Affiliate Marketing Training Course for Newbies

Affiliate Marketing Training Course for Newbies – Your Online Daily Commission Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing Training Course introduces new online marketers to a blueprint; for earning commissions online every day.

I want to welcome you back to my Home Business Investment Case Study.

At the beginning of starting your affiliate marketing business, there will be challenging times. You’ll want to give up trying to make your income by working online. And you may even move on to something else.

At times, you may even doubt yourself, thinking you never will get this; working online B.S.

Test your patience because this industry will test them for you, yet.

Development. Creativity. Building.

We are Developing Creative Beings. We’re especially intelligent creatures. Down in the next paragraph, you’ll find a list of things you won’t need to complete this course.

Not Expected, Required, or Necessary…

  • Developing or Designing a Website is NOT Necessary!
  • Creating of Having Your Own Product is NOT Required!
  • Being Experience or Skilled is NOT Expected!

Today, you’re going to change the lane you’re driving in. Meaning, the road you’re taking to earn your money online doesn’t have to be so dawn bumpy.

Therefore, today you find a smoother path to get you to your home business income destination.

It’s going to take more then a few seconds 2 work, but if you follow the process, you might find you’ll get to where you want to be. And when you finally arrive at your destination – You would have reached your greatest desire, seconds from work (seconds2work)

Seconds 2 Work Affiliate Marketing Training Course Commitment

Write down your commitment to becoming wealthy. While you are jotting down your commit, think about how much you want to help other people with the money you’re going to be making.

I’m a firm believer that if you think you’ve got it, you will start acting as you do. Did you get it?

  • Learn How to Become Wealthy.
    • Making a promise to increase your pocketbooks, wallets, or purses is your first step.
  • When you learn to increase your net worth, you boost your confidence; putting you in a position to help other people. Therefore, saving no less than 10% of all your earning is the main goal.

Think of it like this – For every dollar ($1) you earn, only .10 (a dime) is put away for future use. Over time those dimes start to add up.

Keeping it real – How many times have you gone searching for loose change under YOUR SOFA cushions – for purchasing a pack of smokes, or a candy bay? If those pennies are worth something at that time, so are those dime going to be in your future.

  • Control Your Spending and Invest Wisely.
    • We are all guilty of living outside of our spending zone. Yet, you may be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone…

Think of it like this – If you invest your money wisely, research before making a big purchase, and take care of your belongings, you may find you will spend less money.

Keeping it real – If you spend more money than you bring in, you will always be in debt to someone.

How to Make Your Money Work for You

There’s a lot of ways you can put your money to work for you. Affiliate Marketing is the way you will start learning today.

It’s one of the easiest ways to create residual/passive income online. But it will take some action on your part to reach your income goals. Affiliate marketing could be a great way to end anyone’s unemployment problem.

The best way to build a house would be to have tools, knowledge, and a team of support. The same applies when building your affiliate market business.

To Copy Me Exactly, I Recommend These Affiliate Marketing Resources.

Affiliate Marketing Training Course to Help You Follow and Copy Me

This page contains affiliate links; It will not change or affect your cost if you decide to make a purchase using my affiliate link. Please read more about how I’ll be compensated if you do make a purchase – Affiliate Link Disclosure Compliance

Affiliate Marketing Training Tools

  1. An AWeber e-mail auto-responder
    • Your auto-responders enable you to automate your affiliate marketing business. It is allowing you to work even while you sleep. It’s what people in our industry call sleep money.
  2. ClickMagick Link Tracking Software
    • You track your links for many reasons; It’s a great idea to know where to get your traffic and the quality. But that’s not all your tracking tool will do for you – Track your sales, track how many clicks a page got, discover what keyword is working, learn your ROI, and more.
      • Tracking is how you learn the stats of your business; in return, tracking helps your business grow. You track actions to learn what to do next in your industry.
      • TRACK EVERYTHING – FREE 1 Hour Tracking Course.
  3. ClickBank Affiliate Network
    • You’ll need a product to promote for earning commissions. There will be more to learn about picking your niche in a later lesson. But for now, have a look at ClickBank Affiliate Programs.
      • It’s a great place to find a product or service in the form of ebooks, memberships, plus digital items. You promote what’s moving in your niche, and you earn money.
      • ClickBank’s free to join to earn commissions at home.
  4. The 12-Minute Affiliate System is a ClickBank product I picked – As one of the products to make my affiliate business easier to run. And if you want to follow, you may want to try a risk-free trial of the 12-Minute Affiliate System; But join my list first, it’s down below.

Why join my affiliate market training and coaching list?

You can do as I do to make it easier and faster on you. You’ll learn affiliate marketing online, from the comfort of your home, having fun, and making money to.

Homework Assignments for Your Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Yep, I’m one of the teachers who believe in handing out homework. So, here are your homework assignments – if you choose to participate in the follow-along course; Do Your Homework, please…

Assignment #1

Get your free AWeber account. Open and set up your account as much as you can; use all your resources to get this assignment completed before moving on to the next task. Also, I’m here to help you if needed.

Assignment #2

Open your free ClickBank account. Get started with ClickBank by setting up your account information. Also, take a look around to get a feel of the Clickbank platform. Contact me for help;

Assignment #3

Start learning to TRACK EVERYTHING – FREE 1 Hour Tracking Course. Play around with setting up tracking links to track your progress, sales, and clicks. Also, I’m here to help you if needed.

Assignment #4

Join The 12-Minute Affiliate System and my affiliate marketing email course. Use my unique affiliate link sent to your email inbox.


Because you’re going to receive free coaching from Seconds 2 Work; while you test driving the system, on your risk-free trial. Just for trying the technique listed in the program.

And if you decide this is the way for you to start earning money, through the 12-Minute Affiliate System, I’m going to coach you until you get 20 affiliate sales.

If you decide to get any of the lifetime plan to avoid having monthly membership payments at 12-Minute Affiliate; I will coach you free for life.

You can only get this exclusive free coaching thru Seconds 2 Work and by joining my case study group below.

Contact me, don’t get stuck. See you in the next lesson…

God bless us all,

LeNard Simmons

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