Job & Benefits

Reason 7: You'll Love Your Job & Benefits

Seconds 2 Work Promise

Advanced Customer Service & Home Business Support

We don't only talk - We deliver

Seconds 2 Work Home Business Development Center for Beginnerss

Why Consider Seconds 2 Work for Helping Your Business Growth

  • Seconds 2 Works' Mission: To help people solve problems by finding working solutions to set up a scalable home business. And use the latest marketing strategies, reliable state-of-the-art business tools, easy-to-follow tutorials, and providing top-level customer support.

  • You're looking for affordable prices and a person who knows about home business building; stopped relying on unreliable and expensive freelancers. See the list below for the services we can help you get setup.


For Quick Learners:

Help people find your LinkedIn business profile. Follow step-by-step instructions to help you optimize your LinkedIn account. Courses are free and include a private group to answer any of your questions.


For Moving You Forward:

We can work together on getting your sale funnels connected, email autoresponders operating, store shelves stocked, and get your GrooveFunnels business apps working. Private group and coaching are included to keep your business moving forward.


You Controls the Workflow:

We do all the work for you. This option allows you to tell us your plans and our team will get your online business operating. Full membership access, plus, private support and group coaching. Click this link to set up a good time for us to talk.

Seconds 2 Work Services

  • Website Creation & Maintenance

  • Sales Funnel Marketing Solutions

  • Email Messaging Automation

  • LinkedIn Account Optimization

  • Product Research & Creation

  • Main goal; To work together on an online marketing solution that gets you a lot of customers to your sales funels.

    Also, to research how you can convert your solid leads into profitable sales. Automatically when possible.

    To provide an affordable and dedicated team of experienced online workers. To help you excel in your particular areas and encourage growth to the fullest.

    The Seconds 2 Work Challenge "Suite Dreams to Reality"


    LeNrd Simmons Business Card Example

    Digital Suite Business Cards

    Never run out of business card again. Send an unlimited number of cards to prospects, clients, and more. Give your business card to everyone you meet. Plus, your friends and family can help share your card for you.

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