Affordable Web Design For A Small Business

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Decide on what you want to do as an Internet Entrepreneur. That’s what the people around me kept telling me. Focus on one niche if you are going to make it as an Internet business owner. You know it challenges your mind with all the hard work that goes into building a website; You do know this, right? Finally, only the greatest freelance web designer makes any real money. I think you should find something else you’re good at. Continue to read about my experiences, so far as learning to become a professional website designer. Find out how I’m making an affordable web design small business.

Affordable Well Designed Small Business

What’s are the fastest growing trendy jobs on the Internet? Teaching coding, web designing, and social media marketing. I bet you knew that already. Affordable web designers are in high demand, everywhere. So, here’s how I’m making an affordable web design small business. I’m looking for business so that I can practice my skills. As much as, doctor practices in the field, on his/her client/patient.

To me, it’s like putting a 3D or 5000 pieces puzzle together. The more work I put in, the better the picture looks. It’s even better when you team up with some body on the project. Unless of course, you wanna do all the work yourself. That way, you only have yourself to blame when a piece of the puzzle comes up missing. Learn curves.


affordable web design small business

Affordable Web Design Small Business Learning Curves

I’ll tell you what;  a web designing learning curve becomes a cultural shock. Like waking up in a strange land and no one speaks your language.  When you leave out a colon or dash, bracket or even an apostrophe, no one really wants to help you debug your mistake. I find that over 90% of the time when a page won’t display right, it was my fault. Misstake found right in the code I’m working.

You have to learn the basic stuff first, talking about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learning HTML made a web design look like it would be a breeze to learn the other languages. Little did I know. That CSS sent me through CSS Boot Stamp Stomping Grounds and whipped my; As I was saying, becoming a web design has its curves. Once you build up the structure and make it a strong enough foundation, you start working on your framework. 

Affordable Web Design Small Business Framework

I’m learning from some the best in the industry and as a result, I’m producing some of the best work I’ve done in a long time. That’s why I looking for your help, at this stage of our pursuit. It seems like, you may have a website issue that I just may be able to help you with.

You were just searching for affordable web design for a small business and clicked on my post, right? What you ended up reading instead, is a story of how I’m making an affordable web design small business. If you look around my website, you’ll discover that I’m telling my of life story. You will read about how I’m learning to build my own website to keep my cost down. I think we can help each other.

You have a website that needs to be created, updated, tweaked, or you just want to a consultant about a website; I need to pay bills. It’s not easy being a freelancer web designer. Part of the learning curve, I guess. I was thinking if you agree that I still have a lot to learn about web design and development. I could give you an “I’m In Training Discount”.

I’m working on framework and data base in my training right now. Learning some Ruby and MySQL, so I can create a social media network for our Sites 4 Christ Bible Study Fellowship location. Whoa, that was a mouth full, for a sentence. Before I put this post to rest, remember how I’m making an affordable web design small business to help, also. Contact me for a Free 30-minute phone consultation.

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  1. Thank you if reading the post, it is a learnig curves, but I enjoy learning it.  If think of any tutorial you would like to see on the site, et me know and I will create one.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  2. Overall I found your site construct is very nice and the layout very presented.

    Of course, the article you provided also awesome such as affordable well designed for Small Business as well as information about the Leaning Curves.

    I will definitely bookmark your site and share to my networks.

    Keep up the good work.

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