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I only have a few seconds to deliver my message to you, that’s what the Internet Marketing Experts tell me. Seconds 2 Work offers training courses, tutorials, 1-on-1 personalized coaching, and web design with Internet marketing advice. This website shows you how you can build and develop your WordPress, personal or business website from scratch. The best part is, you can do this anywhere in the world even from home. Oops, I think my times up. How did I do? Would you like more information about what Seconds 2 Work is about?

You + I  = Together

It’s all Part of the Plan ~ More Less ~

You can Learn from Home

You can learn how to build and develop your own website and save yourself a lot of money. Seconds 2 Work will show you how to create a website business that you can afford to run. By starting your business from scratch, this website will show you how to take it from the ground level and scale it to a sizeable Internet business.

You can learn how to build professional WordPress websites from scratch. Using either a pre-made WordPress theme where we drag and drop, or starting off fresh with a blank sheet and code your website by hand. My step-by-step web design and web development courses are created for you to work on from home, office or anywhere in the world.

What I Learned at Home

You’re looking at a website that I built from scratch by using a WordPress pre-made theme. This is a drag and drop website that took me only a few hours to set up. I’m still fine tuning my website, but you are more than welcome to look around and offer your feedback, opinion, comment or advice about what you think of my work and progress so far.

Everything you see on this website and at Sites4Christ.com I taught myself how to get it done. I’m using mostly free resources found on the Internet like  YouTube video, Internet Marketing communities websites, books, magazines, free and paid course or tutorial. I use whatever I can find to help me get the job done and at a fraction of the cost of joining an expensive community college, vocational school or university. I do all this just by searching the World Wide Web and seeking out the best it has to offer. Now I can help you.

I started off doing this as a part-time income source while working on my poetry career. It quickly evolved into something  I hadn’t planned on. I’m learning to become a better communicator and a more knowledgeable person. One that’s reliable, a great helper that wants to motivate others and offer a product that everyone can benefit from.

Wait, There’s More

I’m in the process of building another website that’s different from this one. It’s being built from scratch, but only I’m hand coding this WordPress theme from start to finish. If you’re looking to have a WordPress pre built a theme or have a site built by hand coding I can do it all the work for you if you want me to. Wait, there more.

Learn Web Design & Development Together from Home

Are you starting to see how you can actually use this product and benefit from using it? Let’s say that you wanted to learn how to build a website from scratch or create your own using a pre-made WordPress theme. By using my tutorials that I’ve created along with my support,  you’ll find it easy for you to learn and understand how to get your blog post, website, or local business Internet business on the level you will be happy with.

You can learn what resources I’m using to produce a positive desirable outcome. Discover what I learn inside of the Internet Marketing Community and online tutorials I use. I know, schooling can be hard and expensive, that’s why I’m offering affordable web design to help develop your Internet business. It cost me very little out of pocket. But learning this way can make you feel like you are going out of your mind. So, we’ll do this thing together.

I offer several options of service. Along with helping you build and develop your website, I also create tutorials on just about any web design or development topic you choose. I can create a tutorial and place it on my website or, upon request I can personalize one just for you and your organization. We can do all the work together as a team, or as a freelance web design, I can parts of the work for you. At an affordable price of course.

Home to WordPress Theme Websites How-to Tutorials

I like to use a website builder like WordPress to build my websites. It really is fast and easy to get a site up and running in no time. I’m sure you will love using WordPress. All you have to do is click, drag, and drop, placing all of your website elements where you want them. A website builder allows you just enough customization options to style your website professionally. I have created a couple of websites using these tools. I’m pretty fast at creating one, depending on the details of the job. If you like my work, you’ll love my prices. Give a call, I’m free to talk.

Home to Hand Coding Websites from Scratch Tutorials

My feature product is creating a website by hand coding them and making a tutorial to show how the process is done. I’m learning a few coding languages right now and creating a lot of tutorials as I learn. This way if you want to learn on your own and with my support, well you can.

The course once completed will walk a person through getting started in web design. It’ll show you how to plan your Internet business, how to get your domain name registered, and how to build the website and develop as they are learning.

By the time you finish my web design course you all about hosting a professionally built website. I am capable of creating a website by hand coding it, but, I have to use a lot of notes and cheat sheets and I sometimes gets hung up on the CSS still. Therefore, I’m practicing by showing what I’m learning in hopes of getting better at hand coding. It’s not easy like WordPress drag and drop system. but I still like coding. Come join me, it free.

Home of Quality Services

I offer 3 level of services

  1. I Build a WordPress Website for you using your details (You Hire Me)
  2. You learn how to build a WordPress with 1-on-1 coaching (Team Work)
  3. I show you all the resources that helped me build a WordPress theme or hand Coded Website and you do it yourself, with my support of course. What’s your choice?

Donation Accepted

Donations, they can go a long way towards helping me to keep the learning center up and running as smoothly. I do create the tutorials by myself at no cost to you. I also offer them all to you for free. You can find them here on my website or at my WA location, also all for free.

I do my best to keep the website updated and with fresh reliable free content, or I make it myself. I take request for creating or adding a product to this website. I will be adding your ideas, and keeping both websites (see work in progress) running smoothly as possible. If you would like to send a donation, I thank you from the heart. Contact me for the details. (tax-deductible donation)

Guaranteed Work 100% Customer Satisfaction

I guarantee all of my work and make them fit your budget, regardless. May I encourage you to take advantage of my Free up to 30-Minute Phone Consultation. I start designing your website right away when the call ends. Ask about my 3-7 days Speedy Service. Call me today at (629) 203-6196, and let’s create a beautiful website together. My contact page is here. My service page is here.

Learn Internet Marketing ~ 2 Free Full Courses ~ More Info ~

My true feeling about creating a website by hand coding it; It’s like a Thanksgiving meal. Not just any kind of turkey day dinner. More like the kind grand mom’s cook; Make it from scratch she used to tell us. You’ll put more love into a home-cooked meal she would say. I guess I’m kind of old spirited and like creating things the old fashion way. Build them to last a lifetime. ~ LeNard’s View ~

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10 thoughts on “Home of Seconds 2 Work ~ Work @ Home Specialist | Web Development”

  1. Thank you for visiting. If you do need any help I am here for you. I love using WordPress, It really does make it easier and faster to build a website. This site here is built using WordPress. I going to be creating tutorials on how to do everything WordPress.

    Besides the WordPress tutorials, I’m now in the process of creating the websites from scratch tutorials.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Remeber, if you know of some my tutorials can help, please share this information with them and send them to my website.  God bless and have a great day.

  2. Hi great website. I can tell you are a website builder with as the content and images are great! It’s good to know somebody who is a website builder who can use code and if I do need any help with mine I will be in contact with you. I have built one of my own but it is through WordPress which as you have mentioned is easy to build.

  3. Hi Brian, thank you for the compliments. When I started working on the web, I wanted to create a Christian website for people to come and share the Word of God. I started taking on the lessons at Wealthy Affiliate and lost sight on what I thought was my plan.

    The courses at WA taught me a lot about Internet marketing and using a WordPress website. I wanted more, so I went out on the Internet and taught myself in five months how to build a website by hand writing out the coding. It was hard work. I thought other people are also learning how to create a website by coding, the must me going through the same thing I’m going through.

    So, I started taking notes on everything I was learning, and the next thing I knew, I was at Wealthy Affiliate creating tutorials showing others how to create their own website. And I said to myself, I need to be creating material on my website. This is where I ended up coming up with.

    I admit, I still have some learning to do before I’m able to create a site by using just my memory, but I’m getting better whit every site I build. So far the only sites I have live are all WordPress built sites. At the end of July, I’m going to change that by starting the website building tutorials. You are more than welcome to attend the course.

    Sometimes I don’t know when to stop talking, so, I’m going to end this reply here, thank you and God bless.

  4. Your page is so inviting. You’ve done such a masterful job incorporating engaging images with your articles. I especially liked your “Staying Motivated” page. It shows that you really understand those of us that are trying to work on the web. It can be hard to stay motivated.

    Your ability to fuse your two passions — Bible Study and web design — shine through on your page. I look forward to looking in and asking for help as I continue on my journey.

  5. I learning and thought that while I’m in training, I could teach people what I learn. This way if they desire to come into the business they will have ahead start, and an idea what it like. I try to get as detailed as I can in my reviews.

    Thanks for visiting and following me, I like comments because some times people leave with ideas.

     God Bless

  6. Thank you, Phil, I am having a great time learning here. I admit it was hard at first, but once I got focus I was able to produce my own product. I’m glad you got a chance to look around my website. Now that I have more knowledge, I’m going to be posting a lot of tutorials and producing my own products, lie the one’s I have at WA.

    Thank you for the comment, please share the information.

  7. Hi Anton, thanks for the question. Sound like a great idea for a social network site.

    To answer your question, I started by learning HTML and CSS; CSS,JavaScript, PHP. In that order. I study hard, meaning I put every effort into learning it fast.The CSS like to give me an hard time, so I keep playing around with it.

    But for you to build a social network you will need to learn the languages I mentioned, along with some back-end development languages and framework. Back end is different from HTML front end, front end is easier. One of the most popular back-end languages would be Ruby, as I learn more about it I’ll inform you.

    You will need to choose how to have your Online community functioning, where the community interact with each other on the internet. This will allow members to post, share media, comment and have discussions. A great way to get information spread.

    I hope I was able to answer your question, If you have any other questions, or need help with your project i am here.

    Thanks and God bless

  8. Amazing review.

    I like the review above, very simple yet language and easy to digest.

    Often time I will be very cautious with when coming to the website builder or building myself.

    I have subscribed previously and bought few programs but seems like most of the builder didn’t work well and just over promising.

    Great to know your service provides a solution to people having the problem with coding and thanks for letting me know. Excited to giving it a try.

    I hope more and more people able to read this before wasting their hard earned money.

  9. Hi there
    Thanks for the great review of Wealthy Affiliate and I too like your self am very lucky to have found this great online business.
    Whether we like it or not,the internet is the place to have our presence found and as we go forward, I suspect that it will become more and more relevent.
    You have your busines well placed for success and when the visitor opens this site, I am confident that they will enjoy the experience that you have prepared for them.
    Well done again and best wishes,
    Cheers Phil Browne.

  10. I have been building WordPress websites for over a year now. WP is a great user interface that can go as deep as you take it. I am interested in learning raw HTML design as well. I have an idea for a website that has a feed sort of like Facebook where it’s a live running blog based around music. I want people to be able to post their comments, music, events, videos… ongoing. What do you recommend I learn to build a user interface like this?



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