American Dream, Realistically Is It Obtainable?

There are always going to be lazy thinking people in this here old world. That’s right, I said it. Wanna know what I mean by those their bold words? When it comes to achieving any kind of success, rather it is home, business, or social, some people just don’t give it their best.

Continue to read the American Dream and see how I put my laziness to rest.

American Dream Realistically

Realistically America Here’s the Scoop

You better believe I’m going to tell you my point of view on this hot topic, I’m not opinionless.

It’s time some people straight up, SO LISTEN UP, before you miss out on some information that could keep you from feeling like a lazy, disconnected misfit. I’m speaking from experience, I hope you get this.

Do you really wanna know why some people aren’t achieving home business success? It’s because they scarcely even try and believe in their dreams even less.

Do me a favor and read the whole article. Just a few lines in each paragraph, a short copy. Call it a particle.

Did it just to save you some time.
Made it so some 
Lazy people can read it with the greatest of speed.
I’m offering you knowledge, all that you ever will need.
Continue to read.

Some people only believe in one thing, that there is no real American dream. They think the dream is dead. Let me tell you to forget what you read, use your head instead.

If you think the American dream is not obtainable, it could be you are not doing all you can do to attain it. Are you pushing yourself or are you living inside of your comfort zone?

Your Dreams Require Action

The American Dream really is free to achieve. I had to open both my eyes to discover the fire burning deep inside of me. I was surrounded by my own desire, wanting to start giving me all I required. It takes effort if you’re going to acquire, see.

I’ve got proof, now read the rest of the post for how to break the laziness in you.

Do you really wanna know why some people don’t achieve success?  It’s because they barely even try, and believe in their dreams even less.

Do you truly wanna know why some people can’t achieve a lifestyle that’s blessed? They give it their best putting their dreams to rest.

Why Not Try American, Harder

I’m continuously looking for anything to keep me busy. I won’t just perform any job, it has to be stuff I consider as being productive. I’m that person that’s when told to take a break at work I get distracted. 

I have a lot on my mind as I edit this post. With the elections being over (kind of), who knows which direction this great country of ours is going to go.

Whatever road our government decides to lead us, citizens, down, won’t change the fact we all still got to live.

I wrote this post for me, for us, the readers, you, and the world. We all have our lazy moments, let me tell you about one of mine.

American Dream Realty ~ My Discovery

I made the decision to start my own home business online. It had to be something different, not the same old cookie cutter stuff we all see every day when suffering.

The only problem, I just didn’t know how to go about getting started. I had the knowledge, but I lacked the resources. Then came the spider (WWW). That’s a metaphor.

I found a cool little community of over 800,000 members. Wealthy Affiliate it’s called and they said they were going to show me how to bring my dream to life, all I had to do is follow directions, ask questions, be active and have patience. I thought about it and said, why not try? I joined and did my own thing.

Doing my own thing almost lead me to dead dreams. I was too lazy to take the time out and learn the correct way to operate an Internet business. Became to proud I did,  to ask for help when I discovered I was doing it all wrong. I was watching my dreams run away. Run dreams run, run far away. Poof, they were almost gone.

I wasn’t until I opened my eyes, that I realized I can’t do this alone. It’s not designed to be done on one’s own. With help from the community, see how far I have grown? Why Not try? You’re not going to be alone.

So, how do you achieve the America dream and reach a personal achievement? Putting your heart into everything you do, you got to give it your best. That’s the only way you’ll see it. You have to put aside your differences, and try some different. Stick with it, until you receive the deliverance. 

The Word Say’s

For we hear that there are which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.  2 Thessalonians 3:11

Build Your American Dream Today!

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  1. Thank you very much friend. I certainly agree with you that laziness will not help anyone at all.

    If we have dreams then we need to make our dreams a reality by taken some action and putting them to work.

    I have personally taken your advice and I’m going to sign up now to your recommended program – wealthy affiliate and get the help they gave you as well.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information with me.

    1. Thank you, Stephen, for visiting and joining. I am sure you will find the resources at Wealthy Affiliate highly useful. I continue to learn new skills everyday, and I’m sure you will also. If you should have any question or need help getting started; I am here along with others for support. Welcome to the team.

  2. Like you said towards the end, we still have to live our lives after the elections were over.

    I was frustrated by the amount of people who are dependent on politicians instead of taking control of their own future.

    What are your thoughts on why we as a society like to rely on them so much for our well being as oppose to doing it ourselves?

    Thank you for giving the honest truth, I try to model myself after people like you, Gary Vaynerchuk, and others who are brutally honest.

    Much success to you and your business,


  3. I think the main problem behind internet failings when building up a business is all the false hope promises. People think they are going to rake in the money after a month and quite when they realize it will take a lot longer than that to succeed. How long did it take you to suceed online with your business?

    1. Hi Chris, I start back in 1993 gave up on my dreams around 2000. I went off to become a successful salesman, customer services manager and cook.

      I didn’t become successful on the Internet until I found Wealthy Affiliate. I wrote how I jumped into the industry with a big head, little knowledge, and no patience.

      I used Wealthy Affiliate resources, along with the training from the community, I would say about 15 months it took me to get here.

      What I like is not once did Wealthy Affiliate tell me they would make me rich. They told me they will show me how to make money on the Internett, if I work on it and use the program as designed.

      Did I mention almost half of my site is on the first pages of the search engines.Got there because I followed the program.

      Wealthy Affiliate has taught me to become a better writer. I’m work on poem sales copy. You got to be original in this business.

      Website design WA again, better communication WA, I can go on for ever. My point here is Wealthy Affiliate only works if you work with it.

      If you would like, I can help you get started. We got lots of options right now, along with the Black Friday Sale on until Cyber Monday. Let me know.

      Thank your for visiting my website and reading my post.

      God Bless


  4. The Bible speaks I f the sluggard that will come to want, I that is so true, many people are failing not because they don’t have the opportunity but because of being lazy. They want but they are not willing to do what it takes to get there. Successful people all get one basic thing in common and that is they take action . Take positive action continue in that and the rest is history, success will be yours. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Very well put Norman. A lot of lazy people come from lazy families. They most likely sit around and encourage each other not to work.

      Sometimes the government will keep a person for wanting to do for himself. They get the assist from the gov, and if they go out and get work they lose their government assistance. A lazy person will see that as a lost and not want to lose their government assistance, so they won’t get a job.

      Thank you for stopping by and your point of view

  5. I think laziness is one of the reasons but there are plenty of others too.

    As an example, because of the lack of knowledge or experience a person choose a very competitive product, topic or niche and it takes way too much time to see any results.

    I believe you can achieve success in any niche but it might take way more time in one niche that another. Maybe that’s why some people drop out. Because they don’t see results for a long time even if they work hard.

    However if you are lazy and you don’t see results, there is nobody else to blame for that.

    1. Than you for the comment jolita. Yes there are other reasons, but this Hit List is all about lazy people and what we can do as a society to try and motivate them. You do bring up a good point, lazy people lack of patients. Why do you think lazy people want instance results?

  6. Very well said. That is truly the number one reason why things don’t get done. But I believe there are two types of lazy people; the good one and the bad one. The good lazy ones are lazy but they still get the work done. They’re usually smart because they’re always looking for the fastest way to get it done. The bad lazy ones just don’t care enough. In the end, success only comes to people who care enough.

    1. Would yousay a good lazy person is the one who goes month without cleaning the ceiling fan, but goes to work 6 days a week for 12 hours a day?

      A bad lazy person would be a person who stays trapped in their everyday action; they want more out of life, but just won’t push themselves because it requires taking away from their everyday routine.

  7. For starters, there is a hell of a lot of competition on the internet. It has opened the doors to anyone and everything. The internet is saturated with content and people trying to find ways to make money.

    That being said, there is definitely still money to be made. Your post highlights some of the reasons why some don’t make it and how to turn that around so the internet is a profitable business environment.

    1. Right, there are a lot of people out here making some real good money on the internet, even with the competition. That’s because they are active. Not just sitting around and waiting for something easy to come their way. The ones the make it are the people who work hard, put some effort into, and are being original.

  8. A sad yet honest truth.
    Most people don’t succeed online, and one of the reasons for that is that they call it quits far too early.
    They put in some work for a month, get no results, and then find a reason to quit.
    This type of thinking pisses me off more than I would care to admit.

    1. Yes, it up sets me also. To watch people with great minds just sit around and waste their God given talent on nothing. How do someone get through to someone like that? Some people want to change, but I think we as a society are training people to be lazy. We need to find some way to show people how to become more active. An active brain produces results, and results changes people..

  9. I think there are many reasons why people don’t accomplish success online. But I have to agree that laziness is the number one reason for failure.

    It seems that people would rather not try and remain broke forever rather than work hard to change their circumstances.

    Internet success belongs to the hard working and disciplined people.


    1. Some people are so lazy, they will blame you and I for the condition they’re in. Most lazy people won’t admit they’re lazy, or tell you that their circumstance is temporary. Years later they’re in the same location.

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